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  1. Had an issue with the Director Schmector boss fight. Myself and one other friend were fighting Schmector, we get him down to one hit left. One of us lands the last hit, and his model disappears. His ending voice lines play, Wendell comments, we get the achievement for killing him, we get the mutation. Still no model and nowhere to collect his drops. Boss fight was completed successfully so there is no way to retry. If anyone has had and fixed the same or a similar issue please help. I did contact the support team directly but ultimately they don't fix this type of individual player issue.
  2. I’ve got a few propositions as for new additions to the game that I think would add a great touch to the survival aspects as well as adventure portion of Grounded! ————————————————— Here are a few of my ideas: Hostile Creatures: Trapdoor Spider. (This would be a stealthy spiders that has hides in the ground, it is camouflaged but the player should be able to see it a bit considering maybe a change of color or texture on the ground that is subtle but affective enough to hide the spider inside. It should be able to hunt and catch any prey by popping out as a real trapdoor spider would. As for items maybe the player should be able to gain some type of supplies to make a digging tool. This maybe could be used to make underground burrows of a players own. Or create burrows to stalk and hunt other prey for valuable resources. If not that then maybe used to make drills that go into the ground and bring up underground resources for collecting.) Mantis. (A creature with great sense of sight that is also very large almost as big as a wolf spider in game. It’s sharp like arms swipe at the player and stun them. They also use their mouth as another attack against the player. The player can use the armor and items given to make a mantis claw weapon with good attack speed and mid range damage.) Neutral Creatures: Crickets. (Crickets will alert and sense danger by using the sounds they make, they should be fairly loud enough for a player to hear in the distance. They could also be a possible land terrain mount. Saddle them up maybe using a saddle made of Berry Leather or some other type of material with possibly the use of crude rope. This cricket should be able to ride and hop and go a bit faster than a player would walking. As for its attacks I think a jumping mechanism would suffice or perhaps it could swing its strong legs in some way. Or use their jaws to bite the player if the player were to hit them, otherwise they should be neutral and not harm the player without aggro.) Butterflies. (This elegant creature could make for a new type of flying insect that can also make cocoons using new materials the player could have new crafting abilities if they were to harvest the cocoon. It is also possible that you can mount a butterfly and perhaps I’d the butterfly is killed and collected its parts could make wings and allow the player to have another way of perhaps gliding. However, it is not like the dandelion tuffs as it is more like a wing suit instead and using to glide much farther and faster instead. The player will not be able to actively fly up but more descend down slowly but be able to turn quite fast and go farther. Now of course this is a Neutral species to make it harder to get its useful flight armor that makes them more weightless and also add speed to their movement. The attacks could be something such as a manipulation technique that may mess up and configure the players screen into confusion. Almost like an allusion effect to confuse and deter the player. They will be seen flying in the air with the bees at given moments.) Caterpillars. (The descendant of a butterfly it is the before form of the elegant mistress. In this form it can climb walls and wonders around the area. It’s large like body almost like a grub it could be green or some other color. It is also about the size of a Roly Poly/Pill Bug the difference being in the length and movement. I believe it should be able to lift its front or back body and slam back down onto the player as an attack of threatened of course. This attack will smash any surrounding grass blades from its strong blow. It’s armor given or drops could be some type of more squishy dodgy armor. It could have an ability that allows a chance of dodge for the player against enemies. Meaning the attack induced would not work, on chance. It’s fluids inside could be made for a type of potion/drink to give buffs to the player for more combat techniques. Could also be used as a harvesting mount that chews up grass and turns it into fiber and produces much faster than running around and grabbing plant fiber. The player can mount it and run into grass stems and chew them down into fiber. The way to tame this would be quite difficult and it cannot fight for you. It can only harvest if tamed.) Leaf Bug/Stick Bug. (In my own opinion adding more camouflaging creatures could add even more element of surprise to the game. As they can blend with their environment and surprise the player. Leaf armor after killing a Leaf bug and help disguise a player in the grass for a limited amount of time. The player can use this source of camouflage almost like ant armor in ant nests. If the player gets too close or runs into a hostile mob it will find them and attack however, this is to make sure the armor is not too op but useful. Stick bugs on the other hand carry sap on their body that can be picked off by the player. This bug attracts sticky sap to its body that is harvested when nearby. Lead bugs have an ability to stun or put a player down for a moment using a toxic gas like ability. Very similar to a stink bug or beetle. Stick bugs can hit you with their long legs that give them wide range. Not amazing for bow attacks since they are so thin and more or less better for tank abilities with hammers and mallets.) Items: - Bee Saddle (Flying saddle.) - Caterpillar Saddle (Harvesting saddle.) - Cricket Saddle (Jump boost saddle.) - Caterpillar Armor (Deflection armor.) - Caterpillar Hide. - Cricket Armor (Jump boost armor.) - Leaf bug Armor (Limited camouflage.) - Digging Tool/Machine Drill - Trapdoor Spider Random Drop Items (Stuff inside it’s burrow or in its system.) - Stick Bug Legs (Can be crafted into a tool or weapon.) - Caterpillar Potion Supplies —————————————————
  3. I couldn't find a list of recommendations for these items. I made my own list up to Raedric's Hold, but aside from Stalker's Torc and of course the infamous Gloves of Manipulation, I got just some general stuff there.
