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  1. Hmm, it doesn’t seem to work with the enemy summoned by “SpawnPrefabAtMouse cre_dummy,” but worked with another enemy. Tried a few other enemy types via console and it appears that cre_dummy might be an exception; all other enemy types were drained successfully. Sorry for the false alarm.
  2. Hmm, it doesn’t seem to work with the enemy summoned by “SpawnPrefabAtMouse cre_dummy,” but worked with another enemy.
  3. I just tested Wall of Draining with the latest patch and it is not extending the duration of my buffs. My enemies have no buffs of their own, but the wall supposedly works even on unbuffed enemies. Is anyone getting this ability to work on unbuffed enemies with the latest patch?
  4. Thank you, are all of these areas meant for a lvl 20 party? I’m testing Sea-Lashed Crypt at lvl 16 and Gorecci Street at lvl 4, though I’m not certain which levels are appropriate (PoTD, upscaling up only). Ideally, I want to verify the party at several key junctures of the game with the toughest level-appropriate encounters.
  5. I’m testing builds and looking for an easily accessible, story spoiler-free, and difficult high-level encounter. Having played around with the AreaTransition command, the following location (Sea-Lashed Crypt) appears to be a good candidate: AreaTransition AR_2007_Ship_Graveyard_Dungeon_Entrance 0 0 What is the expected party level for the encounter at the entrance of this area (completionist game)? If there is a better encounter to push the party to the limit, please let me know the area ID.
  6. Does the “...For They Do Enjoy Stomping Your Head” chanter upgrade for ogres actually work for anyone? It is supposed to give ogres a “sweeping area attack,” but in my testing, they only hit a single target.
  7. The thread linked below has a lot of interesting commands that I’ve been using for my personal test lab. Like you, I will not play the story until everything is thoroughly tested. Page 2, specifically, lists a lot of creature codes for importing: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94470-spoilers-interesting-console-command-finds/page-2 Example: SpawnPrefabAtMouse cre_dragon_sea The above command spawns a sea dragon. Of course, you can summon a horde of them to test your party. Other opponents useful for testing include cre_dummy (stationary opponent with a lot of health), cre_bo
  8. Obsidian, I understand that you are currently swamped with issues, many of which are more pressing, but a simple confirmation that this is under review and/or entered in your bug database for future evaluation would be greatly appreciated and serves as a great way to motivate additional bug reports and community feedback.
  9. I noticed that a number of monk abilities don’t respect auto-pause settings. For example, Dance of Death, Swift Flurry, Torment’s Reach, Raised Torment, and Thunderous Blows never trigger auto-pause, while some abilities, such as Blade Turning, do. For other classes, similar abilities, such as Flames of Devotion, generally trigger auto-pause. In addition, I found several issues with Swift Flurry’s critical strike procs. When triggered by Flames of Devotion, the extra burn damage is not triggered. Also, Torment’s Reach, Raised Torment, and Rooting Palm never trigger Swift Flurry despite gen
  10. Looks like leveling up is necessary, and possibly the initial conversation with the governor.
  11. Looks like changing the class keeps all of the abilities of the previous class, even if the destination class is not a subclass of the original. For example, changing a high-level chanter to a fighter leaves a large collection of chants and invocations, which have to be removed manually. It is surprising that changing to a different class doesn’t automatically clean up old abilities. Most certainly not pickier. Where capitalization mattered in PoE I is whenever you were putting in Player_XXX from findcharacter command and that is the same for PoE II. Certainly didn't see other cases. Not
  12. Thank you for investigating this issue. Others have reported similar problems: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98785-hired-adventurers-start-at-level-2-messing-up-their-leveling-progression/?hl=%2Binn+%2Badventurers+%2Blevel+%2Bbug https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98958-leveling-only-low-level-abilities-available/ The console command OpenCharacterCreation also suffers from these issues.
  13. I am also having similar issues with hirelings, as described here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98958-leveling-only-low-level-abilities-available/.
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