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Found 49 results

  1. Which is the reccomended party on each dlc to have optimal and more interesting interactions with the companions?
  2. Game freezes or crashes shortly after Rymrgand smashes the ground with his axe upon refusing to serve him. I don't know what happens after that because after the camera follows the purple fracturing effect, the screen either freezes or the game crashes. I've attached the crash log. The screen freeze is similar to that of the Fort Deadlight bug. 2018-08-06_184944.zip
  3. I think it was kinda dissapointing that sefyra (adra dragon) is not in poe 2, either as a draco lich (if you killed her) or as a high level old principi pirate (if you let her took falanroed body) in poe 2. another thing that needs work, is that some classes (like the monks) are kinda ignored in poe, having few special dialogues . deadfire needed to have more quests for these forgotten classes.
  4. Hi, I'm using steam for PoE 2, and everytime I go to the DLC store page and hit "download" it just launches the game. Happening with Rum Runner and also the "Critical Role pack" DLC. Under properties (in library) the 2 DLC's aren't even listed as an option. Any way to fix this? I'm also doing shared library with gf, if that helps. (She bought it, not me)
  5. Is it possible (and makes sense) to play the DLC after finishing the main quest? (no spoilers, plz)
  6. I have a family account on steam and this game was purchased by another family member (though I'm the primary player. Please don't ask). I went back to play after the latest update and I couldn't play any of my saved games. Because ALL of the free DLC had been removed. This is possibly related to the fact you can't actually download the optional DLC on steam in this situation but it is unbelievably annoying. Very fortunately removing and reinstalling under the other issue made the saved games reappear, but that's not pleasant
  7. After the latest update "Potions of Plenty" ("Seeker, Slayer, Survivor" DLC, side quest) does not progress - the belt (Less Unstable Coil) does not charge after battles in the Crucible (4 battles without any updates in the journal).
  8. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. After defeating the naga at the Crucible, the Slaying Face congratulates the party with "The naga's venom offers only pyrrhic victory for those who best them, yet our contender lives to fight another day!". Does it mean that there was a person named Pyrrhus in the history of Eora, who achieved a victory, while suffering heavy casualties? Or it should be considered a bug?
  9. There were several hidden skill checks in the last part of the DLC (or the sound of "Skill check failed"; the Pool of Memories) and after defeating the Porokoa is was possible to tell Engari that the Faces were incarnations of one Watcher (with "Honest" disposition). I could not confirm or disprove it in my playthroughs, because I was not able to pass the above-mentioned skill checks. Is this information correct? And, if it is, why do the Faces go on a murder rampage, when freed (with or without host)? I apologize in advance, if the topic was started too early (10 days after the release of the DLC).
  10. What outcomes provide the options after major battles at the Crucible (e.g. vs Pipiltin's party, vs Porokoa)? Consuming the essence gives an upgrade material (to Legendary level), but what do the others? Edit. Sent Porokoa's soul essence to the Wheel, got +4 to Accuracy against Spirits.
  11. Purchased the season pass, completed BoW and the main quest line ... and then deleted all save games with the exception of the final encounter with Eothas. I *only then* recalled that PoE White Winter was an in-game expansion that had to take place before the end game. Will it be the same for the coming 'Seeker/Slayer/Survivor' and (more importantly to me) 'The Forgotten Sanctum'? Or is there a possibility to continue adventures after completing the main questline?
  12. One: Ship Combat Upgrade. First, replace the scripting ship combat with zoomed-in real-time isometric ship combat, with a selection of (editable) AI options. Remove "close to board" as an approach option and instead only make it available when you've actually gotten your ship alongside the enemy. Additionally, make attacking ships matter for your reputation — both faction rep and disposition. There should be options to be an all-out pirate, a privateer, or an actual hero who doesn't, y'know, sink merchants just to get more swords, hats, and coats to sell at the nearest fish shop. Towards that end, there should be many more ships at sea, including some that are full of vampires, vessels, and clearly hostile wilders. And make the latter come to you and chase you down some of the time (as would ships from factions that aren't happy with you). Seriously, I'd happily pay $25 for this upgrade. Two: Free form pirate mode This is a little different, but it's basically a request to get some replay out of the fun character class and combat engine. Maybe this would be part of the above, or maybe it'd be its own thing. Either way, I'd pay. The idea is: 1. You create a whole crew, with five character-class characters and a complement of ship's crew. No pre-gen companions, just all roll-your-own. 2. There's a randomly-generated map — islands could stay as in the main game, but add completely randomized encounter maps. Use the existing maps, throw in thematic enemies at random. Give XP for clearing each of these. 4. Keep Neketaka, Port Maje, etc., but limit interaction to merchants and inns. Maybe have the bounty-assigners available. 5. And have lots of ships to attack and otherwise interact with. Possibly you could pick a faction alignment to start. 6. Level-capped: when you get to the top of the XP ladder, you're given a leader-board score and are done. Sure, the main story of the game is great — and don't get me wrong, I love its depth and wouldn't be playing PoE without it — but it doesn't really invite constant replay. A mode like this would be fun and exploits the existing depth of the game engine to create a new experience.
