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Found 5 results

  1. Side quests in the game are simple currently. A good feature would be to have 3 part side quests with small stories. Example: Background Story: Numerous stink bugs have been hampering research efforts around the lab. Quest 1: Build a Gas Mask (XP Gained after finishing quest) Quest 2: Enter Haze area and collect toxic gas (XP Gained after getting 3 balls of gas) Quest 3: Build Gas trap to eliminate stink bug nest (XP Gained after stink bugs die) Finished! (Story reward of a sticker for base)
  2. First, I want to state that I am not sure if this bug has been addressed here or not. So, please excuse this if it's redundant.. I have been playing this game casually taking my time and last night I experienced my first major bug. When I was entering the C&P Factory on Monarch with my companions. Two minutes into it, the game crashed to desktop; this happened multiple times. After reading up on many fixes and work-a-around. I discovered that the problem was with the shroud device and being cloaked with all the enemy NPCs in the area, including your companions. I was able to enter and complete the mission after I dismissed my companions and proceeded doing the mission solo. The bug is with the shroud and companions in your party also being cloaked. After I completed the mission and the NPCs in the factory were friendly, I entered the place with my companions, but because the shroud did not activate; the game did not crash. I hope this helps anyone having this issue. Devs, please fix this bug soon. Since it may force some players having to do this mission solo due to the shroud device causing the crashes with companions in the party.
  3. On the final step of the Vulcan's Hammer side quest, 'Returning the blueprint to the scientist in Roseway' upon entering the room with the scientist the game crashes to desktop. I've tried saving and loading to try again, sprinting in to start a conversation as quickly as possible, looking out of the room and even tried ignoring it and doing other quest to come back to it later but still ends in crashing. I'm not sure what else to try to fix it or even it can be fixed at the moment, any help would be appreciated.
  4. After the latest update "Potions of Plenty" ("Seeker, Slayer, Survivor" DLC, side quest) does not progress - the belt (Less Unstable Coil) does not charge after battles in the Crucible (4 battles without any updates in the journal).
  5. Act II: you can take on a side quest where a guy in the Dozens asks you to retrieve a family heirloom breastplate that got confiscated by a rival when he got kicked out of the Crucible Knights. You go to Crucible Keep, try to talk to the rival, but he won't hand over the breastplate (as he sanctimoniously preaches that the guy forfeited the right to his own family heirloom when he got thrown out). As the quest-giver and quest-log note, the rival's affidavit (or soul certificate) is rumored to be fake so you might be able to use it as leverage. You get the affidavit, you again talk to the rival, and you again give him a chance to hand over the family breastplate. His answer amounts to, "You can't prove it's a fake, so no." Challenge accepted. You take the affidavit to the soul scribes in Brackenburry and receive proof that, yes, his soul certificate thing is a fake. At this point I imagine some players might feel duty-bound to tell the Crucible Knights captain about the forged soul in their ranks, some might want to use it to get the rival kicked out so he no longer has any authority to the breastplate, others might want to get him kicked out out of spite, others might just think "All right! I got the leverage I need to make that smug prick hand over the breastplate!" with or without any intention of turning him in afterwards, etc. However, the rival confronts you just as you leave the soul scribes' headquarters, pale and panicked that you'll turn him in. (Oh, now he's afraid.) To me, this would be a great time to let the PC express many of the aforementioned reactions; but it seems the player character's many dialogue options amount to: 1) Tell him that you intend to take the proof to his captain, causing him to attack and forcing you to kill him. 2) Just hand it over and lose your bargaining chip. What seems weird to me is that there doesn't seem to be any dialogue option to simply say, "I don't care that you forged your affidavit, I just want the breastplate," or "Give me the breastplate and the affidavit is yours." When I played, it seemed the ONLY dialogue options are either to express moral outrage that he forged his way in and/or say you're telling his superiors (which may seem odd if you don't care about that stuff), or just hand it over and lose your only leverage to getting the breastplate back. Sure enough, if you don't want to kill him, then after you hand over the affidavit, once you ask the rival again about the breastplate, unless you pick the one right dialogue option (which might not be in-character for some), he once again feels no obligation to give it back and self-righteously preaches about how the guy doesn't deserve it. (Are you %$#&^ me?!) Did anyone else have that problem? Was it just me? I mean, far be it from me to be one of those folks who says, "Why wasn't my character allowed to express this opinion?" or "Why wasn't I given this dialogue option?!" But it just seems like such an obvious oversight; to take a quest where the whole reason you set out to find proof that a guy's document is a forgery is to use it as leverage to get him to give another guy back his stuff, and then you're not allowed to use it as leverage for said stuff the moment it would be the most useful. So: thoughts, opinions, discussions?
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