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  1. I come here just to say gz to all of you that put so much effort into poe2. PoE1 leaved me kinda burnout so joining poe2 only after all the balance patches has been my choice to avoid balance burnout once again, but I do regret to have missed the opportunity to contribute this great community achievement. I know how many hours I have sinked into a simple 3crown poe1 run with both my paladin and my priest, so GZ to all of you who theorycrafted for the ultimate, and ofc to @Decadency and @Tenray for the actual clear. Well done guys!! I hope that many others will join the club asap
  2. I wanted to ask, since I joined the PoE2 train pretty late after a long PoE break, when you should go full no rest in a run. I'm checking the "the ultimate" runs right now and seems like both guys and Victor Creed dont take the heal bonus from Port Maje ASAP so I guess they will have at least one rest and then go berserk on buffs. My only problem is that I don't know when is the right timing. As a newbie seems that only "dirty laundry" quest force you to rest, is that so important or is that any other reason like {completely guessing} other food over hylea bounty? Thx in advice.
  3. Hi all! Even if it's been a while since I enjoyed PoE, this time around I wanted to share a cool group build for my favorite class: Paladin! A couple of concepts to share before showing the build: 1) I do mainly play solo and I have finished the game multiple times, my favorite achievement was 3 crown in 1.x with my favorite class, paladin. I keep playing this class over and over towards basically all the patches, in both solo and parties, always in potd difficulties 2) talking about paladins, it can seems counter interactive, but the best way to go after dragons and most of the endgame bosses is actually dumping your int. There are multiple considerations to do so but, let's be honest, the big reason is Drawn in Spring. Paladin are actually between the best DPS in game against a single big boy, thx to the NEVER ending duration of sworm enemy, dump int and Drawn in Spring. "Wounding" has fixed damage no matter your INT and stack with itself with consecutive attacks so, the worst your int, the fatest your full damage will be applied, making a Drawn inSspring low int character the highest damage dealer in the game. Couple this with the highest saves rolls of the game and 3x use of second wind (how I like to see at holy hands with a 3 int Paladin) per fight and you have a clear winner against the bad boys and, perhaps, the very best class in the game. 3) I tend to be a min/maxer at heart so, even if this build is focused around group play, its still pretty close in concept to a pure min maxed solo paladin. This run was done with fixed NPC (eder, aloth, durance) To create a custom save for Dreadfire. I had very mixed feeling about PoE sequel for a long time, but now I have finally chosen to buy it so I wanted a more intensive RolePlay run in Trial of Iron. So, enter HolyMoo, the stupidest Paladin around! With this sacred, stupid cow (err, Aumaua), I wanted to "fix" some low sinergies between Drawn in Spring and Flames of Devotion. Daggers are not a good weapon to use flames of devotion with and, IMO, the best way to fix this problem is to have some deep burst at the very beginning of the fight with 2 quick switch arquaebus BEFORE entering melee. I tailored the holymoo around the following game mechanics: 1) Race: Island Aumaua: in solo wild orlan is a much better race to tank dragons (and, honestly, one of the only 3 good races for solo min/max play along wood elf and moon godlike) but, in a group, I could give up some tankiness to unlock my 2 arquaebus slots and spend my precious talents on a much more Burst oriented path. 2) Paladin Order: Goldpact. To me goldpacts and bleackwalkers are no matter what the go to paladin orders, since they are the only 2 orders that dont have cruel has a disposition, wich unlock gift from the machine/effigy resentment for free. The amazing thing of Goldpact knights is that the unique talent enduring flames is ALSO a fixed damage DoT (hi, drawn in spring sinergies). Plus 50% fire damage DoT on flames of devotion is AMAZING burst at 3 int, and meh on an high Int paladin. 