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  1. Thanks for your response. You bring up a lot of good points. I must admit that I skip through often speed through dialogue more than I should. I will give it a fresh start tomorrow!
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering how many of you (I imagine the majority) play all the DLCs for each play through. I feel like the DLCs are an entirely different game, and don't have real synergy well into the main content of the game. I feel like Deadfire is already large enough for each play through, offering a wide variety of unique encounters, roleplaying opportunities, and so it. It is like each island is a different sampler plate for a tapas bar, each short, sweet, and offering a unique reward. DLC just feels like a grind. It is awkward to try to 'choose' a time to do them, as they mostly favor late game. I know BoW can be done earlier, but I am usually already so busy finishing up quests that I put it off till later. I enjoy the challenges (I play on POTD upscaled) of the DLCs, but the sheer visual spam of SSS battles is a bit much. I have a good system, but I think Unity is the larger issue here (besides, this is entirely other issue) . FS is fun, but it is quite a bit for back to back playthroughs. As you might have guessed, I am not a big fan of DLCs in other games such as Skyrim or PoE 1... it just feels like superfluous content added after the original vision of the game was imagined and implemented. For instance, in PoE 1, I really liked the endless paths quest; completing each floor was rewarding and fun. In many ways , it was like a DLC which was well integrated into the base game. It all led up to the epic Adra dragon battle. having one big 'mega dungeon' was fun for each play through, but I never really looked forward to the White March DLCs. Yes there are dragons, items, companions, and so forth, but it just feels like quantity of quality. In Deadfire, there are no real make it or break it items (dealbreakers, lol) which make the DLC mandatory in terms of powergaming. I am something of a completionist so I hate to miss out on items, but I think i will only keep BoW for the Helm of the Atronachs, (sp) and Vatnir, and delete the rest. On the other hand, I really like the Megabosses. I cannot recall and specific items being needed to beat them from the DLCs aside from the convenience of the Helm of the Atronachs for Dorudugan's pull effect. Anyways, do any of you feel the same way? Would you make the radical decision of uninstalling the DLC for playthroughs despite having purchased them? How do you keep yourself 'motivated' for the base game + DLCs.? I am finishing my Arcane Knight play through, but I never really got into this character as much as my Marauder.
  3. That is good to hear that you also don't like using potions. am also not a big fan of the micro. I have an AI setup with the consumables, but I don't like to use it for every encounter. II also never use explosives for the same reasons.
  4. As mentioned before, Essence Interrupter is one of the best bows in the game. Make sure to buy it ASAP in the first town. It has shock/pierce dmg type, which allows you to bypass high armor ratings for many enemies across Deadfire. The only downside is you will need to remove to enemy summon effect as soon as possible.
  5. I love the base game, but honestly I am having trouble finishing the grind of the DLC... the vision of deadfire was roaming from island to island and questing, but the DLCs are quite a time sink. Do any of you feel the same? That being said, I love the challenge of the megabosses, but feel I have burnt out based on the DLCs. I am considering uninstalling the DLCs to focusing on the main game. Could I kill the megabosses without key items from the DLC?
  6. Also, delete your old save files. That has helped me. Another solution is to buy a new PC! I was playing on an MSI laptop with Nvida, and I decided to switch to AMD graphics cards. It is still less than ideal performance, but much better than before.
  7. That is great advice -- why do you like those classes (and their combinations) in particular? I always feel like I need a wizard because I love the CC, and something about me just likes magic users the most in RPGS. Do you suggest multiclasses of these or SC?
  8. haha this is my favorite guide actually! It is my go to guide and I have reading it extensively. I didn't know it was yours. I like the mega boss guides in particular.!
  9. Thank you! I like the idea of using a theme, a synergy, and a RP conception. Honestly, I don't always RP and instead focus on combat tactics and builds, so I need to do this more to create a more immersive experience. I love Skyrim, as well as many other RPGs of days gone by (Chrono Trigger). thanks!! I need to learn more about synergies. I have been using Tekehu following your advice from earlier and it is fun!
  10. Thanks. I am the same about consumables for the most part. In boss fights, I will use drugs or potions, but I am too lazy to micro so many things for regular fights. I feel that the quantity of consumables could be reduced to even just 8 potions, so we can focus on skills and items.
  11. Thanks for your detailed response! I like the idea of picking a theme, and letting that guide me. I will try to do the same for companions as well. I found some good guides by Sin Tee, as well as many others on the forums here. I agree about testing out items and checking the combat logs; that is where you really learn alot. Boeroer mentioned how blunderblass attacks apply the first effect - e.g., confounding blind as the attack applies to all bounces. These kinds of things are not explicit based on skill descriptions, so testing really lets you see. I tend to find one 'party' to build around my MC, then I am too stubborn to switch it up. However, I need to experiment more! I will check out your FAQs. Are they under the same Screen name?
  12. Hi Everyone, First of all, it has been enjoyable to finally play this game more now that we all have a bit of free time. As an avid reader of the forum, It has been great to absorb all of the knowledge. I also enjoy watching several of the YouTube Channels from of these forum members, especially with the Megaboss guides . Anyways, I want to learn how to conceptualize builds and implement them, especially end game. I feel like a lack a consistent direction in my builds, and I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices end game and DLCS bring in terms of item choices. I have a fear of commitment, (not with relationships!) , and end up saving most of my Adra Bans (like toliet paper nowdadays) lest I spend on them an item I was not quite sure about. It is like I am in a prison of freedom (Satre said that, right?) I was reading a post the other day about finding an OP Monk combo, and I realized I need to increase my explicit knowledge of this game. I play on POTD upscaled. Now I have an Arcane Knight (Goldpact/wizard vanilla) but I don't know how to play him. Caster? Fighter? CCer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I like the megabosses, but the DLC does feel like a grind at times. SSS is so many battles. I am trying to finish my current play through, but I am already thinking about my next character!
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