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  1. The Weyc's Wand added in Forgotten Sanctum DLC has the ability/enchant : "Revelating Missiles: 50% chance on scoring Crit to leave a seal that deals Raw Damage to enemies." However the seal targets and deals damage to everyone, party members included. Screenshot of the item and combat log, Aloth has the wand, critted, created a seal, that is damaging Eder and Pallegina alongside enemies, the seal continues damaging Eder and Pallegina even after no enemies: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/942839990171401995/CBFE83DE27AF31BB348906E2375535604C424EF4/
  2. I take it this is still broken, as the quest doesn't seem to progress regardless of how many arena fights I've done with the belt equipped? Once this is fixed, will you be able to complete it by redoing random arena fights? (Assuming you still can fight in the arena after completing the DLC, haven't finished it yet.)
  3. The Red Hand's twin slugs is still bugged in that it'll knockback regardless of range or if the enemy is immune or not. Any chance to make that enchant be a modal/toggle/ability, like some other weapon enchants are, like Eccea's Arcane Blaster's Imbued Ammunition ability/modal? I sadly added the twin slugs enchant and already overwrote my saves from before doing it. I enchanted it and then did a bunch of sailing/exploration and noncombat stuff and thus overwrote all my manual saves, autosaves and quicksaves before a fight with the bugged enchant. The weapon went from amazing to anno
  4. So heres a weird random bug. Was fighting Zulka the fampyr in The Pickled Eel, managed to kill her and all the enemies, half the party was still dominated. After waiting for a bit, my main character was the last to be dominated, combat ends, my character explodes, in chat log I get Damien (my main character) has left the party. Damien destroyed Damien! I could still walk around and seemingly play normally, except game didn't let me save the game, in fact it just said no active playthrough existed when I went to save menu. I wanted to make a new save with the bug to send as attachm
  5. This bug is still around with version Only started playing over a week ago.
  6. Ill be looking forward to the next Obsidian project then, thanks for the answers!
  7. From googling I'm guessing the answer is no. Has there been any official answer on this? I do know the devs have showed desire for making a sequel in interviews.
  8. Does cipher get 1 more spell/power selection at level 12? Having a tough time picking the 2 6th level spells, but if I can pick the third one at level 12, there's no real problem.
  9. It would have been lovely if every companion you get would start at level 1 BUT still have the same amount of exp as you do at the moment of recruiting, allowing the player to choose their skills, spells, and feats. I got my last companion at level 9 and some of her selections were a bit questionable... Alternatively a respec option would also obviously be nice.
  10. Hmm... "BG" seems to refer to Baldur's Gate, but there weren't any goblins in it, and it's not quite 20 years old... He probably meant kobolds, I remember those fire arrow shooting bastards too. Baldur's Gate was released back in 1998, so its getting close.
  11. Trying to decide which class to play as and wizards have always been my favorite. Hoping to get a clarification on this little tidbit that can be found on the wikis and dev update posts: Dev post (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65829-update-74-the-mob-rulers-wizards-and-druids-and-our-partnership-with-paradox/) "Together with priests, wizards and druids are the "traditional" spellcasting classes that can cast a certain number of spells of each level per rest. As they gain levels in their classes, they can access more powerful spells. Over time, their weakest per-rest spells become per
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