3) Paladins are the best boss tank in the game, given the insane fortitude/reflex Achievable. In a party, the HolyMoo is able to trade deflection and overhall better saves (dual wield over weapon and shield with little savior) for a much better and sinergic burst DPS, compensating with Eder for the Tank Deflection role and Durance for extra Defensive buffs. =================================== HolyMoo =================================== Difficulty: PotD, Triol of Iron, Expert, v3.06 (suboptimal for solo) -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Paladin (GoldPact Knights) -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Island Aumaua -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The Living Lands - Hunter -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats (char creation): MIG: 21 (18Base 2Aumaua 1LivingLands) CON: 11 DEX: 15 PER: 18 INT: 03 RES: 10 Final Stats (no items switch, only Ced Nua rest for your daily fight needings) MIG: 28 (18Base 2Aumaua 1LivingLands 1GiftFromTheMachine 1GalawainsBoon 1Effigy:Maneha 4MaegfolcSkull) Con: 17 (11Base 3WoodLainTrailsRest 3GirdleOfEoten) Dex: 17 (15Base 2HeCarriesManyScars) Per: 21 (18Base 3LilithShawl) Int: 03 Res: 10 -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills (no items switch, only Ced Nua rest for your daily fight needings) Stealth: 13 (9Base 1Hunter 1Blooded Hunter 1Dungeon Delver 1LilithShawl) Athl: 10 (5Base 2Paladin 1GalwainsBloom 2WoodlainTrailsRest) Lore: 2 (1Base 1Paladin) Mech: 2 (1Base 1Dungeon Delver) Surv: 8 (7Base 1Hunter) -------------------------------------------------------------- Talents (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important) QuickSwitch (!) Intense Flames (!) Enduring Flames (!) Scion of Flame (!) Two Weapon Style Snake's Reflex ® Bear's Fortitude ® Deep Faith ® Reward Talents: The Merciless Hand ® Gift From The Machine (!) Flick of the Wrist (!) Dozen's Luck ® Effigy's Resentment: Maneha ® Blooded Hunter Song of the Heavens Galawain's Boon (!) Dungeon Delver (!) Scale-Breaker Abilities Faith and Conviction (a) Flames of Devotion (!) Zealous Focus ® Lay on Hands (!) Sworm Enemy (!) Rightenous Soul ® Coordinated Attacks Sacred Immolation ® Abjuration --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional echantments by me, r=recommended, !=important) Weapon set 1: Drawn in Spring (*Durgan Refined, *Burning Lash, *Slaying Beast) (!) & Drawn in Spring (*Durgan refined, *Burning Lash, *Slaying Beast) (!) Weapon set 2: arquebus (*Exceptional, *Burning Lash, *Slaying X) (!) Weapon set 3: arquebus (*Exceptional, *Burning Lash, *Slaying X) (!) Boots: Boot of Speed ® Head: Maegfolc Skull Armor: He Carries Many Scars (*Durgan Refined, *Superb, *Dexterity +2, *Crush-Proofed) (!) Neck: Lilith's Shawl Belt: Girdle of Eoten Consitution Rings: Ring of Protection ®, Ring of Deflection ® Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy (!) Quick slots: Potion of Eldritch Aim, Potion of Bulwark Against the Elements Potion of DaoM, Potion of Major Endurance. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Early important Items: Chapter 1: Any dual weapon with accuracy bonus, Arbalests (plus 1Arquebus from Kana), Blunting Belt, Plate armor, Torc of Falcon Eyes, boots of stability and Gauntlets of Accuracy (!). Chapter 2: Sword of Daenesys (!) and March Steel Dagger (!), Boots of Speed (!), Fenwalkers, Stag Helm, Aru-Break, Trollhide Belt, Ring of Protection/Deflection, Arquebus Honestly, I had a blast playing the HolyMoo and she is now my favorite Party oriented Paladin I have never played. The basic strat against most encounters was to scout ahead in stealth, open with the 2 powerful Arquaebus attacks and then move in positon as fast as possible with the help of boots of speed. When fighting the big, bad, guys he was still able to tank them while abusing the evergreen combination of Drawn in Spring, low int and Sworm Enemy, rending any other damage from the party more or less an useless overkill! A couple of basic observation: No weapon focus!?!? Dagger and Arquebus are not in the same Weapon group and, generally speaking, Weapon Focus does not help Sacred Immolation Accuracy either. The best way to fix this for me was not wasting a precious talent on a single weapon group, and to use Gauntlets of Accuracy the whole game. Gauntlets of Accuracy combined with Zealous Focus and max Per is the way to go to maximize Accuracy of ALL your main attacks (including Sacred Immolation), giving you the freedom to try out /use the weapon you like the most pre Drawn in Spring, wich is a big plus to me. Also, don't forget the daggers come with Accuracy 2 for free, you have Flick of the Wrist on top of that and rending damage work well enough with normal hits 0 recovery? Of Course! With a potion of Daom, this build achieve zero recovery. You can also do so by skipping Two weapons Style and adding Gauntlets of Swift Action in the mix but, As I said, I consider Gauntlets of Accuracy Best in Slot for Paladins. Why He Carries Many Scars over, let's say, Ryona's Breastplate? I do consider He Carries Many Scars one of the best