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  1. I can get the skills cheat to work now -- it seems you have to have the IE mod installed for the cheat to work (and save) properly. I didn't have the IE mod installed until today. And yes, it's based on points. So, after entering "iroll20s" in the console, I enter "skill player survival 15", and my PC's survival skill increased to 5 (plus modifiers).
  2. Yeah, so as I mentioned in the original post, the goal here isn't to "win", or to cheat -- it's to bend the rules to expand the game's limited spell repertoire, add replay value, and create kind of a dual-class character. With enough imagination, you can use the console to effectively create hybrid character classes, and get more hours out of the game. This kind of rule bending was how we always played pen-and-paper D&D back in the day, and I see nothing wrong with it. (In fact, the 2e D&D books always encouraged players and DMs to break the rules, so long as it was fun for everyone.) Incidentally, why would you care how people play a single-player game, anyway?
  3. I can add wizard spells to the cipher, but I can't cast them -- some limitation about ciphers not being able to use grimoires. I'm not skilled enough to work around that. So for me, this only works by creating a wizard and taking cipher spells.
  4. If you followed the instructions to the letter, your wizard should be able to cast Mind Blades, which is a level 2 spell. Are you sure you don't see it there? I just tested it with Aloth and a created character, and both times it worked (Steam version The trickiest part is getting your character name -- are you trying to add cipher spells to your main character, or another member of your party?
  5. I'm actually quite happy with the talents -- my only gripe is that I feel like you should be allowed to take more talents, and that some talents should be available to other classes. But with creative use of the console and a bit of imagination, you can bypass both of those limitations. By selecting the right cross-class talents, you can create dual-class or multiclass characters -- for example, I made a rogue, but took some of the fighter's talents, effectively making a fighter/thief. And for anyone familiar with Drizzt: If you were attempting to make Drizzt in PoE, you'd probably take talents from barbarian (rage), thief (sneak attack abilities), ranger, and fighter. I've never been a fan of game rules that limit my character options, so I break the rules wherever possible
  6. I only care that my main PC and companions have voices. Everyone else can be mute, as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Out of curiosity, if the skills cheat is working for you, can you tell us the exact console command you're using?
  8. I'm gonna play with it until I level the first time, and make sure I have the skill levels I want entered before I level. Wondering if maybe they'll stick after that point. Just a theory. Good idea, but it didn't work for me I thought boosting my skills right before levelling up might "trick" the game into keeping the cheat values, but no luck. (I boosted my stealth skill from 6 to 10, and then levelled up, but at the level up screen the stealth skill displayed as 6 again.) For the record, I used the following console command: skill player stealth 10 (I also tried much higher numbers. I used skill player stealth 55, since that's 1+2+3+4 etc., but didn't work either.) Stealth showed as 10 on my character stats page, but reverted to 6 when I levelled up.
  9. Did you try using the console and the RemoveTalent command? See here: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console You can find talent names in PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle
  10. This isn't my comment, but maybe you could try this and hopefully when you load the save file it will be as you wanted: szsleepy The Skill command Skill charname skillname value - example: Skill player stealth 10 (player is what you type in when you mean your own character). Example2: Skill Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 stealth 10) It seems as though the value is the amount of points that have been spent on the skill, rather than the resulting skill rating. For example, to get rating 6, you need to have spent (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21) points to get there. Skill player Mechanics 21 will translate to rank 6. This is also assuming you have no bonuses. If you do (for example, have Laborer as your background, gives +1 mechanics) then "Skill player Mechanics 21" will result in skill rank 7. Just thought I would throw this out there, as I had to fumble with this command for a bit to make it work the way I wanted. Great tip, but are you sure this saves? I can use the cheat to boost my skills, but once I load a game again, the skills reset to their correct values.
  11. Yup, those are the commands I've been playing with For the record, my goal in creating this so-called hybrid spellcaster is not actually to cheat (although this clearly is cheating), but rather to create a character with a bigger spell repertoire. I'm an old-school pen-and-paper D&D guy, and D&D offered a limitless selection of spells. That's really what I'm after -- variety. The cipher, as deadly as he is, is actually quite boring in terms of spell effects. There's not a lot to see, visually. Whereas wizards and druids really light up the screen with their spell effects. If I had more skill, I'd create a mod that allowed ciphers to use wizard spells, with the same focus costs. That would probably be the closer to D&D's sorcerer class.