  4. I have killed atleast 5 ladybugs and haven't looted a ladybug head yet. Is it a small chance that you get one or not in-game yet? I have the tier 2 bow, hammer, and club; i just want the insect axe.....
  5. I have been playing Deadfire since launch on the "Veteran" difficulty setting and have loved it so far, I'm hundreds of hours into the game and have collected tons of unique items and loot. Yesterday I decided to increase the difficulty setting to "Path of the Damned", and I'm enjoying the increased difficulty now that my characters are level 20. But a few hours of playtime after I increased the difficulty to Path of the Damned, I noticed that ALL ITEMS in my inventory had their monetary value decrease approximately 98% or more. An item worth 3,000 CP yesterday is now worth around 50 cp today. Also, I've completed new battles against Naga and other enemies, and I used to be able to sell fine, extraordinary, superb loot/gear/weapons etc... and make a couple thousand CP after a large battle, but now I can only sell loot for 2% of its former value. Is this part of the Path of the Damned difficulty setting? If not, then there must be some sort of bug. I have NO MODS enabled that alter the price/value of loot, weapons, or gear in any way. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. By the advice of experienced people I decided to recreate this (updated) bug report here. Issue: some bounty bosses, in particular, Katrenn, Torkar, and Dhwrgas do not drop their respective uniques (Katrenn grimoire, The Maker's Own Power belt, and Precognition amulet). Version, save file after battle with Dhwrgas https://www.dropbox.com/s/ja7ijrwdbp9m94x/Cannwyll%20%28Forest%29%20%284e51b20d-b167-49a9-b9b6-5d79f36d9ed2%29%20%28LAX-2ABCD%29%20%28926221007%29.savegame?dl=0. Lady Epero and Lord Admiral Imp are ok (as for me), also should be checked if Eamund the Fox has any chance to drop his grimoire.
  7. Overview:​ For the full list of accesories head over to the Official Wiki. The intention of the list is to make it easier for players to hunt for the accessories they are most likely to need in their playthrough, and to know at which point in the game they can aquire them. The List is ordered by what catagory the accessory belongs to (head, amulet etc) and within the catagories they are ordered after when you can expect to get them (early,mid, lategame). ​ Used ingame stats to get the most correct values (patch 2.0). I haven't added all of the accessories because that would take a long time. There are several more accessories that can be useful in particular instances. The majority of accessories in this game can atleast be conditionally useful, but this is the list of accessories I would look to grab almost every playthrough or use on specific builds. Just because an item is recived later in the game doesn't necessarily make it more powerful. Some might be abit more powerful then their counterparts, but it is very rare they have to compete with other items of that particular slot. Most of these are only strong for a particular role (Tank, Ranged dps, Melee dps, Caster, Healer etc). In the cases where they do compete you can most of the time hand it over to another party member. Most of the items are pretty self explanatory, but I added a small note to all of them explaining what uses they have. List does not include trinkets. ​ Youtube/Twitch/Donation Links: Youtube channel Twitch channel Donate via Streamlabs ​Steam Guide Headgear: ​ Defiant Apparel (Pre-Order Bonus): Not that great but you get it for free if you preordered the game. As of 2.0 it still gives -5 deflection while flanked even though it's not stated in the description. Not sure if its intended. Perception afflictions downgraded by 1 tier Thaos' Headdress (Worn by Aloth if Leaden key Grandmaster): Great for any dps as long as you have away of setting up flanked status. Authority: +1 Intellect Grants Mantle of Authority (+5 Will vs Mind attacks aura). Conspirator: +5 Accuracy and +5% Damage to Flanked targets. Acina's Tricorn (Sold at Tikawara): Great for Ranged Physical dps Shootist: +5 Ranged Accuracy, -10% Reload Time Rekvu's Fractured Casque (Sold in Delver's Row): Makes it so you don't get interrupted when injured. Great in combination with Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry for non godlike Wizards. Whitewitch Mask (Sold by The Spindle Man, Can also kill him in a quest): 2 Strong Illusion actives and +1 Illusion PL makes this great for Illusion Wizard/Trickster/Priest of Wael. Gaze and Despair: Ability activated when wearer becomes Bloodied Grants Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage Look Not Upon: Grants Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Fearful Geometries: +1 All Illusion Power Levels. Heaven's Cacophony (Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika): 2 Powerful 1/rest actives makes this very strong for any physical dps. Divine Knowledge: +2 Intellect, +1 Religion Shout of Hosts: Grants Shout of Hosts Heaven's Wrath: Grants Avenging Storm. Helm of the Falcon (Sold in Crookspur): Great for Two handed wielders. Falcon's Wings: 15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes from Ranged weapons.Raptor's Grip: -10% Recovery