armor in the games, and the best one for low INT tanks. With low Int you dont have access to Constant Recovery, so the affix of this armor sinergies really well with the build (plus is a plate armor, has Defiant on top of that and you can achieve 0 recovery on top of it). For Act 2 buy Trollhide Belt ASAP as a momentary Replacement. Why Lilith Shawl over more powerfull options? I know, in a non solo run you can use the Cloack of Confort (one of the top 3 imba items of the game if you ask me) but I enjoy the old Lilith, especially on a build with high Stealth. Now, go and roleplay your super greedy Goldpact Paladin in his quest to achieve the biggest arquebus collection ever! Oh, and last note about arquebus, prioritize a set of them with Kith slaying ASAP for act 2, then slowly work into a pair with the right Slaying enchant for every creature in Eora! Hope that you will be enjoying this Paladin concept as much as I did! :D
  4. Pretty much the fact that gives me trouble is that consacrated grounds benefict more from int rather then mig per se, plus I prefear longer duration rather then power healing. I'm not so worried about refreshing dots/stun on target given durgan ench and 1.15 gloves (I'm addicted to fixing random drops which means, basically, max number of gloves of accu early and gloves of speed late ). Plus, this guy is a moon godlike so AoE is also important, another big prop for INT and, with the rogue, this will be the only char without a ring of overseeing since I guess it's not worth the item slot for only 2 effects. edit: switched in the aumaua paladin, also discovered that Aedyr druid has sabre and small shield for free, so I went for it while I created the pally
  5. Yeah, the ranger seemed hard to balance without playtesting. Int is there "just" for stun lock, wounding, sanguine and boots of faith. Not so much but the build around demands decent int, IMO. Might it's important for raw DPS and boots of faith healing but, honestly, damage it's the last of your problems in a party like this (I prob end with too much dps at the cost of cc ) Talking about paladin, indeed moongodlike it's just the best race you can pick for a paladin. The passive is just retarded, plus the fact that has up to 19 basic int that is the best paladin stat on top of the racial. I Just "ban" more then 1 moongodlike for balance reason, if you want to min max going for the super cheese moon godlike front and elf backline is just the best, races are really bad balanced in PoE. Dwarf and Aumaua come to second for the +2Might (which is the second most important stat after int) for an up to 20naked might. Finally dwarf make sense to counter the 2x bittercut malus and I was tempted to go for it in my last run with a bleak walker main but, to be honest, I have NEVER played anything else aside moon godlike has a main now that I think of it I guess I could switch pale elf for a Coastal Aumaua which is, also, a race I have never played and keep the wild orlan druid that, on a side note, I think fit pretty from a race/class combo rpg pow (plus orlan are bad paladin if you want to max out both int and mig, given -1 mig) 7dex/7per seems also better, given the ced nua dex rest and the fact that this guy will wear lilith's shawl all the run for a flat 10/10. It was, actually, my standard go to stat attribution for an s/s paladin. My memory is that bad I guess Nothing that matter too much, an s/s paladin is just unkillable even if it's not the main and you have more stats that you could really use in the end. Rather then overkilling con you can strongly consider dex for better animation which is, always, super important on char with a lot of ability each fight. It's counter interactive but it's rather useless if your caster ends up with 30+dex and then your paladin needs half an hour to purge the random cc your caster has eaten
  6. Yeah just yday I was thinking about Drawn + little savior or, even, 2x drawn for the lul. But I think I will be fine with a moongodlike with boots of faith + sanguine, ranger has 20 base deflection and 5 health per endu which is nice. Honestly I had to check, I was thinking for some reason he would have better def then cipher/druid but for an off tank it's kinda ok I guess. For some reason Drawn always lacked potential for me. Even in vanilla, deviating from sabre was kinda hard and, now, the fact that drawn has only 1 unique enchant really push her into "meh" weapons group since the quality it's fixable for a given weapon, while unique ench aren't. Don't forget that a ranger can still deliver quite a punch, even in melee, with tidefall thx to an almost free 1.20 atk speed and +50%dmg. I can't say the same while holding drawn.
