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  1. Does it make you immune to enemies fire damage or just your own? If you end up posting the warlock build send me a PM and I will add it to my guide as an example build for the Scorched Cloak
  2. The reason I didnt add instant potion/summon scroll belt is because I feel like you could just spend that money you use to buy it on actually crafting the potions/scrolls you want. The belts will be economical over time, but a lot of the times you might get sub optimal scrolls and potions. I personally wouldn't waste the gold/item slot on it. Other then Rekvus Fractured Casque the other two Rekvus items seems like their benefit doesn't really justify taking up an item slot and an injury at the same time. Maybe im wrong and you could make a high fire dmg build to make Rekvus scorched cloak w
  3. Thanks for the tips I will update the list when I have time. As I pointed out in the overview I haven't added all the accessories in the list because the list would be filled with a lot of items that are rarely useful and a few weak accessories, therefore i chose to just link to the official forums. It does seem like i missed a few useful ones though.
  4. Overview:​ For the full list of accesories head over to the Official Wiki. The intention of the list is to make it easier for players to hunt for the accessories they are most likely to need in their playthrough, and to know at which point in the game they can aquire them. The List is ordered by what catagory the accessory belongs to (head, amulet etc) and within the catagories they are ordered after when you can expect to get them (early,mid, lategame). ​ Used ingame stats to get the most correct values (patch 2.0). I haven't added all of the accessories because that would take a long time.
  5. List is pretty old. Can't promise I will keep it updated for patches but I will do my best. Think it was No Fool I that was bugged when i made the list, and kinda forgot about it. Moved Gipon to Tier B. Casita can reach quite insane deflection in the lategame if you stack intimidate.
  6. Maybe I'm undervaluating but the way I see it it is almost always a better option to move the other character close to the tank, then moving the tank closer to the other character. Of course thats assuming that other class isn't currently engaged or has no way to break an engagement. To me it feels like more of a quality of life thing then something that is inherently powerful.
  7. In the subsection "Why multiclass" you list some of the drawbacks of multiclassing. Maybe it would also be worthwhile to point out if what build you are trying to make is supposed to be a full caster then single classing (with some exceptions like chanter/healer) might be better. You do touch on that fact with power level scaling, but in my experience this is more punishing for casters then for martial classes.
  8. As a note to anyone disliking the idea of Tiers. My reasoning for ordering it this way is because in other games, as a newcomer to the game, I have gotten great value of other peoples Tier lists when trying to theorycraft my own builds. This was my way of trying to add something of value to the Pillars community. Tier lists are of course problematic and someone with a lot of experience might take a lot of issue with any particular item on the list. Therefore I have tried my best to put my evaluation into context so people can make up their own minds. It was never my intention to come across as
  9. My claim was supposed to be this item is the one who has the best mix of survivability/recovery time for a dpser. I'm assuming most people understand that 0% recovery of a robe is faster then 10% recovery of this armor Did you miss Boeroer's point? If you choose the right pet, a character with Miscreant's Leathers will be faster than one with a robe. I might be under the wrong impression but I thought armor recovery penalty capped at 0% and couldn't go into the negative? If that is the case this is both new to me and very useful information, but as Boeroer pointed out its a poi
  10. I would love to be able to do such comparisons but too be frank its too time consuming do to irl constraints. The best I can do atm is giving educated guesses backed up by limited tests. Therefore most of my time spent testing has been with weapons with complex mechanics. Essence Interrupter is one of the weapons I would really love to do a full run with, but its so new I haven't had time to do anything more then quick tests (where my initial assumptions were quite flawed). As a side note its very hard to conclude why your EI user is doing more dmg then your Red Hand user. You mentioned h
  11. Thanks for the link looks like a lot of fun These kind of creative builds are very hard to take into account when trying to determine their true value. Think I will just end up and make a sidenote with a link to this build as an example. Was thinking of maybe making an own category outside of the S - E Tiers that points out some similar shenanigans.
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