Time with two-handed Melee weapons. Cap of the Laughingstock (Deck of Many Things): This is a very interesting item since it gives immunity to Resolve afflictions and -10 deflection in a 2.5m aura to both FRIEND AND FOE! Can probably make a build involving it. Village Fool: Immune to Resolve afflictions, -10 Deflection Belled: -1 to Stealth Blackblade's Hood (Midgame quest reward): Great for phyiscal dps that uses the listed weapons. Hawk-eye: +1 Perception, 5% of Hits converted to Crits with Ranged weapons Duelist: +10% Action Speed with Daggers, Rapiers, and Stilettos. Fair Favor (Serafen lvl 2 loyalty): Great for phyiscal dps that uses listed weapons. Swashbuckling: 10% Hit to Crit chance and 10% Crit Damage with Daggers, Rapiers, Sabres, Stilettos, and Swords. Blackened Plate Helm (Splintered Reef, Mid-lategame): Great for tanks. Pallid Countenance: +1 enemies Engaged, +1 Intellect, +1 Perception. Horns of the Aurochs (Harbingers' Watch) Very good for frontline dps. When hit or crit, wearer's next successful attack does additional freeze damage (10%). Immune to Push and Pull effects. Serpent Crown (Lategame faction questline reward): Pretty decent on a dps frontline. Not bad on a tank but + accuracy is more important for dps. Royal Plumage: +1 Intellect, +1 Perception Serpent's Strike: +10 Accuracy, -10% Recovery Time for 15s when critically hit. ​ ​ ​ ​ Amulets: ​ Protective Eothasian Charm (bucket in Gorecci Street, Port Maje) Great for tank/dps frontline. Darkest Before Dawn(1/rest): +1 Perception. At <25% Health, restores +5 Health per 3 sec over 12 sec and reduces damage taken by -25% for 12 sec. Cipher's Shackle (Serafen loyalty lvl 1): Useful for dps until you get better an easily obtained. Of Constitution: +1 Constitution Shattered Chains: Dexterity afflictions downgraded one level Dragon Pendant (Randomly found on world map ship wrecks.) Very powerful summon 1/rest and an ok active. Breath of Flames: Grants Breath of Flames Call the Clutch: Grants Call the Clutch: Spawns a desert wurm, young drake, and a regular wurm Dragon Scales: +1 Burn Armour Rating, +1 Slash Armour Rating Claim and Refusal (Sayuka: Obtained from Marofeto Liano, requires Intimidate 6 or Bluff/Diplomacy 6.) Great for a dps frontline or tank depending which modal you use. Faces of the Pendant: Grants Claim , Refusal Claim: Modal Ability; +10% Damage taken from Melee attacks, +10% Damage with Melee attacks Refusal: Modal Ability; -10% Damage from Melee attacks, -10% Damage with Melee attacks Sisyfo's Stone (Delvers' Row: Sold by The Spindle Man) Decent for tanks. Futility: -2% action speed to attacker for 35 sec when wearer hit in melee Neriscrylas’ Hope (Drops off of Neriscrylas): The awesomeness is: it also works when summons go down. Hence it's the perfect necklace if you have a summoner in the party. Unlimited Stacking. +1 RES and +1 MIG for every party member that goes down. ​ Cloaks: ​ Cloak of greater protection (Beraths Blessing vendor or in Arkemyrs Vault): Decent defensive option for both frontline and backline +10 to all non-deflection defenses. Cloak of greater deflection (Beraths Blessing vendor): Great early game tank cloak. +7 deflection. Badrwn's Cover (Queen's Berth: Sold by Rebero.) Combined +5 resolve/10 stealth makes this a super stat efficient cloak. Steeled in Darkness: +2 Stealth, +1 Resolve to allies in 5m radius (excluding wearer). The Magnificent Escape Cape (The Sacred Stair: Sold by the temple vendor). Extremly useful for a squishy backliner. Fairly cheap and almost always my highest priority to buy early game. Escape Artist: The Magnificent Escape: When Bloodied or Near Death, receive immunity to engagement and +50 Deflection (1 per encounter) Neither Here Nor There: +10 Deflection against disengagement attacks Three Trolls Stitched (Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook): Decent tank cloak. Trollskin: +5 Health restored per 12 sec, -2 Burn and Corrode Armor Rating Cape of the Falling Star (Deck of Many Things): Great on sole frontline tank. Lone Traveler: +7 to All Defenses when not near allies. Fiery Descent: Deals Crush and Burn damage to nearby enemies on knock-out Ragged Cloak (killing Lueva Alvari in the vailian trading co headquarters). Good for frontliners. Vestment of Skaen: +1 Resolve, Raw Damage retaliation Attack when Critically Hit in Melee. Rekvu's Scorched Cloak ( Kohopa's Fang at 7'30" 47'3") If you are injured it turns burn damage into 10% healing. Isn't mentioned in the item description but it also makes you immune to fire damage. Possible to make high fire dmg builds around it for sustain. Nemnok's Cloak (Drowned Barrows) With the +15% dmg taken this Cloak is best used for survivability on a non-tank, probably a squishy backliner. Life of Suffering: 15% Damage taken. Blessed in Spirit: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 75% Health. Grants Spirit Shield Built for Pain: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 50% Health. Grants Ironskin Cursed to Endure: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 25% Health. Grants Barring Death's Door Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak (looted from a coin pile next to Jadaferlas the Ancient): Great for Rogues especially