  7. Pretty much <3 Boeroer, the only guy that can go for min/max calls and then meta himself for no real reasons (aside making you feel a newbie 90% of the time ) and yes, I'm addicted to the sell value of Gaun's Pledge at the very beginning in party play till looking for feedbacks on my group, seems childish but it's gonna be an Iron run wihout cheers so I would love some feedback on my party. No rush, I just hope to get everything right
  8. I know that trick and thx for the call, but would you give up on 150gp value at the very beginning? seems close, but I'm confortable enough with act 1 to go for the max cash stack for lvl 2 companions and +1 mage spell learnable from aloth right on the bat (greedy greedy me) and endure the luck of gun for a bit
  9. Ok, party rolled, considering I will avoid stat rerolls for the whole run. Give me my 2 cents: Banjo - Main - Ranger (stag companion) - Male Moon godlike - Colonist (maxing survival atm), Living Sands Might 15 Cos 9 Dex 19 Per 10 Int 15 Ris 10 Marked Pray Cruel Comanion Predator's Sense I'm tempted to play it ranged for the 1st few levels, building up the companion feats till he will be ready to enter melee. I rushed lvl 3, then I builded a full lvl 2 party since I had enough money for it (sell all the stuff at 1st camp). Tòer - Paladin (Darcozzi) - Male Coastal Aumaua - Colonist, Old valhalla Mig 20 Cos 10 Dex 7 Per 7 Int 19 Ris 15 Light of hands Weap and Shield Edited, was a pale elf at the beginning (mainly to pick 5 different races) but aumaua are just better since, after int, mig is the second best stat for a paladin and an aumaua can have 20mig/19int at the start. Plus the racial seems decent and this is the very 1st time I'm gonna play a coastal Aumaua Jin - Druid (stag form) - Female Wild Orlan - Colonist, Aedyr Mig 14 Cos 9 Dex 15 Per 10 Int 15 Ris 15 Weap and Shield Per 10 on a CC seems very greedy, but It's always hard to roll an offtank caster, IMO. At the very least this guy will run with Gauntlet's of Accuracy all run long. Stag form is there for the ranger theme (and extra saves). edit: I noticed that Aedyr have small shield and sabre at the creation which is AMMAZZZING. Go for aedyr or you will fail (unless u care about maxing a single stat on your druid!) Flear - Rogue - Female Insular Aumaua - Scientist, Living Sands Mig 21 Cos 7 Dex 18 Per 15 Int 10 Ris 7 Crippling Strike Quickswitch Given the quickswitch nature of the build maybe switching dex with per would work better, but I'm kinda newbie with quickswitch builds so I will go for what I feel safer. Farsìr - Priest (Magran) - Male Wood elf, Colonist, Old Valhalla Mig 16 Con 7 Dex 19 Per 10 Int 19 Ris 7 Interdiction It's an elf and will have gauntlet's of accuracy always on (plus paladin aura). 10 per seems okish for a non min/maxed build Sink - Mage - Male Nature Godlike - Colonist, Old valhalla Mig 18 Con 3 Dex 19 Per 15 Int 20 Ris 3 Blast Remember to level up Aloth to 3, pick up all usefull spells and then choice accordingly the spells on your actually rolled wizard for max value I'm broken at exactly 91 copper but, aside outworn buckler and blunting belt, investing your money on wiz spells in ch1 is the best thing you can do IMO. Everybody and her mom is maxing survival till new order while the rogue is on mechanics, and sleeping from day 19 to day 17 to take the stalker's Torc in the inn was pretty boring but now the group it's officially ready! what do you think of the party? ^_^ Will actually start playing it tomorrow, hope it's good enough for a trial of iron run
  10. That's indeed the reason since I like to play druid. It's not a powerfull class (way less then priest or cipher), but the aoe cc that can provide is nice, plus it can off tank easily then a priest. Also, I think that priest damage potential in late game is just too good to pass up so they end up to be pure casters in my runs (I had enough Durance off tank to be done with the tanky variation). I found pretty nice your idea of quickswitch Scon Mica's Roar into Runner's Wounding into Persistence. This would also give me a good opportunity to play an Aumaua over yet another elf since I tend to end pretty elf flooded into my ranged department. Instead, picking nature godlike mage + aumaua rogue + elf priest would resolve this problem for good while not gimping the team. Ok, let's go for quickswitch ^_^
