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  1. Ideally, all six spendable point lots could be separated into resettable services. The player could choose to refund any of the points spent in: Utility Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills, Active Abilities, Passive Abilities, and Weapon Proficiencies. The cost to do each could be a portion of the regular reset fee per character level, plus some, and each time a point pool is reset then the price goes up. I suggest being able to reset Active and Passive Abilities separately because sometimes you just want to release the points spent on the left or right side of the table while keeping the o
  2. I checked the mod page again and saw further down the screenshots of the changes. The mod looks like it does a lot of fantastic improvements, though it doesn't do the thing I hope for which is put the affliction and inspiration tooltip text in brackets inline with the name in the original tooltip. My fingers are crossed that either Obsidian or the creators of that mod can make this informational change. Cheers!
  3. Oh man that mod goes above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Thanks, Night Stalker. It's a pity it's needed though. POE and POE 2's interfaces have been top quality otherwise, and it's things like this that can moderate how hooked players can feel to the events of combat.
  4. I've played through POE twice and now about 20 hours in to POE 2 and I'm still finding it difficult to get my head around the new afflictions and inspirations system. I like how they're all grouped into the main stats and can be cured or cancelled out with the opposite effect within the stat group. Even after my hours of playing, I struggle to place value on any of them that don't have an overt combat effect (damage, stun and paralysis, etc). I'd be impressed if any player could remember the effects of all 18 afflictions and all 18 inspirations. Part of the problem is needing to click on t
  5. I find one of the hardest decisions in games like POE is deciding weapon proficiencies. I find the decision is always made well before you get a feel for the playstyle of each character and well before any of the powerful weapons appear. In POE2, powerful weapons that get more powerful with enchantments seem to come along quite often, and I don't have the game funds to pay for respecs everytime I want to upgrade my primary slots. Even if I did, the more prohibitive factor is resetting all the other level up points that made my character feel right. Honestly, there's plenty of times (and weapon
  6. Not sure if you forgot to credit me for Cipher + Priest = Inquisitor or you had this idea as well. Yup, you're right. My apologies Hilfazer
  7. I found the biggest problem in PoE was having money to spend but not remembering WHO had WHAT and WHERE they were. I posted a suggestion in the PoE threads once suggesting a NPC for the fort who would give you access to all merchants you've visited before and for a time delay plus additional fee you could order anything from across the land. For the conditional merchants (accessed only at night, etc), then the NPC can just remind you of the condition and that you will have to go see them yourself or pay an even higher fee to their access. Frugal players will use it as a reminder of where the s
  8. I had great fun reading this thread and picking out the names that captured the multiclasses beautifully. Here's my own shortlist with refs to the originators. The blue cells appear to have been said by Josh. Direct references are followed by a dash, inspirations are in parentheses, and the rest are my own. I'm really hoping the devs aren't setting their announced titles in stone just yet! Edit: Cipher/Priest: Inquisitor - Hilfazer
  9. Anything that helps the Wizard class be more of a spellcaster and less of an elementalist is good flavouring in my opinion. Compared to many other titles out in the last few years Obsidian is leading the pack and deserves awards and accolades for their class crafting for the Wizards and their magic systems. I'm all in favour of adding more non-combat utility and expression of the Wizard, and encouraging the Wizard to be a battlefield tactician and commander when it comes to combat options.
  10. Mostly in the sense that four is arbitrary and loreless. Four spells per tier doesn't seem to dovetail with grimoire swapping, number of casts per rest, number of spells available, or anything really. It's possible to make grimoires much more interesting for us.
  11. I agree with you about making the player's activities meaningful. Most things other than an auto-attack should be meaningful, and even then auto-attacking is a fall-back when resources are depleted. You already know that in challenging fights we select which skills to use based on a good number of variables. OR we pick some damaging spells and spam them because the spells aren't differentiated enough. This is a problem of spell design, but also that the Wiz could gain more meaningful things to do in combat other than conserving spells for future fights that may not happen (due to resting bef
  12. Wondering what would be the funnest single class party? How many of you tried this? A few by now, I'd reckon! Quote this template to give share your experiences, to hypothesise their funness, or to say how you'd differentiate the 6! A party of 6 Barbarians: A party of 6 Chanters: A party of 6 Ciphers: A party of 6 Druids: A party of 6 Fighters: A party of 6 Monks: A party of 6 Paladins: A party of 6 Priests: A party of 6 Rangers: A party of 6 Rogues: A party of 6 Wizards:
  13. I managed to get through this scenario and saved both people with Grieving Mother somehow. I don't have the darndest clue how she did it, but I had so much more admiration for her afterwards! As if I wasn't already her fanboy. I don't remember getting a ring though...?
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