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  1. Thanks for your answer! my problem is more to understand consolecommand, then finding it. With "FindGameData" you can find somestuff, but not all. In terms of areatransitioning the games 3 additional paramters of which i dont have the data. Since the assets are all packed into big files there is no way of getting the names, even if findgamedata will refer to a part of it. in regards to areatransitioning those parameters are needed: 1. MapGuid 2. StartPoint 3. ReferenceByNameStartPoint. An exemplary comparison to PoE I is this: AreaTransition AR_1001_Od_Nua_Old_Watcher Interio
  2. For sure, i would bet you to elaborate, so I see someone actually showing the exact differences and their consequences, as i cannot find them ingame or on the wiki. Some points are: - Tooltips and Transparence - Attackresolution - ArmorPenetration and ArmorRating (flatreduction vs. non linear breakpoints) https://imgur.com/a/oibgdMX Im maybe just too stupid to understand, but i neither find this explanation consistent nor do i think those changes make sense, if i oversee the contradictions and try to make sense of it. This goes hand in hand with the Penetration and Crit chang
  3. In part 1 I was able to "areatransition" into CaedNua and test different characters i created through the console. Since there are many mechanics not transparent anymore and many choices that i dont wanna test by just playing, i need help with console commands. In fact - before i cant test my stuff, i wont play the story at all. Creating characters and send them "into my arena", was easy when an area like caed nua existed, but now i dont even know how to use the areatransition command, as the syntax changed, which also includes areaID etc In part one i could read the assets just in the f
  4. For me it is the other way around. I havent played poe2 extensively, as i simply dont understand the mechanics, and those i do understand just confirm the fears i had during the developelment: not only improving, but taking away transparency and player decisioning, while making an illusion of having more. What i first recognized, even during character creation is that there are so many useless skill-, class- and ability-descriptions that it does not even make sense to list them all up. This is the typical when "casualizing" games. "We dont want players to shy away from text and complexity,
  5. You post is quite old, but i couldnt help but respont to it. Dont get me wrong, but there is actually not one statement in your post i agree with. The way you use the term "dps" makes you sound more like wow-player than an old Infinity-Veteran. As a tip for the future: if you really want a discussion about your statements, you need to make them sound less factual to let room for it. In addition there are sentences that are just weird: "rogues (f.e. dualwield stilletos) would do less singletarget dps than a cipher" or "ciphers/chanters" do more group cc or even groupdps than wi
  6. All you do in this comment is confirm the prejudice that american people do more stive for rhetoric than content. There is absolutely no wall of text, it is for you, you have the attentionspan of a child. Additionally as a "philosopher" your thoughts should be anything than short, cause a philosophers wants to look behind the everyday reductionism to uncover its deceitfulness instead of making it even stronger.
  7. So far, what i saw from this game (interactions, combat, surroundings) was really cool, and im looking forward to play it.....as soon as i am able to pass the character creation. I searched for portraits that fit an experienced male war-veteran. Found some. After making characters that look similar to the portait, i realized what troubled me. I used cheats to change the standart zoom and ported into a city with daylight. Did you know...... ... that the ingame-model and the model of the charactercreation/inventory are barely looking the same? Its plain that the characters cannot look l
  8. "No. I'm no hardcore player, I enjoy the story and rpg aspects more." - this sentence is so contradictory. Playing because of the rps-ascpect would strictly force you to play without reloading and stuff. It's about telling a story on your head, boosted by what you do in the game. Reloading makes bad decisions not count for you, it is like ignoring a whole side of your character so that there is only a LOTROlike-happy-ending is possible. Boring and incoherent, both things that shoudl abstain in every roleplay. Just because you are too lazy for this mode is no legitimate reason for stating
  9. Hi there, before i play a strategy game i make sure to understand the mechanics, it's a hobbyhorse you could say. Attackresolution is one of the most important mechanic in PoE. To understand this is key to make the best builds and strategies, so i even wrote an excelcalculation that gives me every distribution or any kind of Attack/Defense ratios in order to calculate an average dps mulitplier. However, now i found two sources about how attackresolution works and they are not consistent with each other. Since i dont get my gog.version to work i cant test it myself. So guys what is the righ
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