  11. Thx everyone for the answer. The idea of using 2x war bows to deviate from the standard persistence is interesting, 20% speed bow in late game to immune things and stun bow to cc. I have used persistence on a rogue more then once already since that build was the best ranged single target DPS build in a party pre WM, IMO. I was just hoping that would have spawned a better technology given 2 expansions. In fact persistence has been always my "rushed" weapon of choice since, even in PoTD, you can take it right after ced nua, if you are accepting the fact that fighting ogres in lvl 3 is gonna require you to rest quite a bit at lvl 4/5 (and re-run to an inn at least once). @maxquest I think that the priest will be as fast as the rogue, I will min/max the blaster for sure (3con/ris) and priest and rogue are gonna be a little less min/maxed for RPG reason (I think something like 6 to 8 con and 8 ris). Druid will be the 3rd melee when needed, since they're spells are generally less powerfull I'm more then confortable with the idea of building a "tanky" one with plate (and for tanky I mean 8 con 10 per or something on those line ). Quick switcthing is a good idea, but, as I said, I would love to skip one char micro in late game (I do play with autopause on basically for everything in trial of iron so, actually, is not a big deal, but that would slow my overhall run quite a bit). Honestly I don't know about the interaction between dangerous implement and blast, but I do find that build kinda funny no matter what so I'm gonna go for it. As a side note, that's why I chosed the stag over wolf. It's a bit rarer, but I liked the idea of a little extra AoE auto atk to support the mage for trash fights. I will edit with the stats of the team when I will be done with the creation of the party, still got a couple of bounties left on the dual bittercut pally
  12. So... I'm basically done with my paladin potd run. Playing WM2 for the 1st time around was pretty fun, and the possibility to dual a couple of bittercut on a monster bleak walker definitely delivered. I went with fixed companion, nothing high technology, Kama off tanking with tidefall boots of faith and sanguine, sagani went in order with a rushed persistence into stormcaller into twin sting, durance tried to deliver has a sup priest with his rather gimped stats and aloth blasted from the back. Now, I would like to do one last run with a neutral stoic character (ok, I can't say no to gift of the machine and effigy, way to greedy to be a good person in RPGs) to prepare another save for Pillar 2, before quitting the game for a bit I will try an old favorite of mine that I have never had the time to play: a melee ranger. Nothing to high technology, tidefall with a stag companion to stun luck in melee while triggering predatory sense. This will also be a Trial of Iron run, since I have done upgraded bounties and drakes right now and I hope my memory will not betray me in the hardest fight. I will stick with a 5man party (I consider the pet the six person for no real reason ) and I will go with the following team, which I will call heraldAbuse given that, imo, after bittercut little savior seems the best items to duplicate, or at least I want to try this engine at least once: Melee ranger (main) Tank paladin (outwork buckler) Priest with little savior another utility second line char with 2nd little savior (I think that "herald" stacking make no sense at all since it's an aura but, well, I will go for it and I'm kinda confortable with a druid in the laneup and I don't want to cheese 2x priests) the totally next level nature godlike DPS blaster of @boeroer with a second chance item to be a little safer I'm pretty confortable with this party, blast mage+support priest+paladin are the 3 char I played the most, plus druid it's kinda close and the hunter seems pretty easy to use. This leave me with my 5th char: a ranged rogue. The main reason behind this is the idea to have it has a twink of the hunter since a rushed persistence will trigger predatory sense way before tidefall and this trio (count the stag in) will play has a single unit early game. Also, the pretty high mechanics of the rogue will let my mage train into survival (that I think is a big plus for mantle of the dying boar plus dangerous instruments) and it's a low micro management char later in the game when serious fight happens and you have to focus a lot on casters. What I would like to know is IF there are better options for late game on the rogue, when the hunter will be auto suifficient and I will use my archer has the single DPS of the party for high priority targets. Options that comes to mind(thx to @maxquest for this amazing linesheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WcgHNkpy-JDuJUhPe4fJc6yilxZaaDET1DKwch19yK4/edit#gid=0): -war bows: I think that the rain of godalth field is amazing, but comes really late. A good midgame option seems to be cloudpiercer , but I don't like the dozens talent at all and I dunno if I can take the bow in any other way (I will try to kill the dozens with