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  1. I come here just to say gz to all of you that put so much effort into poe2. PoE1 leaved me kinda burnout so joining poe2 only after all the balance patches has been my choice to avoid balance burnout once again, but I do regret to have missed the opportunity to contribute this great community achievement. I know how many hours I have sinked into a simple 3crown poe1 run with both my paladin and my priest, so GZ to all of you who theorycrafted for the ultimate, and ofc to @Decadency and @Tenray for the actual clear. Well done guys!! I hope that many others will join th
  2. I wanted to ask, since I joined the PoE2 train pretty late after a long PoE break, when you should go full no rest in a run. I'm checking the "the ultimate" runs right now and seems like both guys and Victor Creed dont take the heal bonus from Port Maje ASAP so I guess they will have at least one rest and then go berserk on buffs. My only problem is that I don't know when is the right timing. As a newbie seems that only "dirty laundry" quest force you to rest, is that so important or is that any other reason like {completely guessing} other food over hylea bounty? Thx in advice
  3. Hi all! Even if it's been a while since I enjoyed PoE, this time around I wanted to share a cool group build for my favorite class: Paladin! A couple of concepts to share before showing the build: 1) I do mainly play solo and I have finished the game multiple times, my favorite achievement was 3 crown in 1.x with my favorite class, paladin. I keep playing this class over and over towards basically all the patches, in both solo and parties, always in potd difficulties 2) talking about paladins, it can seems counter interactive, but the best way to go after dragons and mo
  4. Pretty much the fact that gives me trouble is that consacrated grounds benefict more from int rather then mig per se, plus I prefear longer duration rather then power healing. I'm not so worried about refreshing dots/stun on target given durgan ench and 1.15 gloves (I'm addicted to fixing random drops which means, basically, max number of gloves of accu early and gloves of speed late ). Plus, this guy is a moon godlike so AoE is also important, another big prop for INT and, with the rogue, this will be the only char without a ring of overseeing since I guess it's not worth the item slot f
  5. Yeah, the ranger seemed hard to balance without playtesting. Int is there "just" for stun lock, wounding, sanguine and boots of faith. Not so much but the build around demands decent int, IMO. Might it's important for raw DPS and boots of faith healing but, honestly, damage it's the last of your problems in a party like this (I prob end with too much dps at the cost of cc ) Talking about paladin, indeed moongodlike it's just the best race you can pick for a paladin. The passive is just retarded, plus the fact that has up to 19 basic int that is the best paladin stat on top of the rac
  6. Yeah just yday I was thinking about Drawn + little savior or, even, 2x drawn for the lul. But I think I will be fine with a moongodlike with boots of faith + sanguine, ranger has 20 base deflection and 5 health per endu which is nice. Honestly I had to check, I was thinking for some reason he would have better def then cipher/druid but for an off tank it's kinda ok I guess. For some reason Drawn always lacked potential for me. Even in vanilla, deviating from sabre was kinda hard and, now, the fact that drawn has only 1 unique enchant really push her into "meh" weapons group since the
  7. Pretty much <3 Boeroer, the only guy that can go for min/max calls and then meta himself for no real reasons (aside making you feel a newbie 90% of the time ) and yes, I'm addicted to the sell value of Gaun's Pledge at the very beginning in party play till looking for feedbacks on my group, seems childish but it's gonna be an Iron run wihout cheers so I would love some feedback on my party. No rush, I just hope to get everything right
  8. I know that trick and thx for the call, but would you give up on 150gp value at the very beginning? seems close, but I'm confortable enough with act 1 to go for the max cash stack for lvl 2 companions and +1 mage spell learnable from aloth right on the bat (greedy greedy me) and endure the luck of gun for a bit
  9. Ok, party rolled, considering I will avoid stat rerolls for the whole run. Give me my 2 cents: Banjo - Main - Ranger (stag companion) - Male Moon godlike - Colonist (maxing survival atm), Living Sands Might 15 Cos 9 Dex 19 Per 10 Int 15 Ris 10 Marked Pray Cruel Comanion Predator's Sense I'm tempted to play it ranged for the 1st few levels, building up the companion feats till he will be ready to enter melee. I rushed lvl 3, then I builded a full lvl 2 party since I had enough money for it (sell all the stuff at 1st camp). Tòer - Paladin (Darcozzi) - Male Coastal
  10. That's indeed the reason since I like to play druid. It's not a powerfull class (way less then priest or cipher), but the aoe cc that can provide is nice, plus it can off tank easily then a priest. Also, I think that priest damage potential in late game is just too good to pass up so they end up to be pure casters in my runs (I had enough Durance off tank to be done with the tanky variation). I found pretty nice your idea of quickswitch Scon Mica's Roar into Runner's Wounding into Persistence. This would also give me a good opportunity to play an Aumaua over yet another elf since I te
  11. Thx everyone for the answer. The idea of using 2x war bows to deviate from the standard persistence is interesting, 20% speed bow in late game to immune things and stun bow to cc. I have used persistence on a rogue more then once already since that build was the best ranged single target DPS build in a party pre WM, IMO. I was just hoping that would have spawned a better technology given 2 expansions. In fact persistence has been always my "rushed" weapon of choice since, even in PoTD, you can take it right after ced nua, if you are accepting the fact that fighting ogres in lvl 3 is gonna
  12. So... I'm basically done with my paladin potd run. Playing WM2 for the 1st time around was pretty fun, and the possibility to dual a couple of bittercut on a monster bleak walker definitely delivered. I went with fixed companion, nothing high technology, Kama off tanking with tidefall boots of faith and sanguine, sagani went in order with a rushed persistence into stormcaller into twin sting, durance tried to deliver has a sup priest with his rather gimped stats and aloth blasted from the back. Now, I would like to do one last run with a neutral stoic character (ok, I can't say
  13. Yeah, I guess the most safe way to do this is: save, exit game, relod. At the 1st inn, check the loot table on the 1st floor, pick your wished item (for me is usually ring of overseeing stacking for party play ) if the loot is right feel free to start playing your run :3
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