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  1. I find power level to be extremely confusing. (Frankly, before doing in-game research and learning more about how it worked I thought it was a systems blunder by Obsidian due to how obtuse and confusing it is.) I'm posting this share my research but also gather comments on power level, because I can't find an updated recent thread that isn't locked to talk about it. I only have incomplete information from staring at combat logs and a limited set of spells/abilities, so others feel free to chime in. Power level scaling: affects all active abilities (including consumables). Weapon-based mart
  2. This is just a collection of ideas and thoughts ive had about the game since playing it. I will break everything up into groups to better clarify my ideas. Please if you have any thoughts on these ideas or additions let me know. Thank you. Base Building Base Building is an important part of the game and i think the variety is lacking. It doesnt seem fully flushed out which is fine considering the development phase of the game and i have no problem with that these are just my ideas and im sure some of this is probably already in the works. Pebblet Walls Roofs Triang
  3. Is this possible? (It should be) It would be nice if we could purify dirty water by boiling it. We have access to cooking, and it would not just make life easier but it's not like it's some far fetched fictional idea, it's absolutely some stuff we would all do in this scenario that hopefully is never real and that we are never really in XD
  4. WHAT THIS IS Trying to do something different here. I'm going to discuss a character build that I had a lot of fun putting together and playing on 1.1 PotD (probably the most fun I've had in Deadfire so far), but I'm going to use it as an entrypoint to teach-by-doing various game mechanics and how to think about them and use them for your own builds. People already comfortable with min-maxing their way through Deadfire might not get much out of this, but hopefully for everyone else there's something useful here, because there's a lot of information scattered through this forum, reddit, and th
  5. Hi folks I am trying to make sense of the party I am creating in relation to the game mechanics. I don't think I am trying to do anything fancy, so hopefully this ends up straight forward. My party would be: Barbarian - Cauterizer, per Boeroer Eder - Dual Wielding Fighter Aloth - CC Wizard Pallegina - Roughly based off the "Fire General" build, Sword and Board Durance - Buff bot Sagani or Hiravias - Stormcaller / Not sure My main gripe is Durance and his low DEX, and this is where my head gets turned inside out mechanics wise. Of note -
  6. My ongoing peeve with Reputation gain (i.e. the pre-defined meaning and intention of conversation options) vs what I actually intended the option to mean. Currently, in PoE(2), the reputation system is, as in most (all?) other games, static. You choose Conversation Option A, and it has already been given a meaning by the writers/devs, no matter what meaning you and your PC may put in it. Example: In BoW, I convinced Neriscyrlas to find respite and release herself to the Void. My PC (paladin, dimplomatic, good) took this direction with the best intentions, since there's no option to r
  7. Hello, There have been a couple of threads regarding pickpocketing and asking how it works with the "Loaded Pockets" Berath's Blessing. If you want information on Loaded Pockets, you can go here. In anticipation of the new patch, I decided to do a deep dive and try to figure it out. To pickpocket an item, you need to be actively in stealth. When you activate a pick pocketable creature, you will see it's pick pocketable inventory. Items that cannot be pick pocketed are greyed out but show it's "Sleight of Hand Difficulty Level". Items that are not greyed out are items that you can pick
  8. I have been searching and reading posts/threads/videos and I feel that there is potentially quite significant misinformation on Chant and Linger mechanics as what I have understood seemingly doesn't occur in-game. Some frustrating observations (if true/confirmed): 1) Many chants seem to have a fixed duration of 10 seconds (typically buffs like Ancient Memory, or +defence chants) which completely ignores the phrase and linger mechanics as well as intellect. Debuff chants seem to actually factor intellect in the duration of the effect but still ignore phrase and linger (e.g Long Night
  9. Does anyone know if Predator's Sense is triggered by Stalker's Torc? I know that the latter was bugged and was supposedly fixed by a patch, but I am not sure how both of those items and Stalker's Link interplay. If this was a tabletop game, I would assume if you Stalker's Link you get "+10 accuracy when attacking the same target as animal companion". Stalker's Torc should says it modifies Stalker's Link to do "+20% Damage per 3.0 sec", which I assume also triggers when attacking the same target as animal companion. The question is whether "+20% Damage per 3.0 sec" counts as damage ov
  10. What I'm trying to figure out is this: I don't understand how the game gets to 52.1. The base damage could be anything between 38 and 55, and then there would also be the critical damage multiplier of 0.3 and the 45% more damage.: Is there someone who can explain these mechanics to me?
  11. With the game being released now, I have updated the speed calculator for the current v1.0 version. You can access it here: Attack Speed Calculator version 1.0.3, compliant with Deadfire v1.1.0 Additionally here's the aggregated info on this topic: PART 1: History. And what has changed since PoE1: PART 2: Formula. Or how the speed/time values for attack, recovery and reload phases are actually computed: PART 3: Weapon base values: For v1.1.1: For v2.0.1: PART 4: Action cycle, and phases: For usual weapons act
  12. Hi everyone, not meant as a whining/rant post, just throwing around some questions/doubts. First of all, and maybe needless to say, I do love PoE 2. No matter how much I love it, I can't help thinking the Concentration system (for casters), despite being a really nice idea, is deeply flawed. Bear with me, and please do let me know if I'm wrong, somewhere: - No matter the level, no matter what kind of caster you are, no matter how high your stats are, you can get at best 1 level of concentration at the beginning of the combat (through the talent). You cannot actually stack conc
  13. Increasing a character's stats past the baseline value of 10 should have only positive effects on gameplay and combat. Following this is good game design and makes sense. In PoE, there are many abilities that have drawbacks such as afflicting the character for a duration or forcing them to take damage. In all of those scenarios I've found, the following things happen with regard to self-harming effects: Duration increases with the player's INT, beneficial effect increase (like from Strand of Favor, which contradicts its description), and Power Level (if class ability). Damage the player takes
  14. Does the salvation of time increase the duration of (spoiler) merge trinket effect from slime megaboss? A little low level to find out myself, but very curious.