  13. Hi, I'm playing the latest Steam version and I've purchased the Season Pass which means I have all the DLC. I would like to report 2 bugs: 1. Missing Strings found on some items aboard the Deck of Many Things Captain's Inventory (see attached screens) 2. Dragonwing Sails went missing after I purchased and equipped them. I accidentally equipped the Trollskin Sails after, and the Dragonwings disappeared. The save file is too large to upload here, please advise if you need it.Thank you. Thank you for your kind attention.
  14. In Pillars 1, one of the most coveted items was the Helwax Mold: a keep mission reward that could duplicate a single piece of gear - especially popular with fully upgraded one-handers like Bittercut. With an upcoming DLC focused on wizardly pursuits, I can't help but wonder if we'll see the return of our magical, mystical Eoran sculpy; and in that vein, I'm curious what this forum would duplicate given the opportunity. For me it would be a hard sell between Grave Calling, Pukestabber (for my waifu), Magran's Favor, or Miscreant's Leathers. You could also upgrade a one-hander to legendary, duplicate, then enchant each weapon with mutually exclusive upgrades - maybe gear like Griffin's Blade or Eccea's Arcane Blaster.
  15. Is it possible to convince her to attack Rymrgand or 18-19 skill checks just provide a different "No"? I'm going to respec and check it after completing the DLC, but if anyone has already done it, the information would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi, As the release of new DLC is approaching (or has already approached) I was curious whether I will be finally able to receive key for "Digital Download of Expansion Pack" - however I have no such luck. Perhaps there is something I am missing? I have backed the game on Fig and paid extra for expansion pack, which is properly detailed on my order page. I have later upgraded my pledge, which is also propery detailed on my order page. Both orders are marked as having shipment status "done". Unfortunately, on "My Products" page I don't have any entry remotely related to PoE2 Expansion. The game has been redeemed on Steam, where I don't have either Season-pass or 1st expansion ownership. Is there anything I am missing? How can I redeem the expansion?
  17. I recently finished my first run through the story and enjoyed it just as much as POE1. I'm currently playing through on PotD and focusing on tweaking the AI scripts... It's making the already enjoyable combat that much better. It got me to thinking that I would love to have a DLC Arena, separate from the story, where we could build custom parties and test different AI scripting strategies against endless waves of random enemies. It seems like it would be fairly easy to build (many other games do this) and would keep me playing over and over. If this is already in the future plans, thank you in advance. If not, please get on it, I say!
  18. So... I love her! Is there *any* chance that she can still be fleshed out to a full companion in a DLC? I would happily pay. My love for Aloth as a character was the primary reason I dropped +$200 on the kickstarter!
  19. So after installing the beard and face DLC pack, it appears the npcs in my game now have darkened heads. When not nearby them, their heads are totally black. Illuminated by Xoti's lantern they are merely several shades darker than their bodies. This is most noticeable in the Luminous bath house.
  20. I'm not sure if this is a patch bug, a general bug or just how it's meant to go, but looks like it's impossible to even have a proper conversation with Mirke if you only talk to her after you've resolved the Benweth quest, let alone recruit her.
  21. Hi! I preordered the deluxe edition and Im wanting to find my soundtrack? I have in game pet, so how do i get the soundtrack? I'd like to listen to it on the way to work.
  22. Good day Guys, Let me start by saying, I'm loving the game thus far. I have been playing on my Macbook Pro, I've had very little time to play so squeezing it in there. Game is over Steam I went to go play on my big computer 5k iMac. And for some reason, steam shows that DLC are installed. However, in the games load screen, it shows "Missing DLC". How do I fix this? I've included screenshots I've also tried unchecking the DLC's in steam shutting it down the starting and putting it back. Which, didn't seem to make a difference. I've also tried the validate game option. I'm stumped at this point as to how to get it going. Thanks
  23. I post thread to this by mistake. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97573-hello-can-you-add-critical-role-pack-dlc-to-store-pre-purchase-packages/ Can you help us~ Thank you for your Chinese localization indeed! We can play this epic game in our native language.
  24. https://store.steampowered.com/app/855930/Pillars_of_Eternity_II_Deadfire__Critical_Role_Pack/ this app is FOD, and notice that it contains in some pre-purchase CD-Key's package. Could you please add it to Store (pre-)purchase packages? or change this DLC's package type from Free On Demand to No Cost. Sorry to bother you. Thank you in advance. BTW, Thank you for Chinese Localization. It's a perfect translation. Thank you Obsidian
  25. Simple. Next month will be globally dedicated to bug fixing. And full game will be released. What do you want after that for DLC ? Give what you want to improve or new things to add. References can be WM part 1 and 2 and things already known in BETA 4. Here my list : - No particularly more levels (12-16 in POE1). Good thing if it happened but not my first need if all 20 levels are well built. - More class. Like +1 class (3 subclasses...) give already a ton of new combinations. (And I think no more, because it is already a great amount of work for base game...) - One additionnal subclass for each class. - For me it is better if DLC can be done after the first story. Like that, no problem with "when" to do that. - I want new companions but extremely early. Same for all new weapons. (max 50 % of DLC) I have never upgrade unlabored blade for this reason. (laziness if only 2 hours remains...) - A true difficulty. Kraken is cute, but... hum... So easy to kill... - Give the opportunity to rebalance some stuff. Like, passives abilities... A general balancing. - Return of 'grimoires with novel spells'. And you ? Yes it is soon, Full game is not yet released but guys, Obsidian start to thinking to that. It is forced. Nothing is random in a company. So, it is the good moment to give your expectations... : p
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