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  1. Game Breaking Damage bug Whenever I fight enemies, many of them suddenly die from enormous damage procs that come from no character. For example, I was fighting the Adra Dragon, and all of sudden I see a 635 damage number proc, and she died. It has been happening with regular mobs, too. I reloaded and fought the dragon again, but the same thing happened. There is no information in the combat log about this, I tripe checked. Furthermore, nothing says that ____________ killed _________(enemy). HALP!
  2. I see the logic in this move because even with the most basic figurines you can trivialize any encounter; an army of weak figurines lets you win any fight on POTD even early on. However, I did enjoy having this ability.
  3. So alchemy affects raw damage from weapons too and rogue skills for raw damage?
  4. I really appreciate the sense of humor and the world of this game. In particular, IMPS!
  5. For example, in Wastelands 2, you can roam and profit from random encounters, perhaps to the point of getting very rich in the first world map. I would not recommend this, but there should be enough pirate ships as there are storms you can find in the map. Regardless, by the time you get a full ship, money becomes a bit meaningless since you can find so much excellent equipment in the world itself.
  6. I think it would be great if pirate ships respawn. It is fun and rewarding to down an enemy ship; and I feel bored after I get the Junk and a fully decked ship without anything to fight, roaming the open seas. Some of you will say this would destory the economy of the game; however i think the cost of upkeep for your ship would balance out with the loot and money from pirate ships. In fact, it would better if you receive some profit for these fights.
  7. They need to add a DIFFICULT dragon fight in this game, and more difficult encounters. I am playing on Veteran and I don't even have to left click...
  8. I never cared for combat stealth in POE 1. It required a lot of micro before every fight, and it was always better to just flank enemies ASAP. In Deadfire, is it even worth taking the time to stealth and try to backstab for EVERY encounter, from your experience? Furthermore, is it worth spending the Guile points on combat-invis skills? It seems like the time and points spent for combat invis would be better off spent on other attacks or debuffs. I will use Stealth for RP purposes and the scripted encounters, but it seems like too much for all combat encounters. Is there a way to 'auto stealth' for the Rogue's AI? Thanks!
  9. I appreciate the developers idea to move away from o 'traditional' RPG narrative by moving away from RPG cliches like castles, forest maps, and Dragons. However, lets be honest. We all love RPGs so there is nothing wrong with a nice epic Dragon battle! I look forward to the Kraken battle. yet I think that there is ample room for a roaming epic dragon somewhere in Deadfire...
  10. Thanks this is a nice discussion. I think the Endless paths was intentionally long. However, the build-up and mood really sets in when delve deeper and deeper to unravel the mystery of who the Master Below is. I really appreciated this narrative and its depth. I think POE so far seems to be focused on wider content in terms of world exploration but lacks the depth of dungeon like the endless paths.
  11. I always prefer to have a rogue be a flanker instead of doing an Invis ambush EVERY fight. It is effective but it can be tiresome. I know there are talents that make you invisible, so those are worth it. Do you usually use stealth (e.g. scouting mode) before all encounters?
  12. Are there any? I have seen a Youtube clip of a dragon fight, but it looks more like a drake or baby dragon. I sure hope there are some epic Dragons!
  13. No Endless Paths in POE 2? I am sad. I really enjoyed this aspect of the game. Devs, please add a similar, epic adventure dungeon!!!!
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