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  1. but doesn't that destroy the souls? that was the one thing I didn't get.
  2. I'm confused on what does which for the soul egg thing, End means just stop it yes? and pulse it means to destroy it? Which one frees up the souls? I talked to inca but I didn't really understand her.
  3. Ok, I'm a noob at talk tables, and I see three files and some vaguely represent text, and other's indexing other stuff that seems gibberish.. So If I wanted to add my own to each of these.. I would... do what? The only knowledge I have in coding is basic html web coding. Any help you could forward me to (tutorial or w.e) or from you, is VERY GREATLY appreciated. This is for.. ah, so I can write my own romance mods for all you beeps that haven't already seen my romance dlc packs. Works out for both of us because you can happily have obsidian tack away at the expansion pack. .. you have to start somewhere.. might as well be here. :T .... aaahh hell, at this point I'd be happy to get in an "I love you" working in the lines. ...so, please, any help IS APPRECIATED. ..puwese..? (puppy eyes of doooooom plz)
  4. oh eothas, please oh mighty god, tell me how this is done. I will worship you until the end of time, and you will be hailed throughout the new world as the one and true almighty reigning GOD. Sure. I'm assuming you have the steam version on windows; I don't know if things are different on other OSs or other sales platforms like GOG. I think it's mostly the same. Basically you'll want to find the "data" folder which is in the "PillarsOfEternity_data" folder. It will probably look like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data Inside that are three folders: "quests", "conversations" and "localized". Quests is just filled with .quest files. I think these control the quest structure, variables and experience rewards for quests. Localized is filled with .stringtable files. this seems to be where all the text in the game is stored Conversations in filled with .conversation files. These seem to control the dialogue structure and when scripts should fire during dialogue. You can open and edit .quest, .stringtable and .conversation files with notepad. in the name of the marky, the sun and the holy glare. ahem.
  5. Do you travel with him over time and suddenly after resting he comes to you...? or Do I have to progress through the main story to get it? Because at the moment I'm having way to much fun kicking the crap out of whatever pays me to kick the crap out of xD The side quests in this game are amazing. (face glued to tv-monitor) So as a general here say.....? Because I got durance's, eder's, sagni, kana, and pretty much everyone else's right off the bat.. ssooo where's aloths? xD If its advance the main story, tell me. if its wait it out, also tell me.
  6. DONT GET ME STARTED ON THAT. I'M STILL VYING FOR THAT EASTER EGG HUNT DLC. none of this jaws of crappon stuff. Yeah, that's the main issues what I've been having. But as far as wish fuffilment, I haven't had any such luck with that one ... ... though it just might be my tastes always seem to be the tragic one. because All though the first time I romanced iron bull.. that ended nice I suppose. But, its pure wtf wish fulfillment in the beginning -.-
  7. I dont know... <_< on my end she doesn't seem to shut up. ...and the things she says has me running to an ye olde to modern day speak dictionary, it has me more confused then what was on my quantum physics exam. good graces.
  8. oh eothas, please oh mighty god, tell me how this is done. I will worship you until the end of time, and you will be hailed throughout the new world as the one and true almighty reigning GOD. Hmmm but none of those involve *my* characters, one that I created, I've played a couple dating sims before to try and scratch that character romance itch, and so far only *one* has done that. (because I'm sick and was, of bioware yanking my chain.) and even then, I'm some dumb chick which the guy is falling for my "cuteness" (HEAVENS help US ALL.) I have nooooo character what so ever (headdesk) Eh, I dont know if this was meant for me oooorr eh, meh. But that's the point, bioware's sucks, outright. (iron bull romance was outright cringe worthy) I did do romances in nwn2... .. and then they did that whole... (cough) spoilerrock on you. -.- had me in tears for a month. And I thought it was nice.. just .. I want to see it again, in THIS little beauty :D
  9. I dont know if this applies BUT http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/60/? this. <_< I thought it was a nice little collection for those who want more than the standard.
  10. just imagine though >_> if obsidian did write romances, oh man. I would sweep the living crap right off of bioware's Goliath feet xD Obsidian needs to be david for that giant slaying ._. they're a bit up there *undeservedly* Eh, anyhow, just the way aloth talks to you from the last few hours I played yesterday, it seems like already he's sweet talking you. heh xD; Would like it here, would like to post a poll on the topic, but that doesn't necessarily represent the entire community as a whole. Plus I don't know how the hell most people post a poll here :T But, these packs I had in mind where INTENDED *AFTER* the expansion pack, in no way am I trying to steal your sun, for I would *EQUALLY* LIKE an expansion pack. It... would... just.. be.. something nice.. for the other time it has. But, if there was some way to mod this game like it was possible in nwn 2 and the bg series, I wouldn't complain as much. because hell, *I* would write the lines in the game and that would shush my little mouth. Hmmmm I wonder if there would be something that would do that... because anyone wonders AT ALL how the HELL the baldur's gate *mod* ROMANCES were executed. (edit) also whhhaaat the fuf is "longknife" Urban is NOT yielding CRAP.