an old save to check it, but no idea atm, even if that could be the best solution) -Twin Sting: meh, I don't like soulbound items (no durgan enchant) plus I don't think it has big enough rewards for a rogue -Others options before cloudpiercer in mid game... A gun? I left the game when rogue was over dpsing with easy a ranged ranger but, since both classes are kinda single dimensional (cit.), ranger gained a lot from uniques expansion items while the rogue seemed kinda untouched. I would love to know if there is some new option avaible that I don't see atm or if this is still the best I can use for him help is much appreciated! ^_^ edit: can some1 edit "rouge in the title?" not my best day on forums, I have to admit edit 2: fixed some errors in the bows names, I'm pretty bad with names in general and I did a couple of typos here and there
  13. Yeah, I guess the most safe way to do this is: save, exit game, relod. At the 1st inn, check the loot table on the 1st floor, pick your wished item (for me is usually ring of overseeing stacking for party play ) if the loot is right feel free to start playing your run :3
  14. Yes, from a min/maxer POW that's the best choice. You can have both without too much trouble. However, what I like to do the most is to stick to a more tankiness build till mid game and then slowly build myself into a dual wielding machine (when u will finally have access to little savior on your backlaner priest, opening the off hand slot). Instead, early/mid game, I like to think at the pally as an an utility "auradin" the most. this is what I have on my paladin, to keep you upgraded of my ongoing run. I finished act 1, rushed WM to upscale, took bittercut (the best "early" weapon that you can rush togheter with persistence) and then cleared all the q2 side quests. Now then I'm high enough lvl I'm slowly optimizing to a much more aggressive approach. Bleak Walkers moonlike (level 10) Vig 20 (18 +1effigy:eder +1gift from the machine) Cos 9 Des 10 ( 7 +3 ced nua rest) Per 18 (15 +3 Lilith back) Acu 19 Ris 10 (9 +1 Aedyr background) Max Survival (colonists). I went Aedyr (+1 Ris) for no particular reason, I guess -1Con/+1Ris while giving up Aedyr for an extra +1 mig or acu background would have been better at the creation but it's pretty minor. standard Boeroer guideline: (!) must have @rAcommended Abilities FoTD @ Zealous Focus (!) Liberating Exhortation @ (or light of hands) Reviving Exhortation (!) Coordinates Attacks (or light of hands) Talents Remember Rakhan Field @ Spirit of decay (!) weap and shield Veteran Recovery Weap focus Ruffian Extra talents Gift from the machine Second Skin @ Effigy: Eder @ Flick of The Wrist Dozens Luck Gear: Bittercut (corrosive, Exeptional) (!) Outworld Buckler (exceptional) (!) Exceptional plate armor Lilith's Shawl Gathbin Family Signet (or ring of overseeing) Bracer of Deflection @ (or ring if you want a different item slot combo) Ring of Protection @ (or mantle if you want a different item slot combo) FenWalkers @ Blunting Belt As you can see, this build is pretty much based on corrode damage, that has sinergy with bleak walkers themselves for a nice RPG buildaround. Lilith's Shawl seems a bit sospicious, since there are better options already (WTF when they added such an OP back like cloak of confort?! That thing stack with everything O.o) but I liked to push the "aura" them to the maximum, since I think it's both powefull and suit the paladin from a RPG point of view. Also, I do love the ring of overseeing (or the new 3.0 unique version, for what is worth) on a paladin, and after having added the standard +9def+9all res double slots a +3 per // +1 stealth aura it's really nice to have as the last item of choice. If you want to be just a greedy main char item stacker, I guess ring of deflection + ring of protection + gauntlets of accuracy + cloak of comfort + a belt of or choice it's even better, but I found the "imba" cloack to be of a better use on another frontliner, since paladin has already beyond godlike def/res at this point (plus you don't want to deviate from the "auradin" point, right? ) Back to talent and abilities, taking something like coordinated atks over Light of Hands already is pushing a bit, but this is the moment where your paladin start to feels unkillable (even in solo, and this is a 5man run), one of your tanks is running with shot-in-faith and sanguine plate combo and your priest is achieving is "god" endgame status, so you can comfortable switch to a secondary DPS/utility approach forgetting the extra heal, till you get little savior and you can finally push the damage even more. Anyway, when you will be level 7+ your paladin will start to truly shine, being a strong frontliner buffer while delivering a good pounch, pleasuring all of you who like the idea of a sturdish paladin frontliner with damage potential on top of it Paladin, my only true PoE love ^_^
