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  1. A Melee-focused Skald works great as Enoch pointed out. You may want to use "... And the Killer frooze stiff" to support your party and get even more phrases and use "Thrice.." to clean up the rest.
  2. They do. That doesn't matter much on Veteran though as resistances and mob HP are relatively low compared to upscaled PotD. If you want more power levels on your spells, use the Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff or Sun&Moon.
  3. I finished a Solo PotD Run (without Megabosses, at least now) with a Troubadour/Bloodmage. It was pretty smooth run because they compliment each other really well. Troubadour is still the best Subclass, if you want to play with a full team a skald would to it as well. On stats drop Resolve and some Con and max Per. Distribute the rest between Might and Dex. Take the summon invocations if you play solo or duo or take the damage/support invocations for a group. Be aware that you need to be in melee range for the lightning invocation. Use the wizard side for selfbuffs, debuffs and all the good damagespells. Don't forget spellshaping for the Pl bonus. The lightning invocation hits like truck with it.
  4. Just a quick off-topic question regarding the Tactician/Skaen some are talking about: is there a way to reliably trigger Brilliance with it?
  5. I second that. After Boeroer posted a lot of interesting builds for PoE1 he now keeps them all for himself. I guess there are no more nerfs, so you can start posting mate!
  6. Right now I play a similar build Bloodmage/Troubadour. I forgot about the "Set to their purpose" nerf and was quiet disappointed. Anyway, it's still a strong build and with Blood Sacrifice you can get random spells back, so it's worth it.
  7. After finishing my Solo-PotD run with a single class Troubadour I'm looking for a new class to start TCS. How good is the Warlock solo? I guess the limited spells will hurt early on.
  8. Playing a single class Berserker right now and having a blast. I maxed Might and Con. With absurdly high health and armor the barbarian can take a beating while beating the crap out of enemies. Single class is fine if you can't decide which way to go multiclassing. Heart of Fury is worth it.
  9. Skald combined with Rogue, Fighter or Barbarian (all Crit a lot) is actually really good - mid game. Early game crits are rare (on PotD), so the Skald is more of a latebloomer. Then again, in my test my party killed so fast that I rarely used more then two invocations. For me every specialization has pros and cons and should be used with different goals and in different combinations. Only the bland chanter falls off a bit.
  10. I started a solo run and there is no need to fight the beasts. You can skip the encounter and go directly downstairs. In my group run, I used split pulls and druid charm. Both net the same result.
  11. You need to split-pull (same as in PoE1 in the beginning). It may take some trys but then the fights are a lot easier.
  12. This is an awesome build. So Voltron, which of your solo builds is more fun (I guess they are both powerful)? I guess the Paladin/Chanter needs more micromanaging, right?
  13. I'm Level 7 right now an in mid Act 2. This is my first solo run and I started PotD right off the bat (though I finished PotD with a party). The beginning was hard an the learning curve unforgiving. I started with points in stealth to do some quests without fighting an getting some loot and then respecced. Lessons learned: 1. Mages / Priests just wipe the floor with you because usually they have lots of meat in front of them. 2. Because of that you absolutly need all figurines you can get your hands on. 3. Potions are as unreliable as Dr <3 said So far so good. It's fun, but I can't see my monk killing a dragon, but we'll see Anyway, nice guide and build idee!
  14. This build sounds awesome. I couldn't find any videos, so here my questions: is this build ready for "The Ultimate"?
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