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  1. The "?" is when they notice a stealthed character and move to investigate (yellow circle turns to red) The "!" is when the red circle completed and stealth ends. At least, that's what is supposed to happen. I have on more than a few occasions noticed these when battle begins but no one was stealthed. Especially when using abilities, I think it's a bug triggered by the "noise" stat of some abilities, particularly at the start of a battle.
  2. Can't remember what's been said about the Cain and Boyarsky project so far, if anything... I've mostly stuck to the PoE boards here. Will do a little bit of hunting for info, the only thing I remember is Cain saying that if you like Fallout you'll love this, and the ads seem to reference space a lot... hm
  3. According to the twitter post it is Which twitter post? The only one I've seen is the one linked in this thread and I don't see any references to either of those things
  4. Not sure if either of those challenge modes are for me, but I like the idea I haven't gotten around to trying Beast of Winter yet (though I did buy it) because I kinda burnt myself out by playing through the game 4-5 times already and starting multiple other partial playthroughs... Am seriously tempted to try my hand at the new Mega boss though! I just hope we get some kind of reward out of it. "Bragging rights" don't help my character murder things
  5. Nope, definitely Philosopher and Mystic. Priest of Magran gets the most unique dialogue in general though (even though you'd think it would be priests of Eothas) I found both Philosopher and Mystic dialogue to be disappointing though. It seemed very.. generic, oddly
  6. OpenArenaSelection and OpenArenaResult are game scripts been kicking around in the game maybe even since the public beta. The first one presumably is for forming up your combat party, while the second just pops open a plain post-game loot window. I don't recall how long the commands have actually been doing anything, but the derpy placeholder graphics for OpenArenaSelection may be relatively newish. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. Get it? You'll see the three-creature motif in a bunch of places in the second DLC. I gotta say.... likin' the derp.
  7. Well now my curiosity is piqued but I can't try it yet. Care to elaborate for those of us who can't try for ourselves?
  8. Woedica simply put, favours areas of: Law (court, judgement, keeping of oaths, order) Rulership (both of other gods and of kith) This is usually expressed in the dictatorial sense as has been mentioned. Her primary goal is usually attaining/maintaining power. I think that she, and by extension the Leaden Key, are only against animancy insofar as it upsets the order of those things. Theoretically she would also be against other things that threaten her power of rulership and control. I think an interesting story would be what response Woedica/the Leaden Key would have to animancy which benefits those ideals. Would she support it?
  9. Huh. Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised... Maybe they're being included in the same update though. Also, mind if I ask what weapon type you requested?
  10. WHAT! How did I miss that... Guess I wasn't paying attention reading the text. Barrett's Privateers is legendary where I'm from (you'd be hard pressed to find a single person who doesn't know it)
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