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  1. Well, you just stole my thoughts, mixed them with our owns, and threw them on your keyboard. That is exactly what I meant, and indeed, part of the feeling I have comes from the limit of magic by having combat spells only. But I do think the obsession with class balance is also a culprit. I want to add that I only played the first Pillars without its extensions, and after reading some comments here it seems I would need to correct that mistake. It was an interesting read, thanks everyone. Now I just hope one of the Creators finds this and feels inspired by the Greatness of my grumbling.
  2. Oh, I think I have been a bit misunderstood. By mage, I meant the spellcasting dude, whatever his name is wizard, enchanter or warlock. By spells,, it's not the usefulness I was talking about, but the "cool factor". And I strongly disagree about the variety in Baldur's Gate. You could invoke a dancing sword duelling with your enemies, make a door appear out of thin air that teleported you in another place, you could transform into a dragon! Invocations were not limited to elementals and shades, but Ogres, djinns and devils. You could call the haunting spirits of a place to demand inf
  3. Greetings, When Pillars of Eternity 1 was announced, as a big fan of cRPGs I was very enthousiastic. My favorite class has always been the mage, but alas, I found it to be not as fun as it could have been (and was in past D&D games). The gameplay received a lot of attention towards class balance, even if it's exclusively a single-player experience. And so, the mage archetype was a lot simplified in my opinion and was restricted to a fireworks cannon. This time classes seem to be less restrictive and "locked". Well why not. But will mages have invocations? Transmutations ? Can
  4. Oh, there have been a bunch of answers, I did not see it. Well, I confess that I did not like magic in Divinity. Most of the spells were elemental-based spells, where fire melts ice, which becomes water who can be electrified etc .. That's quite nice, but why magic is now always limited to fire/earth/ice/storm spells? That's only used to make simple combos based sometimes on what type of ennemy there is but often just spamming the same combos of spells everytime. Also, in this game magic is similar to the physical disciplines (there is three if I remember, melee/archery/sc
  5. Yeah, I was afraid that was the case. It was indeed very nice to guess before crawling in a dungeon what types of monsters could be there and what to choose accordingly. T'was really a different approach of playing a character Maybe I'll have to wait for a mod, then.
  6. Hello there. I was wondering something lately, having read the differents spells of the Wizard class. I found strange that the spellcaster has so few spell variety. There mainly are offensive spells of elemental damage with some added effects like freezing or stuns, several shield-like abilities and one summoning spell. Is it by design, or was it too difficult to implement? It is even more strange considering the wonderful work that has been done on other parts (graphics, lore, story, rethinking of the monk, all great). I am comparing mainly with the spells from DnD where you can transform
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