Assassins/builds with a lot of invisibility resets. +1 Perception, +2 Stealth Bushwack: +5% Damage to weapon attacks made from stealth, +5 Accuracy to weapon attacks made from stealth, Attacks made from stealth Stun the target. The Giftbearer's Cloth (Cave of Threshing) One of the best accessories in the game, lots of tank stats scaling with History. Very hard to get since you have to kill a bunch of Fampyrs to get it. Hidden Depths: +1 Quick Item slots, +1 Weapon Sets. Steward of Memories: +5 All Defenses except Deflection (Increases with the History skill). The Giftbearer's Cloth is very easy to get. It is in an unlocked container and a sneaking character can get to it without having to fight with the ancient fampyrs just by hugging the right wall. Violet Redemption (Ukaizo, kill Director Castol's or Governor Alvari's if you sided against them. Possible to get sooner?). Great for a dps frontline but you get it past the point of no return making it unobtainable for most of the game. When Critically Hit in melee, 15% chance to negate wearer's next Recovery Pernicious Retribution: While stationary, receiving melee weapon Hits grants 2% melee Damage (Stacks 5 times), While stationary, melee weapon Hits grant a stacking 2% melee Action Speed bonus (Stacks 5 times). ​ ​ ​ ​ Gloves: ​ Gauntlets of Ogre Might (Beraths Blessing vendor) Great for anyone relying on Might. +2 Might. Healing Hands (Beraths Blessing vendor) Helps out with healing in early game. Grants Lesser Lay on Hands (1/encounter). Firethrower's Gloves (Beraths Blessing vendor or in the Jagged Keep) Must have for Evoker Wizards. Artificer's Precision: +2 Dexterity, +2 Explosives Spellbending: +1 Arcana, +1 All Evocation Power Levels Gauntlets of Greater Reliability (Dropped by Master Kua in the Crookspur fort.) 25% miss to graze makes it decent for dps. Burglar's Gloves (Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook) Grabbing these early helps a ton with opening different chests in Nekataka/Dunnage for more loot. Lithe Hands: +1 Dexterity, +2 Mechanics Second-story Work: +2 Athletics Gatecrashers (Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika.) Very strong for melee. Slugger: +1 Might, 15% chance to perform knock down attacks against target with Critical Hits in melee Reeling Blow: Cone attack that pushes and stuns target (2 per rest) Rekvu's Stained Grasps (Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.) Good if you are already wearing Rekvu's Fractured Casque or Scorched Cloak, but not that strong on its own. Immunity to Constitution afflictions when having at least 1 injury. Rokowa's Fingers (Get them of Bertenno (either buy after or keep yourself, Dark Cupboard quest) Sparkcrackers have many uses for instance luring guards away from chests or luring enemies to a Gunpowder barrel for then to explode it dealing strong aoe dmg. Grants Sparkcrackers. Skillful Dodger: +1 Dexterity, +1 Sleight of Hand Woedica's Strangling Grasp (Found on an old Battleground) Basically a Better Gauntlets of Ogre Might. Strength of the Oathbound: +2 Might Choking Vengeance: Grants Garrote (1/rest Paralyze) Twice Burned: +2 Burn Armor Rating Boltcatchers ( Bounty - The Steel Preacher): Very good on melee dps and decent active. Lightning Wrangler: Grants Crackling Bolt Shock Repulsion: 33% chance to reflect Electricity attacks. Storm Blows: Shock Damage attack on target on scoring Crit in Melee Aegor's Swift Touch ( top of the map, to the left of Kohopa's Fang, on a Plagued Ship) Great mix between dps/survival. Bullet Catch: While above 50% Health, 5% chance incoming Ranged weapon attacks inflict 0% Damage. Rapidity: +1 Dexterity, +5% Action Speed with weapons. Onepahua's Strength (Killing Prince Prince Aruihi). Basically a Better Gauntlets of Ogre Might. Iron Fist: +2 Might Royal Blood: +2 Intimidate Bracers of Greater Deflection (Unsure). Great tank gloves. +7 Deflection. ​ ​ ​ ​ Rings: ​ Gaun's Pledge (For people who own PoE 1) Basically Grants the Priest Spell Restore. Very useful. Gaun's Pledge: Grants Gaun's Pledge (2 per rest) Chameleon's Touch (Looted from Bounty - Nomu the Marauder.) Easy to get. Multi class gets +1 attribute from each class making it extra good for them. List of stats per class in the link. Versatile: Gives +1 to an Attribute and a Skill determined by the User's class. Drunkard's Regret (Drops of/Given by Oswald, Oathbinder's Sanctum) Really Great in combination with Pukestabber Lush: Immune to hangovers from alcohol, if worn while drinking. Entonia Signet Ring (Fort Deadlight: In the shrine to Skaen.) Great tank ring. Inviolate: +2 Defenses per engagement (stacks 5 times), +2 Diplomacy Halgot's Warmth (Quest reward for finishing Harsh Medicine). Very easy to get early game. Makes your Priest heals stronger. +1 Priest Restoration Power Level. +2 Burn Armor Rating. Ring of Overseeing (Sold by Tiabo Sacred Stairs and in hidden stash in Crookspur Fort): Decent on high INT characters with lots of AoE. Overseeing: +10% Area of Effect Kuaru's Prize (Ori o Koiki: Sold by Kipeha.) Great for caster dps. Sonorous: +5% Damage with Spells. Jewel of Clarity: +1 Intellect, +1 Perception Ring of Focused Flame (The Dark Cupboard, Can be stolen): Very strong for Evoker Wizards or Paladins (Flames of Devotion). Focused Flame: +10 Accuracy with fire attacks. Ring of Prosperity's Fortune (Deck of Many Things) 15% hit to crit at 200k gold makes this super good for dps when you are rich but very bad when you are poor (3% at 10k). This thread to see breakpoints. The Power of Money: wearer's Hit to Crit chance increased proportional to the party's current wealth. Ring of Reset (Deck of Many Things) Very useful on Magran's Fires Challenge. Saving Fate: Allows for instant revival without any injuries. Three charges. Ring of Greater Regeneration (The Brass Citadel: Sold by the Orlan peddler or Boot-suck Bog: Dropped by the Bog Warden.) Great sustain for frontliners. Greater Regeneration: +3 Health restored per 6 sec Ring of the Marksman (Queens Berth, Dropped by sailors during A Bigger Fish) Great for physical ranged dps. Marksmanship: +4 Ranged Accuracy with Ranged weapons, +1 Penetration with Ranged weapons Ring of the Solitary Wanderer (Looted from Bounty - Purakau) Great for solitary frontline tank/solo play. Lone Wolf: When there are no allies nearby, gain Self: -35% Hostile effect duration. ​ ​ ​ ​Boots: ​ Bounding Boots (Fort Deadlight, room on the left side of the Command Quarters) Useful for frontliners to gap close/mobility. Grants Leap. Boots of the Stone (Beraths Blessing vendor, Eamund the Fox in Dunnage) Great on all dps but resolve is slightly more useful on a frontliner. 1 Dex, 1 Resolve, Resistance to Might affliction. Slippers of the Assassin (Deck of Many Things): Very strong on Ranged and Melee Assassins (especially Two handed). Melee Rogues have Persistant Distraction so for them the drawback is negated. Untrustworthy: Enemies attacked by the wearer require one additional ally to flank Shadow Form: Grants Shadow Form,1 per encounter (kills turn character invisible briefly) Footprints of Ahu Taka (Scripted event in Whenura Cleft) Divine Inspiration: Good for any healer, especially Priest. +1 Casts with Level 2 Priest Spells Graceful Motion: +2 Dexterity Path of Mercy: +15% Healing done Pathfinder's Boots (Unsure) Good for both frontline and backliners. +5 Reflex, +1 Dex, +1 Athletics. Rakhan Field Boots (Mercenary Paladin on the Spire of the Soul-Seers rooftop during the quest Skipping Ahead): 5m-Charge with Full Attack on anybody in between (1/encounter) Good on frontliners. On Sodden Peat: +3 Corrode Armor Rating. No Quarter: Grants No Quarter Boots of the White (Harbingers' Watch) The Freeze Armor rating comes in really handy in Beast of Winter Content. +2 Freeze armor rating. +1 Resolve; resistance to Dexterity afflictions. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Belts: ​ Upright Captain's Belt (Early game Quest Reward) Very good for any caster because of concentration and beeing immune to beeing pulled into the fight. Buttressed: Immune to Push and Pull effects Hold Fast (Concentration at start of combat). +1 Constitution. Physicker's Belt (Port Maje: Sold by Henric): Good for healers. +10% Healing done, +1 Alchemy. Girdle of Eoten Constitution (Bounty - Beina, also random drop?) Great fir tanks +3 Constitution https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Girdle_of_Eoten_Constitution_(Deadfire) Ngati's Girdle (Can be looted/bought in Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook) Not the best belt but Hey! Its free! Against the Tide: +1 Athletics Fathoms' Redress: 10% chance to cast interrupting Crush damage AoE when critically hit in melee Wavebreaker: +1 Crush Armor Rating The Undying Burden (Delvers' Row: Sold by Imuani.) Having a Second Charge of Second Wind makes this super strong on anyone skilling up athletics. Grants Second Wind. Dig Deep: +1 Athletics Grit: Incoming weapon damage reduced by 10% (stacks three times as health is lost, for a max of-10% to damage) Of Constitution: +2 Constitution <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Belt+of+Magran"href="https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Belt+of+Magran" s+chosen"=""> Belt of Magran's Chosen (Deck of Many Things): The Flame Blight is hostile TOWARDS YOU. Not sure if it's worth it because of this, especially on Iron Man. Linked in Flames: +3% damage dealt as Burn (all allies in 2.5m radius) Ire of Magran: small chance to summon a hostile Fire Blight on hit. Sash of Judgment (Deck of Many Things): Taking 10% more dmg isn't a big deal for a backline dps. Probably not worth it for a frontliner. Also good on Streetfighters/Humans because they want to get bloodied (below 50% hp). Balance in All Things: Enemies take +10% damage while above 50% health, while the wearer takes +10% damage while above 50% health. Girdle of Mortal Protection (Midgame quest) Of Constitution: Great for tanks, +2 Constitution Mortal Protection: 15% of incoming Crits converted to Hits The Maker's Own Power (Dropped during Bounty - Torkar) The King of Belts. Really good to prevent the wearer from dying. Absolutely insane with Paladins Sacred Immolation. Grants Reforge the Flesh upon becoming Near Death (1/rest) Reforge the Flesh: Paralyzed, +10 Health Restored per 1.0 sec, -85% Damage taken for 12.0 sec Wrought : +1 Might. Shaped by the Hammer: +1 Crush Armor Rating. Edit: Made some changes based on feedback. WIll do more when I have time.
