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  1. I feel like I "beat" the first 25% of the game when it was a challenge. Then I "steamrolled" the last 75%. POTD with level scaling of course.
  2. I just defeated the giant spore. After combat, one of my party members stayed hostile, though he was doing no actions. I saved and reloaded, and now all my party is red. Sleeping, reloading, or moving zones does not fix this. Any solutions?
  3. To be clear, I want the bow early and I also want WM1 to be scaled up later when I do it for real. Can I have both?
  4. So if I go in at level 5. Don't clear anything but get the bow. Then come back at a later level, say 10, I will not get the option to scale up WM1. Is that right? Because I already did some of the content at level 5?
  5. If i pop into white March at like level 5 or 6 to get storm caller, then only come back to white March after act 2, will o screw myself by making it all low level? Playing on lots, and I want it to be hard, but id also like the bow for a build. Thanks
  6. My only real gripe is the ease of play. Didn't hit pause after level 13. Didn't cast a heal after 15. It's just ridiculous. Love everything else. Just wish it was a real challenge, or any challenge at all. Best part of the game is levels 5-10 where you go into over leveled content and worn your add off trying to beat it underleveled. Then you level out of that zone and there is nothing left to challenge you.
  7. I played a Devoted (Long Sword) / Berzerker built around the use of modwyr. You can basically get modwyr ASAP after arriving in neketaka (just sneak to it). Anyway, he was a god among mortals. I mean, any character past level 14 is a god in this game. But he would just decimate rooms on his own (POTD with level scaling of course). Cleave Stance + Carnage + Charge in particular
  8. Looking to play a ranged DPS using a bow. Will play POE 1 first, then POE 2. Characters should be similar in theme, but dont have to be exact class matches. Not overly interested in pets, so it doesn't have to be a ranger, though it could be if they're great. Any suggestions for PoE 1 build? Any suggestions for PoE 2 build? Thinking devoted / something - Monk - swift flurry?
  9. You go to the exit he took into the narrows and you get options to follow him. After you corner him, combat resumes.
  10. I'm considering going back to re play PoE 1. I did play it and beat it, but remember not having a good understanding of how things were working. In poe2, things seem much more clear and it's great. It'll probably help when replaying 1. So, what are some of the big things to know in going back to poe1. Tia
  11. Yeah this is the only thing holding me back from like 5 upgrades to legendary. I think it might be from big bosses only? Main quest stuff. Also just got one from the plant boss in the old city (dereo quest). Someone also said they got some in poko kahara (sp?). Havent been there yet on this run to confirm. The fire Dragon in ashen maw drops 3 scales that will act to upgrade 3 things to legendary without adra ban. The sea Dragon scales from the watershapers guild is auto upgrade to superb
  12. The sword modwyr makes a berserker immune to the confusion status. I'm playing a devoted (long sword) berserker and it's great
  13. Much Better than mine haha. Is yours a complete list or just what you thought of
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