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  1. Wood elf for dat +5 accuracy Kinda wish humans had varied racial abilitites instead of muh fighting spirit for all of them You got pale elves/wood elves, mountain/boreal dwarves, hearth/wild orlans and coastal/island aumaua with different stuff
  2. How big is obsidian anyways? I heard they were packing it up and going out of business a few years ago If one part is working on tyranny and sawyer says he's not working on it that means another part is doing something else?
  3. Shapeshift would be nice if it didn't make all the bonuses from gear the druid has disappear. Range is preferred for most high level fights on PoTD as well. In fact I'd be content if that tornado tier 8 spell just stayed fixed in place for a duration and not move all over the map at the very least.
  4. Ugh in previous builds, with aoes, it applied the bonus only against the same target your enemy was attacking and not the rest so it looked like a bug. Oh well I guess the merciless hand is now better for aoe casters in that case.
  5. I mean you have all these classes getting great stuff like sacred immolation, concelhaut's crushing doom, defensive mindweb/time parasite, storm of holy fire (I really love this one saved my butt so many times) Yet the druid seems to get boring summons like the timed slow moving ooze summons, nature's bounty which is just frankly uninspired giving an item in every slot, weather the storm (another uninspired spell) +15 DR to elements for a short time... Then part 2 comes along and I'm expecting greater spells and it's Avenging storm which is ok but relentless storm is already doing
  6. Like the survival accuracy buff bonus applying only to single target spells and not aoes, the mob justice ability also shares the same issue where it doesn't apply to aoes but does so on single target spells. Not sure if it was reported.
  7. It is. The game feels great now across all classes. But I'd wait a few more days for 3.02. It contains 400+ fixes and is already in beta. Plus it adds a nice +4 int ring that wasn't obtainable before.
  8. Someone from reddit (supercameocandy) tipped me off that there's 22 duran iron ingots from part one and he's actually right There was a hidden stash in a vase by the grey sleeper With that it's 36 duran iron ingots
  9. It's driving me nuts since the load times are so high It could also be from doing certain quests differently that might yield high rewards. Or maybe there aren't any more. IIRC they added the +4 int ring in the latest beta that was in the files but not in 3.01 so they might have even forgotten.
  10. Been searching in the usual spots to get some closure and for Farentis I thought he was related in some way to that bodyguard's contracter we saw at the start of the abby. Assuming you let the low tiders go EDIT: Found Wengra on top of the west tower figured she's be in the front or at the forge
  11. UPDATE: Now that it's a nice even 36 I'm updating the post for future reference. So for part 1 we know there's 22 Part 1 taken from pi2repsion and modified with the one he missed (Thanks supercameocandy) Total: 22 Longfalls: 1 (Secret) just west below the fortification with Lagufeth in the middle of the map. 1 (Secret) in Cave where alpine dragon resides. 1 (Secret) in a vase near the grey sleeper (Top right of the map) Durgan's Battery: 1 Great Hall NW room with part of 3-part helmet (Garondh's chorus). 1 Mines Workshop 2 Mines secret area reached by using mine char
  12. I noticed how neat camping is with the choose your own bonus when you pick up survival so it made me wonder why resting at the stronghold wasn't like that?
  13. I REALLY liked the ending to white march part 2. Made me itch for more so I was hoping they would jump to a PoE 2.
  14. It's odd how it works but so far on my Druid it did increase damage on overwhelming wave which is a crush type damage when I tested it on bears. But the increase might be based off the base damage of the skill. So for overwhelming wave the base is 30-40 so 30 x .25/ 40 x .25 from beast slayer gives a 7.5 damage increase for minumum and 10 to the max which is added on to the increase might gives. So for me, might gives a 33% boost which makes the skill 40-53. Add the beast slayer to base and it should be around 47.5-63. Since it hit oernos for 58 base before DR, the skill did work. Gonna te
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