  15. @Boeroer Why FoTD is handly in a party? 1 ability + at least 1 talent to have a burst on a char that has, literally, the best shield in game? I pick the best aura ingame (avaible at level 1) and I save a bunch of extra talents and 1 ability, no regret on that in a party. 2 burst /combact VS all res +5 all day long for everyone? In a game that is super dependant from afflictions of any kind? FoTD would be appealing but, for me, the problem is that the other option is just that good and, if devs can't balance they're own game, it's not my fail (super greedy min/maxer pow, be free to hate me for that). The only thing that make that buckler feel "balanced" is that it's asinergic with FoTD potential (you can't dual or use a 2h) but, well, that's a FoTD problem, not mine XD The only, ONLY, party that I have found fotd usefull is, actually, solo party When fight goes forever you wish to have more damage, especially when you are high level enough to pick sworn enemies and you gain 2 good sabre to use (plus all the items/talents to be, basically, immortal even in PoTD). In party play, I go for the imbaness shield and I'm glad they never nerfed that (or suspicious about in game balance, pick your pow) It's more about an ok burst ability, that to work require extra talents, and a single, let me repeat 1 last time, totally umbalaced item right there to use for no cost aside the off hand slot (lol, it's even the best type of shield, small one xD) Why should I pick the 1st over the latter in a party? I can see myself go for bittercut + shield and some acid FoTD later, but that's only couz my char will be probably so godlike (moon, godlike ) in this 5man run that I will have a bunch of free talents at high levels.
  16. Hi there! I played more then 90% of my runs with a paladin main, including my 3crown solo, and all the runs I played are done at PoTD level at the very least. I think that most of the users are not gonna like this, but if u are looking for the best party paladin, this are my 2 cent: - forgive flames of devotion, it's a waste of ability and talents given the poor accuracy and it's totally asinergic with what a paladin is all about. It's decent for solo runs (couz after some levels you can trade off some tankiness to not make fights run FOREVER, but in party you don't need that). - pick an order with cruel NOT in disfavored behavior, better bleak walkers. Mainly couz u want the extra feat in skael temple, plus rushing cruel it's pretty easy (kill the caravan) for better ez saves. You can leave act 1 with aggressive 3 / cruel 3. Sweet! Plus all talent feats of paladins are garbage enough that they are hardly worth a talent point, with the only exception of Darcozzi, but if you check my cruel point is NOT worth it. If it's not the main char, go with Darcozzi for +15 accuracy on an ally(easy call) -take only lay of hands skipping, I repeat, flame of devotions. Also, do NOT take any paladin talent like improved lay of hands (or how it's called) since they aren't worth the talent point. - play with your shield, since outworn buckler is the most retarded item ever in a party (see itemization part) My last paladin atm at level 7 Moon godlike (couz Cmon, in a party you have enough heads to don't give up this retarded op race) Bleak Walker 18 Might 9Con 7Dex ( 10 with ced nua rest) 10Per 19Int 15Ris this is a run with fixed companions, and everybody know they have pretty horrible Dex (wtf durance is the most gimped priest ever, from a min/maxed pow). So my rushed ced nua sleep is +3dex. If u go with your own party, +3might (trash mob) +3 per (bosses) are both better, build stats around that. This is not super min/maxed, but paladins usually don't need to be since they only really need mig/int to work. At level 7 she looks like this: Lay of Hands Zealous Focus (must) Liberating Exhortation Reviving Exhortation Talents Weap and shield veteran recovery Superior Deflection After having done basically all acts 2 quests. Some people don't like pure "tank" characters but god, this saves are retarded. You got an immortal aura char that can ress others at command and later burn enemies overtime and on top of that you benefict from your behavior so much, giving you the feel that you have even more free talents when you pick a paladin. Also, a big plus is that this type of paladin is not really item dependant, aside from that retarded aura small shield right there in chapter 1 (if you want to play a paladin in a party without outworn buckler you are just doing something WRONG, not