  8. I read on the last post that there had been demands for an expansion of the Stash. I had a thought and wanted to share it. A limited sideboard is one of the hallmarks of the game, and important for balance purposes. My proposal is: Each party gets its own Sideboard (renamed from 'Stash' to 'Sideboard.' Those sideboards are unique to that party and that campaign. A new tab, "Trove," is created, and at any point between adventures, players may move a card (like the Robe of Runes, or Amulet of Mighty Fists) from their party sideboard to the Trove. Trove becomes the mechanic for trading cards across parties, while the sideboard remains for those situational cards that you may not want in your deck full time. Thoughts on my thoughts?
  9. Hello! This is my first fourm post and I'll cut to the chase. I sent Hiravias to escort Berolt from Caed Nua. I didn't want to go to Twin Elms without him so I did some WM II quests while I waited for his six days to finish up. When he got back all of his loot was gone and stark naked (this is really disheartening because he had two soul weapons bound to him along with an invisible cloak) and he was under level. When I tried to level him up his name wasn't even Hiravias anymore but "tGender" and then two of him spawned! However only one of them could follow me while the other just stood still. I've got some screenshots as proof PLEASE HELP! I have only one save before buggy!Hiravias shows up and unfortunately, I don't have any saves made before I sent him to escort Berolt. Edit: Here's a link to the pictures as proof 1.https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1WVle926PrNgpoNV9HcY9V_4rEJj1eyYWV_yC3BBCuko/edit 2.https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1q4DWu05xZX535NR6tI6hmddJQJ12QeR8H6eNhyL1lSs/edit
  10. I am struggling to find these gloves and found they are a random loot item according to the Pillars wiki. The wiki mentions that for each twenty-day month, the items are guaranteed to spawn on certain days and are computed on looting, not loading the map. I have tried in two places (I don't have a ton left to try) to obtain them by resting until the right time (the spawns in Cragholdt and Iron Flail Fort, to clarify), and the wiki information has been incorrect. Additionally, I have rested longer and tried to open the chests on other days and acquired the same item. Was there a change to the behavior of these containers? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I've finished adventure 2 on normal and got four loot cards (instead of the whole five, but whatever) and one of the Loot cards was an item (mask) that I didn't want at that moment. When it was time to assign which cards my party will keep and which they will leave behind I decided to leave that mask behind. Now I'm having second thoughts. It's a unique Loot and I'm a completionist. Is there any way to get that card back? Or for that matter to get any good rare item back that I had to discard in favor of other items? Did my party lose that item forever? I've read the forums and the closest solution I've found was to have a pack rat character to store all the good, but not great, items. If I take that approach, do I have to bring that character with me on every adventure? Or is it enough to have that character just in the rooster?
  12. Since I have started this game I have grown to love it, I like the story and the world, although I think I will have to abandon my 30 hour playthrough(so far) as once I have learnt how to use Durance properly, tuning up difficulty to Hard from Normal(which I felt was ok during first 3-4 levels) wasn't enough, im literally swooping through everything with my level 8 party, even the bounties, although the fights were quite lengthy, I didn't really feel any of my chars were endangered at any point. Much as I enjoy story which I mentioned, lack of any opposition during fights is kinda disappointing, I could theoretically rush towards the end but I am kind of completionist and I haven't touched expansions yet. Therefore I felt like playing on PotD level difficulty with an Expert Mode on to spice things up. As much as I like turning off range indicators and all these things, I have an issue with extreme amounts of crappy loot that clogs up on roads forever if you do not pick it. Because items like weapons or shields do not stack up into a pile and because of roleplaying reasons(I mean, that poor Tuatanu can't be really that desperate to buy another dozen of xaurip spears, neither I can imagine even a party of 6 barbarians carrying around these 20 platemails), I have often omitted them later on, since they barely were worth any gold. However, even though bodies of my opponents disapperared, all that stuff is left there, gleaming and glittering as if it were worth anything, teasing you. It doesn't even require you to click highlight button, it glows brighter than a sun. My question is if there is any custom made fix, for either way fixing that gleam or making "regular" items disappear after being left unattended on the ground for some time?(say, day or two, looters would do their job by that time eh?)
