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  1. My dream stretch goal: hungarian localization, and more awesome portraits and stronhold system.
  2. Dear Obsidian! I have an PoE 2 idea The next stretch goal: $2M, plus hungarian localization
  3. Stash is usefull. Oldest mecanics of old games is not a wish. Exemple : nerverwinter nights. If you are a warrior, lot a strengh, you can take lot of stuff. Its RP but NOT easy to play for a mage. The stash is a great idea to preserve time. Its boring to make several returns. We play a game PC, fluid is possible for all class. Nope. Its perfect like that. I like games where we often pass levels. Here is almost linear progression and I think it's great. +1
  4. Yes i played the FF 7, and i like, but 8 better for me. I played the Planescape one time.
  5. Hey Daermon (you beautiful fan you), First I have a question for you. What 4 games are you placing ahead of Pillars of Eternity? Also curious -Sking Hey Sking! My list: 1. Witcher 1-3 2. Baldur's Gate 1-2 3. Final Fantasy 8 4. Dragon Age - Origins 5. Pillars of Eternity
  6. Thank guys! I see the Tyranny trailer and info, but not interesting for me. :/
  7. Hello! I am great Pillars of Eternity fan, i very like the game (5th. my top10 rpg list), and thank you Obsidian for this awesome game! So i wait the Pillars of Eternity 2. My first questions: - When come? - PoE 1 PC charachter import to 2? (Need yes!) - Romance options? (Like Baldur's Gate 2) Thanks the answers!
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