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  1. Unfortunately the solution at the moment is one. Find the save before killing the witch and kill her in the human form.I do not see other options ...
  2. Yes. If you kill a witch in the shape of an animal, then the grimoire will not fall. IMHO is still a bug, not a feature. P.S. Also these grimoires look like usual and if you do not know about the quest you can accidentally sell them and then forget where you sold
  3. Hello! I took the Nemok`s quest for 3 grimoires, but the witch Bipara was killed before taking the quest. And now I do not know where to get a grimoire.I again searched her empty dwelling and found nothing. I found the save before she was killed and again killed her. The grimoire was not there. To get her grimoire I needed from the beginning to take the quest? Somehow this is not correct. Please tell me what to do now. Rollback save too far
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