  12. Here's my party. The blond guy is Eder -- I didn't like his default portrait. The other PCs are custom. The orc-lookin' dude is how I like to picture my Aumaua barbarian. I swiped the portraits from a variety of online resources and other video games, and cropped them for PoE. I cropped dozens more portraits like this, but I'm reluctant to share them because I didn't make them.
  13. Hi all. Until someone releases a proper mod, I’ve been experimenting with console commands in an attempt to create a hybrid spellcaster — a cross between a wizard and a cipher, something I imagine to be like D&D’s sorcerer class. I wanted to use a cipher, because they’re wickedly cool, but I also wanted the classic D&D fireballs/magic missiles/lightning bolts. And AoE spells. So after stumbling around for a few hours, I found something that appears to work. Sort of. This is strictly an experimental, ragtag solution for creating a hybrid spellcaster. I make no promises that this will work for you. And I’ve only tested this for a few hours — it might turn out that this doesn’t work for an extended period of time (although I have been able to save my game, reboot, and keep my newfound abilities). If you’re afraid of nerfing your game, ruining your campaign, or anything else, go no further. You’ll be able to cast spells from your grimoire, and you’ll be able to cast any cipher spells you add via the console. And of course you’ll be overpowered (I’m wondering if I can somehow weaken this hybrid class or otherwise limit it with console commands). Your cipher spells appear to be limited by focus just as they normally would (focus depletes and regenerates) — but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the purple focus icon to display over the character portrait, so you won’t know how much focus you actually have at any given moment. Here’s what I did: 1) Make a wizard (this can probably be done with any non-cipher class, but I made a wizard since that’s the hybrid I’m going for). 2) Open the console with the ~ key. 3) Type “iroll20s” (remove the quotes). Since this is a cheat, THIS WILL DISABLE ACHIEVEMENTS. 4) You’ll need to know the name of the character you’re modifying. The main character is called player. Companion NPCs appear to use their names (Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, etc.). But if it’s a PC you created and hired at the Black Hound, you’ll have to reveal his or her name with a console command. Type findcharacter and enter the name of the PC you hired. For example findcharacter Gandalf. The name will be something like Companion_Generic(clone)_1 5) Assuming that we’re modifying the main character, type “addability player soulwhip”. If you’re modifying someone other than your main character, replace “player” with the name you got with the findcharacter command 6) Now type “addability player focustrait” 7) Now type “addability player mind_blades” 8 ) To find the names of other spells and abilities you want to add, go through the objectbundle folder (PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle). Spell names generally match the names of the actual spells, with underscores between words (Mind Lance is called mind_lance, Minolleta's Minor Missiles is minolletas_minor_missiles, etc.). After entering those commands, I now have a wizard with focus (albeit focus I can’t see) who can cast Mind Blades. And she glows purple-black in combat, like ciphers do, because of the soul whip. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice. One way to limit this overpowered character might be to police yourself and limit the number of spells in your grimoire. In a perfect world, I'd love it if ciphers could simply choose spells from the wizard's spell list (much like sorcerers in D&D) and have them drain focus, but that's beyond the scope of console commands. Perhaps more interesting than the wizard-cipher hybrid is a wizard-druid combo — start with a wizard and add the names of druid spells with the addability command ("addability player sunbeam"). The wizard-druid combination seems to work especially well, because it looks like casting a druid spell depletes your wizard spell count — so combining wizard and druid effectively doubles your spell selection without actually letting you cast more spells. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get non-wizards to cast wizard spells, because of grimoire limitations. Someone smarter than me will figure that out, I'm sure. And of course you should be able to use the same steps to create a barbarian/fighter/paladin/druid-cipher (or whatever cipher combination your heart desires). I imagine you could also take a paladin give him a handful of priest spells, in D&D tradition.
  14. On my Mac (10.10.3) the patch appears to have broken the character voices for my non-NPC companions -- that is, the companions I hired and made myself at the Black Hound for 250 copper. It appears they no longer have a voice, although my main character and the lone NPC in my party (Eder) still speak when you click on them, give them an action, etc. I tried dismissing them from my party and re-hiring ... no luck. I created and new adventurer and hired him, and he has a voice. It seems like it just broke the characters who existed in my party before applying the patch.
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