even kidding), as long as you have 1 ring of overseeing, fenwalkers, +9 all saves ring/mantle and +9 def bracer/ring she is super good to go. So, in this case, this leaved all the space to kana to wear the "sweet" stuff with the old but gold shot in faith, sainguine plate, fulvan's amulet combo for some "hard hitting" (trying to transform a chanter into a melee DPS it's kinda funny, don't try that at home ) Back to outworn buckler point. Guys, this is in my top 5 of the most broken items in the game, I think it's unreal that is never been nerfed. I mean, we pay 1 talent to have +10 to a single save, 1 talent to gain at the very best +6 deflection if we wear a shield. This item gives an aura of 3m +5 to ALL def for ALL your party (combined with ring of overseeing and max INT is easy to play around for everyone, not just frontliners). how in the hell is this item balanced? This is THE reason why I run a paladin in a party, literally. What are you gonna use over this god item? A 2h sword to use flame of devotion? kappa... At the end, you can hybrid her later with bittercut, +25% corrosive flames of devotion talent (taking, ofc, flames of devotion) and spirit of decay. But it's a useless waste of feats no matter what in a party. And again, you don't really want to dual wield or use a 2h weapon to maximaze flames of devotion DPS, since outworn buckler is just THAT good unless you straightly solo run. Still it's a funny way to roleplay a bit your weap and shield cruel pally, I guess. Paladin tank, just the best frontliner in the game (especially as a main char) IMO.
  17. My bad, started another run to play with fixed companions in potd with my truly old loved paladin as a main and everything works fine. Prob I did saved, but I didn't RELOAD at camp (u must restart the game and load the save, to get the right loot table). As been a while, sorry for the post
  18. The only thing that you really have to cheese in bg2 is the quest reward exp stacking to dual without any drawback, imo all the rest is ofc meta gaming, but much, much more rewarding then just stack defenses to the maximum. My paladin in the end wasn't THAT bad (I went for a pretty hybrid DPS dual ced nua sabre build, pre WM) but god, those fights where just painfull slow to do no matter what even if I tried to squeeze in a bit of damage potential. I prefear the possibility to play around fights given the meta knowledge of spells, rather then split pull / max saves / whatever, and if that come to a "must have dual classed wiz", let's be it. Back to PoE, at least the chanter seems a bit more fast (I'm doing a potd run with fixed companion, and even kana deliver in melee as an off tank, plus you feel the aoe paralysis // spectre summon so much in low lvls).
  19. I didn't want to spoil anyone fun I was just courious and, to be honest, after having done 3crown with a paladin I'm pretty much done with solo run. I hoped poe to be a better "hardcore" game, like some modded old style rpgs (like bg2, where some liches fight where so epic) but, honestly, playing solo in the hardest difficult is just a pain in the ass. You either go for a tanky char or you cheese all the split pull in the word (or both). Painfull slowly and boring, after having done it the 1st time it's kinda erase all the fun, at least for me.
  20. No fat runner, bear fortitude and deep pockets? ​U basically skipped my favorite 3 talents in game Do u mind sharing a bit stats, race, skills, chants, items? Chanters are prob the class I'm less used to, but god a run like that make me super corious
  21. No. I did a save at the caravan, since I always kill the whole thing to rush cruel 1 (which open, at the very least, the talent from skaen temple, while I can forget atting cruel for the rest of the playthrough). I'm pretty good at killing the caravan at potd nowadays, there is a pretty easy trick to kill everybody with a long range phisical weapon or bow, but no matter what I save right after I kill the wolves // sell everything just to be sure. Still, all the chests now in that run have a "new" loot table. I don't think it's a bug, they just changed the loot table once again IMO.
  22. Ok, I was thinking to just drop a guy. Going 4man resemble my days of modded BG2 (where basically everybody used 3man parties couz that was the sweet exp spot for a group) and to open myself to a melee ranger. I like the concept of a tankish ranger, and in small parties the pet feel much more usefull for extra engagement rather then an annoying afk summon. Orlan druid tank xxx ranger tank skae priest ( moon godlike, let me feel the cheese) 1 gunner (yet to decide, mage is probabilly the best class for potd)
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