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  1. FOE means whoever is hostile to the party at that moment (ie red circles) so yea basically enemies There's a saying, "Friend or Foe"
  2. yeah should be like an option in the menu in case some people don't like to see party members ie: Show Party Member Names when using tab (yes/no)
  3. dunno if you've seen it but there are more commands that can help you here: Pillars of Eternity: Console Commands
  4. This table I made and is very popular shows all the strengths and resistances of every monster Pillars of Eternity: Monster Strengths and Weaknesses Use to plan your strategy and which spells/abilities to use The link above has spoilers if you have not unlocked the whole bestiary yourself
  5. well actually this is explained in the quest log, basically they were having you pick some berries so you can make tea for a cure, but you think that killing them will do more to improve your mood than just sipping some tea So the explanation is actually "you are a nut case" then. yea basically
  6. I've done the monk pages: Monk - Main Entry Monk - Category Page Monk Abilities - Category Page Monk Talents - Category Page as always anyone is free to edit the pages and add tips or strategies and stuff or correct anything if i made some mistake
  7. I support this request I also would like to see separate forum for each class
  8. I don't think hard mode is too easy, but for those who do, maybe options can include some setting such as monster HP multiplier, monster density, monster level bonus, etc
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