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  1. I've gotten quite a bit of the Stronghold renovated---still a lot to go; but, I wonder when I should start dealing with the endless paths? I read that it's a side quest, so can I ignore it or will it eventually bit me...??
  2. I have the original Pillars plus the two White March upgrades... Would getting "Pillars of Eternity Definitive" give me anything new or do I have all Definitive has...??
  3. I have the original Pillars and got the White March upgrades... If I buy Deadfire, will it act like White Fire and just integrate right into what I already have...?
  4. I've only had Pillars since yesterday; but, I've spent hours on it... I got the two expansion packs for White March and have a question... I started a new game after I installed the expansion packs and it started in the same area as before the packs... Is is right to assume that, as I work my way through the basic areas and villages, I'll eventually end up in White March territories...??
  5. I recently got Pillars of Eternity and played a few hours; then, I decided to buy the 2 White March expansions... Will the game I was playing before the expansions have all the expansion features aded to it???
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