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  1. They aren't so good at making website updates. This just isn't their forte. If you keep this thread going for the next 5 years, you might learn that they've wanted to make the update but just aren't sure how. At least, that has been my experience. Wait, what? They already made the update...? Well, rock on with your bad self!
  2. What's chance 6? Based on their logo I'm guessing it's a new fruit drink company. Yah for fruit drinks! Take a chance and have a fruit drink, or better yet, have 6 of them!
  3. Thank you for being our collective voice, when we just couldn't find the right words to say ourselves. Such poetry.
  4. Nice. I was pleasantly surprised to not have to log back in this morning. Thx to the administrators for that.
  5. Um, just go to the main forum page https://forums.obsidian.net/ and it's like the 14th forum from the top.
  6. There is a dedicated forum for this game. You should post this there.
  7. This is a "public message on my own feed". Just checking to see what this actually does.

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    2. Marceror


      You're good enough. You're smart enough. And darn it, people like you.

    3. Marceror


      No you're not. And no they don't. Stop lying to yourself! Gollum! Gollum!

    4. Marceror


      Get out of here you! Leave, now, and never come back!

  8. Not sure if I'm losing my mind, but I could have swore that the like heart was originally colored blue rather than red immediately after the updated site launched. The blue seemed much more appropriate for a like. Than when I came back at some point the next day I noticed it had been changed to from blue to red. Or, I may just be losing my mind.
  9. Maybe 3 or 4 flashing images that things like "Moderation is Key", "Moderating is just my thing", "I Moderate, therefore I am", etc., etc.... could help add a little more clarity on this matter. I do love how this forum is really taking a "hit 'em over the head" sort of approach to getting a message across. But have they really done enough yet?
  10. And sorry to the now Microsoft owned Obsidian, but I'm a till the death Personal Computer (PC) gamer. No Xbox gamer tag, ever.
  11. I filled out all of my fields with whatever responses. And haha, several of those fields are displayed every time I post now. I'm having fun.
  12. Same here, really -- hence my edit (you did notice the edit, right? Oh god, they may need to make the edits stand out more...!). Previously I was able to stay logged in for a good month before having to log back in. That would be very nice to keep with.
  13. Obsidian is working on increasing the "session" time. Hopefully it will be for like a week or so, at minimum. There's really nothing "sensitive" about these forums accounts that requires timed sessions or even multi-factor authentication. If people are storing their social security numbers on this forum, they are doofs. There's essentially just words about games and even less meaningful stuff.
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