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  1. I wrote a mod that re-enables the retargeting in turn-based mode - you can find it here.
  2. You need to start a new game in order to pick the turn-based mode. I think I saw somone modding the turn based mode in an existing game, but I can't find it, and anyways the attributes works differently between the modes.
  3. There is now a dedicated forum for feedback on the Beta version of the Turn-Based combat.
  4. There is currently no way to edit the AI outside of the game. The AI files are stored in a propriety binary file - however, they have published the file format, so if you are up to the challenge you can write your own editor for the AI. All the needed details is in this thread.
  5. If you just want the points, you can use this mod - it won't unlock anything but every unlocked base game Berath achievement gives 999 points. Also, just so you cannot both use Berath's blessings and the challenges at the same time before patch 4.0 drops on the 13th.
  6. They are certainly not going to tell us this week, given that the Thanksgiving holiday started today.
  7. Deadfire has a sale each time there is the slightest occasion for it. There will likely be a Thanksgiving sale, maybe a separate Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, and then a Christmas/New Years sale. Since Thanksgiving is o the 22th, you would only have to wait a bit over a week for a sale. The discount is usually around 30%.
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