  13. After some games with my best 6 characters i've come to realize that the other characters where fresh from start (in terms of Basic cards and equipment). But in the other hand I was forced to chose between good cards to discard after game runs with my Advanced 6-team. So I devised kindda weird strategy: - When you finish a scenario, and you are at the map screen, you can click the party composition button, and exchange 1 character with a newbie one. Then you fill the newbie with best cards for him or the best cards you got (no matter if they aren't the most usefull for him, he is gonna be a "backpack character" for now). - Then you exchange again the newbies, and get back your "Top Dog" party (not as well equiped like previously or optimal but, as they are experienced, you can carry on...) As you are going to make AD3 runs with them, you'll encounter nearly the best cards availabe again in a few games, and now you don't care dropping that basic loot from the newbies. - After a couple of runs, i got my newbie "from-scratch" characters very well refurbished, and able to overcome most scenarios easier than fresh from start. - Also i got some of my best cards well preserved for future builds, with no need of being forced to discard those "good-but-not-top" cards that I want to include later (when a given character gets the proper power feat, as for a Heavy Armor or a Weapon, for example). I'm amazed how fast i refurbished the "ugly ones" (the other 5 characters), and how pretty did they get. Give it a try.
  14. I just read that the items from chests we buy with gold only make it so we can encounter them while adventuring. If that is true then it answers my question of why cant I modify my decks between adventures with all the cards available to me (I used to think the chest items were available to select from between adventures). Thanks for any insight V
  15. Delete this topic, the issue might be related to another bug I found out about browsing the other bug reports.
  16. During night time in the area of Ondra's gift my party can't pick up any loot from slain enemies, until I rest and it turns into day time, after which I can actually loot the corpses.
  17. I'm having a hard time understanding the logic behind this. I'm not against random loot, but if there is a specific item with a unique property even if it's not called Obsidian Entertainment's unique gloves there should be a failsafe. A good example is Blunting Belt: 1st playthrough: found 2, 2nd playthrough: found none, but... it's available from the blacksmith in Guilded Vale. So, if I'm unlucky I can still buy it. There are a few items however I either never found (maybe my super-thoroughness wasn't enough) or didn't find in another playthrough. A few items that I recall: Archer's Gloves: Found 0. That's the only item with x1.2 ranged damage (not to mention it's bugged - you have to reequip it after loading or else it won't work) Bracers of Spiritual Power: According to Josh this one is tied with Gauntlets of Ogre Might. This is extremely irritating. A unique property (x1.2 spell damage) that is only found on those gloves vs some gauntlets that provide +2 Might. I could build a dam on the Amazonas with the amount of items that have +Might. Found 1 in 2 playthroughs. Gauntlets of Puissant Melee: Found 0. Only item with x1.2 melee damage Mantle of Wreathing Flame: No idea what it does, but I'm sure I haven't found it on my 1st playthrough and I doubt there is any other item with the same property. Stalker's Torc: I'm not sure if this is random (shouldn't be) or not (maybe I'm just too stupid to find this), but I've found every single class specific item for every class (all sold by merchants) except this. 2 playthroughs... still none. I'm sure there are plenty of other items that are randomly generated with properties that have no alternative. Does anyone else feel like this is BS?
  18. With all the bugs currently still in the game it's a very low priority thing (maybe something worth considering with expansion/sequel), but I find it a little bit odd that player doesn't get belongings of prisoners. It's something I noticed with Nyrid, but I didn't pay much attention as he didn't have any unique loot. Then I captured Gramrfel the Wayfarer, and since I killed him before a couple of times already I knew very well he drops Dead Man Stands boots. It was a real bummer when I learned that by sparing his life I didn't get them - especially given the fact that so far Dyrwood seems to have shortage of shoemakers as I found just three pairs of boots in my travels. Maybe the big bad isn't after what he seems to be but really wants all the shoes in Eora. Now that would be some twist. Maybe prisoners are so keen to escape because no one disarmed them before throwing them into cells. If they were, I could certainly use some of their things. Both times I checked corpses if I the loot was there anyway, my inventory and combat log if it was added there somehow, I also searched treasury and stash. My jailer and the prisoners themselves also had nothing to tell me regarding things I should confiscated. Also, would be cool if prisoners wore some rags instead of their usual attire, but now I'm just daydreaming.
  19. Hi, I've been playing PoE for few hours on OSX 10.10.2 on my macbook pro and I've noticed that sometimes the objects I find on the dead bodies when collected can't be found in the inventory.... I've just found some magic gloves, I've got them from the body and then I went into the inventory to apply them to one of my characters and they were not in the inventory...... is this a bug?