  15. Hello guys! First of all, happy new year in case i won't get a chance to wish you that later I am a new deadfire player and right now i am considering if i wanna play a single class wizard and which subclass i wanna play. That being said there are few things that perplex me: 1) Might's global damage modifier, namely whether it stacks additively or multiplicatively with power level damage modifier. 2) Merge effect from some lategame bossfight trinket. Is its duration boosted by priest's salvation of time? 3) What are all the ways of boosting corrode (not poison), frost and
  16. Hello, The other day I had a shower-thought: Explosives is one of those skills that people seem to not really use. So, In my undying effort to cover information no one really asked for, here's how explosives and the Explosives skill work. Before we get to what each point of Explosives actually does- there are a few of things to note: First, explosives typically have a base penetration of 7. Second, is that the accuracy is affected by your base accuracy rating (+20). Third, range and the area-of-effect radius is not affected by anything. (I believe it used to, but isn't any more) Fourth,
  17. Ok, after having done POE1 I'm starting on Deadfire. I have a few questions regarding mechanics. 1) I love the ability to do behavior rulesets, but I'm currently trying to figure out ranges. Example: I want Xoti to use "Blessed Harvest" (range 4 meters) on targets below 50% health, but I dont want her to move (maybe 1 or 2 meters max) too far from her current position. I can do an AND rule with "enemy below 50%" and "enemy in melee range" (2 meters?), but I wonder if there are other ways to do it. 2) Poisons. How should the "this effect clear on weapon switch for X seconds" be in
  18. Why Test (Version Mmmm, Carnage. I've been a long time fan of Barbarian and have been seeking information on how the Carnage mechanic works in Deadfire since release. Unfortunately, things were slow both here and on Reddit with limited interest (people consider Carnage a worthless ability, especially in light of Mob Stance prior to its nerf) and poor accessibility (limited HUD tooltip info). The only question that really got answered was whether the secondary Carnage attacks applied on-hit effects, and the answer was a resounding, "No, but Spirit and Blood Frenzy on-hit effect
  19. I was starting to get a little bit mystifed just how disposition influenced priest/paladin, and couldn't find any good answer for Deadfire. Instead, I found unanswered questions being asked on reddit or here that posted numbers that made no sense compared to past patch notes. So I decided to do a lot of tests and deconstruct what's happening and oy is it weird. (Someone will probably chime in and say that you could open up some game file and find this all out, but I did it the hard way.) Putting it here so that hopefully people curious about why one bad disposition is so negatively affecti
  20. The topic was already tackled by many here and there, but I couldn't find a comprehensive treatise about that in these forums. My question is: which weapons that attack in a AoE or proc an AoE on crit translate the ability effects to all its AoE hits? I did some testing myself and recollected some infos scattered around. And also... what about weapons that do attacks that "bounce"? Does the second attack transfer ability effects? Is there a logic or a general rule behind the translation of ability effects? Edit: here's what the common knowledge is (patch 1.2): Normal weapons
  21. Does an item with +1 int stack with an item that has +2 int for a total bonus of +3 int for example? What about inspirations? Do they stack? How about weapon proficiency modals? What among these things do and don't stack with each other type? Is suppression still around in PoE2 or will all items' effects stack with each other?
  22. With the help of some fellow watchers, now I know how the game calculates lash damage. Suppose "PhyDMG_mid_stage" is the calculated physical damage only without penetration factor. For example, with +60% might, +60% legendary, +60% sneak attack, -50% Graze, the PhyDMG_mid_stage would be Roll*(1+0.6+0.6+0.6-1)=1.8*Roll. (-50%: 1-1/0.5 = -1, you can check this <a href="https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98679-mechanics-attack-speed-recovery-time-reload-time/">mechanics-attack-speed-recovery-time-reload-time</a> for explanation) The baseLashDMG = PhyDMG_mid_stage * coef The
  23. In current state, that's additive +25% bonus from crit looks laughable so, how do u think, should critical changed to multiplicative modifier?
  24. Had a few questions about spiritshift in Deadfire, but couldn't find the answers. So made a few tests myself and here is the aggregated info (for beta3): (note: all screenshots are made at lvl 1 and 10 str/int/res) Spiritshift Bear (Shifter): - ability/armor/claws: - active ability: Terrifying Roar: Spiritshift Boar (Shifter): - ability/armor/claws: - note: although it shows 0 raw damage every 3s, it actually damages for [4 + 10% per power level] per tick; (e.g. each tick deals 4 dmg at power level 1; 6 dmg at power level 5) - note: this raw dot doe
  25. Attack Speed Calculator version 1.0.5, PoE v3.06 compliant PREFACE: - When I have just introduced myself to PoE, I quickly noticed that something feels strange. Weapon tooltips are vague. Attack speed bonuses are providing non-uniform gains. Also there have appeared many questions when it came to the build optimizations. If you are interested in attack speed mechanics behind the game facade, than here it is, the aggregated info on this topic. NOTE: - This is still a WiP. Additional sections/explanations will be added over time. BASICS: - One of staple notions in PoE is [action]. Ac
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