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  1. Hey there! While this board game me some great advice on a Mystic of Wael recently that I definitely still might take out for a spin, I'm also wondering about the viability of an old(-ish?) Herald build that Nerd Commando cooked up on the Steam forums. The basic gist of his idea is that a Herald can dump DEX and still get by as a solid damage dealer & support because of how many instant-ish casts they get -- and with Brisk Recitation on, chants are growing rapidly in a way they obviously wouldn't for, say, a slow Skald. It seems really neat, and I was wondering if I could get input on some
  2. I appreciate the tips and tricks RE: Psion! Definitely wouldn’t have known a lot of those angles. Much to consider. On the subjects of both Psions and Beguilers (since neither focuses on weapon damage), do people have a particular “stat stick”-esque weapon they’d advise using? Honestly, now I’m just wondering if I should go single-class Cipher after all. So many good spells. Gotcha! Thanks.
  3. I'd considered Psion, but I think I prefer the flavor of Beguiler, as well as having a bit more control over when and how I use my Cipher spells. Part of the appeal to me is that flexibility, and the Chanter-esque slow buildup of Psion seems like it loses that. Especially since the Priest abilities seem more like situational casts that I'll want to hang on to for the right moments, as opposed to the Cipher casts which I'll want to be tossing out consistently. I hear you on the Ascendant feelings, yeah. I definitely think I'm leaning Beguiler. As for rolling a separate priest... eh, i
  4. I'll certainly consider it, especially as Eyestrike also has that nice Wael-y theme going for it. Hm. Now I'm a bit confused about which Cipher spells benefit from Hammering Thoughts, and which benefit from Penetrating Visions. Does the latter only apply to spells that deal Raw/Elemental damage, or does Hammering Thoughts just uniquely apply to Mind Blades because that spell targets Deflection? Seems like building around one or the other +PEN passive would definitely have an effect on my spell choices, but at the moment I'm not clear on which choices I ought to make. What else wo
  5. Thanks for weighing in with some tips, Boeroer! How would you say this looks for the first 10 levels of a Beguiler Mystic? Doesn't include all the free Wael spells, of course. If I'm missing any really rad picks at these levels, I'd love to know. 1 - Blessing & Whispers of Treason 2 - Eyestrike 3 - Iron Will (or Penetrating Visions?) 4 - Spiritual Weapon & Mind Blades 5 - Phantom Foes 6 - Prayer for the Body (not that sure about this one...) 7 - Divine Mark & Secret Horrors 8 - Dire Blessing 9 - Psychic Backlash (or Hammering Thoughts, f
  6. Hey, all. I'm gearing up for a Deadfire playthrough, and I'm really interested in playing a particular class combo from a roleplay perspective: a Mystic (Cipher/Priest) of Wael. Now, from everything I've read this seems to be fairly non-optimal, but I'm okay with that. I do have a few questions, though, and would love input. 1. What's the state of Beguilers at the moment? A while back there was some talk of them being a bit broken, due to regenerating a lot more focus with Deception spells than it maybe seemed like they should. I saw something about that getting fixed, but I h
  7. So, how are people building Serafen? I know I've seen murmurs that he's not the most effective little dude, but I'd still like to give him a spot in the party. I'm particularly interested in any mid-to-front-line Witch builds for him. Very curious to hear what people have tried.
  8. Thanks for the input, you two, it's very helpful. I'll probably end up modifying the "Healing Wall" build to be a flanking Skald with the same auras and chants, but who focuses on Killers Froze Stiff (obviously) and dual-wielding when he's not dashing around to Lay on Hands. On that note, what are some other good Offensive Invocations for a multiclass Skald? Thrice She Was Wronged and The Thunder Rolled seem to have such low damage... Does that scale up at all later?
  9. Hey, all. I'm putting a build together for my first playthrough, but I've come to the realization that I'm not all that interested in the "support" party members. Pallegina was my least-favorite PoE1 companion, Xoti's accent rubs me the wrong way, and Tekehu... well, the wereshark is pretty rad, but I think I prefer Serafen in his slot. Because I'm pretty much set on Eder and Aloth sailing the high seas with me, and the fuzzy little Witch amuses me. (EDIT: Oh, and Maia gets the final slot.) So, that leads me to my question: Herald seems extremely rad, but is it able to shoulder the burden
  10. I've been wondering, recently, if some of the Chanter-related discontent I've been sensing on these forums might be alleviated by tying phrase lengths to Intellect. By which I mean, first of all, increasing linger durations. This is something that seems to have been intended from launch, based on ability descriptions, but obviously hasn't been implemented thus far. What if a high Intellect stat reduced phrase durations by the same percentage that it increased their linger durations? The overall uptime of chant buffs, this way, would stay roughly the same as it is now, and of course any Cha
  11. Can anyone out there peel back the onion of a particular Chanter phrase for me? I'm wondering exactly how Come, Come, Soft Winds of Death works. As in, does it do the listed damage (something like 4.1, I believe) multiple times at a particular interval over the phrase's duration, or does it just do the 4.1 damage once? And if it's the latter, is the 4.1 damage applied over multiple incredibly small hits? Either way, it leads me to my next question... Does it have a chance of interrupting opponents? I've got a high-Perception Chanter tank in the works, and it seems like -- depending on what
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