  20. I know at least some items are static, but are there any random loot tables, or is everything pre-set in terms of what drops? I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but the search feature here sucks because you can't search more than once without the stupid flood blocker kicking in. Thanks, Obama.
  21. Let's make a comprehensive list of everything in the game so far that has been Backer Made. Obviously, this will be filled in over time, but for now, I think we can get started with a few of the Backer Portraits and the Celestial Sapling. The rules are simple. We post images and/or name of people, places, and things such as: LARS WESTERGREN UNKNOWN CELESTIAL SAPLING ---- UNKNOWN UNKNOWN And then we fill it in as needed.
  22. After this spell if enemy desintegrate it will be any loot after him? or just dust and no loot?
  23. Hi all, first time poster here, long time backer. I've been honestly trying to avoid as much PR as possible preferring to see the game fresh when it releases, but I caved recently and was watching Josh's play through on paradox's twitch page. My question is simply this: Looting seems painful. Is there anyway the loot window could come up showing all creatures within a certain radius and let you divide up loot from there instead of having to click on 7 different monsters after every fight? Let me know what you think, or if it's an option somewhere I just didn't see. Thanks!
  24. I've made it a habit lately to post stuff only in the BB forums, but I think this question is qualified to be posed to everyone in the PoE forums. (I apologize in advance for the typos to follow, but I'm typing from mobile again.) To summarize, ever since Throne of Bhaal (mid 2001), where the highlight loot/containers/doors function was introduced, I felt that it encourages me to adopt a play style which I regret adopting, but which happens to be the fastest and most convenient and efficient. You know what I'm talking about, because you're all doing it too, come on I mean the practice of "enter an area -> hold the Tab key to scan for valuables, containers, hidden stuff -> rob the place of everything that isn't nailed to the ground -> move to the next area/dungeon level" These cycles are often accompanied by "sell the gathered junk for gp". While this is a rational tactic, I've always felt it breaks immersion, because the player starts to feel more like a high fantasy hoover than a high fantasy hero. Yet the tactic is so profitable to the player, and so addictive, and convenient, and seductive, that I've never resisted using it since Throne of Bhaal, trough my later replays of BGII which didn't initially have that function, then through NWN, all the way to Dragon Age I&II, basically everywhere where I could. Now, PoE, from what I've heared stated numerous times by Josh Sawyer (btw I can hardly stop myself from referencing him and Tim Cain by just first name ), is a game that's deliberately aiming to capture the Zeitgeist of the 1990s fantasy RPGs. Does the inclusion of this highlighting feature into PoE (it's in the backer beta) also constitute part of the efforts towards capturing the Zeitgeist? Because the feature was only added in the penultimate IE game, chronologically speaking. My answer is that apparently it was so convenient that they added it in regardless of it not being a key feature of the IE games. Memories of past periods are often idealized, like the way many people imagined the Middle Ages in the mid 1800s I guess Anyway, jokes aside, I am far from the argument that this feature shouldn't be in the game, especially with the cited chronological motive. On the contrary, please, let it be there, I am all for capturing the Zeitgeist, and I am aware that this is achieved by borrowing the best features of the period in question, with precise chronology taking a step back. But Josh Sawyer has also assured us in a few places, that the team would not hesitate to improve on aspects of the IE games which were constraining, not working well, etc. This is what I want to suggest that be done with the highlight feature. My suggestion is that doors and containers only highlight when the key is pressed while a character (currently selected or no) is whithin a reasonably small distance from the door/container. This alteration to the functionality, in my opinion, achieves multiple good effects simultaneously: 1. Prevents the cheesy tactic I described, or at least makes it more tiresome and thus less probable to be employed consistently for a long part of a playthrough. Especially with the Stash present, this feature is ready for much more efficient abuse in PoE than it ever was in the IE games. 2. Prevents the "pixel hunt" done with the mouse pointer which was the usual practice before the advent of the highlight key. Pixel hunt should also not work on containers/doors that are out of range. 3. By highlighing objects only in proximity of part characters, some very authentic role-playing scenarios become possible, such as - you've just cleaned a room in a dungeon and you spread the party around, so that with one key press you can highlight more of the room, but knowing that is way you run the risk of being ambushed while the party is not in formation, or setting of a trap. Making either choice involves a tradeoff. 4. PoE builds on IE games' functionality and makes from what was a feature suggesting abusive behavior, a feature that suggests role-playing opportunities. 5. Provides an incentive for the player to use all the party members together, for a task that isn't combat or related to combat, and this is something happening relatively rarely. I see it as an equivalent to one of the text-based interactions, where the party decides to "[search the room]". You get what I mean, right? I wonder what the developers would say about this, but I'm sure they want to see what the community thinks of it most of all, so I think if the devs' input comes it will be only after many people here have stated their opinions. With this I encourage you to say what you think about my idea - do you agree the highlighting was/is breaking immersion/potentially abusable? Do you think a solution such as what I'm proposing can make the game more interesting? Do you have your own solutions to propose?
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