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  1. Not sure if there is some trick to it, or if it was changed in a patch after you wrote this guide, but I seem unable to target the Rhymer's Summons skeletons...
  2. Does that mean they also benefit from Transcendant Suffering and Monastic Unarmed Training? Because that would make them a little too OP IMO.
  3. So I'm wondering if the Carnage like attack from the new axe can proc actual Carnage? I would assume they would have thought of that and prevented it but if not - we may have a new Berzerker AoE super weapon. Regarding proccing the 1% on taking damage abilities the first ideas that came to mind were a Fighter/x with unbending and just make him stand in a beam/wall (as Boeroer already mentioned). But also dropping a Missile Salvo on him (with unbending up ofc) should have a pretty high chance of proccing. And yeah I gotta say I'm disappointed at the severity of the DW nerf - hopefully they tone it back a bit before release.
  4. grasida and myself have both posted bug reports about these so they are at least being looked at.
  5. Deep wounds behaves the same as the other fixed damage DoTs in that low INT = more DPS. If the enemy has a high resolve this will also increase DPS (as well as total damage done). Really?! Do you mean enemies with high resolve will get more DoT damage than low resolve ones? If it is true, man.... Yes, but only on the same types of skills that benefit from low INT. All the generic "3 damage per 3.0 seconds for 10 seconds" etc. will do less. I tested it by setting Resolve on Serafen to 10 then to 20 and firing a Wounding Shot from a Scout (with Deep Wounds) at him. At 10 Resolve he took ~45% of the hit in DoT damage, at 20 Resolve he took ~60%.
  6. Except you are completely missing the point that there is actually a statistic in the character sheet page that is literally called "time in combat" which is measured in in game hours, minutes and seconds. An in game hours for this stat is I believe less than 5 minutes real time.
  7. Deep wounds behaves the same as the other fixed damage DoTs in that low INT = more DPS. If the enemy has a high resolve this will also increase DPS (as well as total damage done).
  8. TBH a well built Evoker will **** all over pretty much any other build. And "well built" is a pretty loose term here, as all it really needs is a decent stat allocation and the right spell picks - gear helps but isn't as impactful as on most other builds. And yeah Salvo and Wilting Wind are pretty much all you need. Before then Bounding Missiles and Ninagauth's Shadowflame/Fireball will take care of most things, with Chain Lightning for spread out and/or fire/frost resist/immune.
  9. Helwalker is fine if you run with a party and know which items to use to help mitigate the the DoT. I made a build guide if you want some ideas for it.
  10. I did some testing with a Scout using Wounding shot and Deep Wounds does indeed benefit from low INT. Can't be bothered looking for the thread I posted it in but I believe it was the one about Essence Interrupter builds? I then tested if having a high RES would increase damage taken by such DoTs (it does). But yes grasida's testing (and bug report) was much more thorough.
  11. That was one example yes but it was a good example of a group of enemies with solid defenses. I could redo the test on virtually any flight that isn't either a) single target or b) ghost heavy and get the same results. Will I do it? No. Because it's not worth my time trying to prove to you something that everyone else on these boards already knows.
  12. Oooh, it's base WEAPON damage. So not 33% of damage after all modifiers are taken into account. Yeah, that makes sense. That'd mean I'd be hitting 40 damage carnage with some of the hits my test Marauder was running. Edit: Plus Voidward gives +2 Corrode AR too, so that's nice. Umm I'm not sure it's possible to do 40 damage with carnage, like ever. Probably looking at ~20 per target max with decent might.
  13. Yeah with a healer the DoT is quite manageable, even more so if you use Voidward. Regarding carnage - it is 33% of the base weapon damage (ie 13-19 on a saber), and is only increased by Might and PL. So basically a Marauder will hit just as hard as a Brute with carnage, given the same Might score.
  14. I agree that any Berzerker that isn't also Fighter isn't well suited to be the main tank. Low deflection + constant DoT + everyone focus firing you = quick death.
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