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  1. Hmm...looks like Nalvi or Peter could be good choice as well. Nalvi provides -0.08 recovery for all party members, which seems rly good as well...idk, pretty hard to decide. What would you recommend? My party is: Dual wielding Fanatic (my main), Full tank/healer bot/summoner Pallegina, dual blunderbuss cipher (ascendant/streetfighter with powdered burns), DPS/CC Tekehu and Aloth. thanks again man
  2. Oh, I must have misunderstood it then. I have dual blunderbuss cipher in the party, but no1 else is using guns. Seems like the Starcat could be even better. If I gonna assume the increase damage from FoD might more or less offset the loss of recovery bonus, the increased AoE damage will benefit basically the entire party as opposed to increased damage for guns just for the cipher...or are there any other pets worth considering?
  3. I mean it would be a nice boost for sure, but only for this one character. I dont think it would be worth to give up Cutthroat Gizmo for this, since it provides recovery bonus for entire party.
  4. Hi everyone, I havent seen many posts with this topic, except the Ansalons Tier list (which doesnt seems to be that great honestly), so I am curious what would be the best one handed weapons for my character. I am following this build, so Berserker + Bleakwalker and I am currently running Magrans Favor (seems like obvious choice), but I am kinda split on the second weapon. I am using Grave calling atm, but are there some better options? I was thinking about Last Word, but honestly I am not sure if its worth it since the damage bonus is only for engaged enemies (and I always try to take aggro with Pallegina - my main tank), so not sure if it would work. What would u guys recommend? thanks everyone
  5. Which damage shield phrase do you mean? "The silver knights shields..." or "Her courage thick as steel"?
  6. So all in all, what would you say its best to use for tank/healer/summoner Pallegina for "standard" battles? Maybe a mix of Soft Winds + Ancient Memory or only run Ancient Memory? And what would you suggest to use for offensive orientated Tekehu that uses mainly water/shock damage and also provides minor healing? Maybe Dragon Threshed + something else? thanks a lot man
  7. She is just standard chanter (without subclass). I modified her attributes a little bit so she is more suitable for her role. This thing is certainly more complicated than I originally thought xD So if I understand it correctly, it works like this (correct me please if I am wrong): At the beginning of the battle the first phrase gets activated and it will last 6 (or 10?) seconds. After this second phrase starts immediately. Since she has 18 int, there is gonna be time internal of around 4-5 second where both phrases will be active at the same time and after this period the first phrase will stop and only the second one will be active. If we have 2 phrases in the chant book, the first one will start after this again and whole process repeats itself. Is this correct? So if I use more than 2 phrases, there is gonna be much bigger gap between the first and the last phrase, so its prolly not a good idea to use more than 2 (unless some very specific circumstances?). If I use invocation (lets say I summon ogres), the chanting will stop for some period and then it will resume from the first phrase?
  8. Thx so much, very good explanation So if I understand it correctly, for a vanilla chanter its probably not a good idea to have more than 2 phrases in 1 chant since only 2 can be active at the same time and will overlap only partially anyway unless we have 30 INT. So I guess best choice is to prolly make like 2 different chants (one with offensive phrases and the other with defensive/healing phrases) and use them depending on the situation? If I can be more specific, in my party I have Pallegina as a Herald who basically serves as a tank, healing bot and summoner and also Theurge Tekehu following this build https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104571-companion-build-tāwhirimātea-the-god-of-storms/. So should I just use 1 chant with Pallegina with Ancient Memory + Soft Wins of Death and Dragon Threshed + some other offensive phrase with Tekehu so I get the best of both worlds?
  9. Hi everyone, could anyone explain to me the chanter mechanic? How many of those passive phrases (Ancient Memory, Dragon Threshed etc) can I use at the same time? When I click "edit chants" and get 4 different ones there, will they all active during the fight? If so, will they active at the same time/or one after another? Do they reset during a fight? I was browsing multiple forums but couldnt really find an exact explanation of this mechanic (and game doesnt rly tell you anything). Thanks in advance
  10. Hi everyone, I got this bounty from Barati and the ship is suppose to be near southern end of Kua o Rikuhu island chain. I sailed in that area for 5 mintues and this ship never shows up...is this a bug? Is it possible to spawn the ship via console somehow? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone, I need the Deltros Cage, so it looks like I have to side with the Vallera family and kill the Barddato family (or both). Is there any way to do this without Pallegina leaving your party? thanks in advance
  12. Thanks very much for the explanation. So would you say this is optimal combo for ranged cipher? Or are there some better choices?
  13. Hi everyone, I am trying to make a ranged cipher build, but cant decide on the multiclass. My original thought was mindstalker, I saw some build here But honestly I am not sure about the synergy here. I mean why streetfighter? It requires to be on 1/2 hp to activate the bonus, isnt that kinda suicidal for squishy backline? Is there some rogue subclass that synergies better then streetfighter? Or maybe completely different multiclass like transcendent? I dont know why but I wasnt able to find any other builds outside this one. Main purpose of the character is DPS/CC. So what would be the best subclasses, recommended abilities and weapon of choice? (Arquebus/Blunderbuss/Pistols)? Thanks in advance Aerin
  14. Thanks, might give this a shot. Yeah, companion stats were always a problem since POE1. There was a way how to modify them https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/490vwk/good_news_everyone_theres_a_way_to_permanently/, but idk how to do it in POE2
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