  11. I did a tldr to long post. its not you, really, its me, my pure o hates walls of text. Otherwise I would read it. ..and will.... eventually. and romance is an ASPECT of story telling... I always did wonder why I did like the whole romance part of a game the BEST, well, I decided that it can have heavy implications to story. Like in DAO, if you were a human noble, you romanced Alistair or you could marry Anora thus, putting YOU on the throne and thus affecting story (though they didn't show off the choices well in ANY DA game ¬¬ ) because you could have put your tyrant on the throne or the benevolent kind ruler that is SORELY needed. :T And in some ways the way I see it, obsidian could pull the same stunts with the companions like Aloth is an aristocrat elf, and to find someone he could go to his parents to find that person, and the only way he would reveal this path to you is if you're his super bro or romance, and romance gets extra dialogue..? Something like that. Also, and this maybe just bioware's doing.. esp in dao, but romance also hafly opens up another side of a person, like when I romanced morrigan with my guy playthrough, I saw that she was just awkward around people because she grew up in the wilds with just her mother and no one else, and then I saw that deep down she was really human. Hmm.. XDD just imagine romancing DURANCE like that... HOLY BABY. maybe under all that man fur is a soft beating heart- (rejects me for the third time for asking him questions) NOPE. NOT GOING THERE. NOPE. alskdjfasldk but he'd now have a PERMANENT place to place his *OTHER* staff xD (cough cough cough cough) BUT that's why I say its *OPTIONAL* if it were to come out, not EVERYONE likes the romance aspect and for those that want it, they can buy they're romance and for those that don't can HAPPILY strum along to the pure beat of the asexual aromantic purely STORY DRIVEN ASPECTS of the game C: If you wouldn't want it, then dont get it, for those that do. (cough cough) I would happily buy it. ..but seeing how coding is done these days.. (I'm still stuck in the mindset they wrote this like nwn2 style with adding lines and responses strings) It *MAAAAAAYYYYYYY be* impossible.. .. buuut I can hope :D and I could DREAM ;D ALSO ALSO ALSO 'twas never intended to troll. ._. DESPITE what most people are saying.. lets just clear the air here. (swats hand) I just like the aspect of romance in story telling. .. .. I blame the inner chick in me. >.>
  12. Well apparently forum edicate is not to multi post so I combined all my posts >_> XD
  13. ew no. not a lessy romance. I dont swing that way Ahem. I'm gone to work for a week and have seen this blown up, well, now... If you would see HERE its OPTIONAL meaning, if you don't want it, DON'T GET IT. its dlc, its a happy medium.. for those who want it would be ECSTATIC, getting to rp and all that junk for their happy mental ending. And obsidian makes money on the side And for those who don't want that to "corrupt" their story can leave it as is. Which.. I say romance more adds a more personal touch and depth to the story, because when I romance its not about if I'm licking ****, it about what happens between my dude and my chick. I don't like the sleeping part in anything anyhow. I tend to say "nooooooooooo" to that option. ...Plus... from what I'm seeing from my playthrough from PoE.. they would make a KILLER dlc. good lord.. Obsidian's writing on this KILL'S bioware's fan fiction writing. make more games like this obsidian please D: why not both? where the expansion INCLUDES the romance sidelines? looololo partially trolling xD To be fair, I can see what you're saying, and I agree with it in principle. To an extent. Personally though, I find romances in games tend to either fall into the BioWare "Here, let me buy your affection with gifts and/or just being nice to you - oh, now you want to jump in the sack with me? Cool" category. Or they're incredibly juvenile, awkward, or stilted. I can't offhand recall any that didn't make me roll my eyes at least a little bit or just plain make me laugh out loud (and I really liked some of the characters in those games). I'd far rather have Obsidian pour any resources allocated to DLCs go to many other things before romance. Well, to be fair, that's BIOWARE romance. <_< They.. ah... make me go "8D... wtf" to it too. I'm sure obsidian would do x100 more better job if they DID do it, because their writing doesn't wreek of fan fiction like style. bioware thinks that they're the crap at writing and especially writing romances. But here I am reading from baldurs gate 2 as I play PoE alongside of it, and honestly even their little gem stinks up to high heaven. ..I partially wanted to see obsidian do romances as to see how they would handle it. please, no more bioware romance. where its like you say, tts awkward and stinks. If obsidian, I'm pretty sure it would be done right and beautifully.
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