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  1. Thanks! I really like the unique grimoires and their spells. I will have to try it out! That is interesting how AOE spells carry the strike effects, something not explicitly stated in the descriptions for vanilla game. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. Thanks! Yes I could she that as a good supporting caster role. I might try that for variety. Thanks! I bet a battlemage with all those buffs would be quite strong, especially late game using wall of draining and other buffs. I haven't tried a spellblade, so I will check out minor blights. I honestly have not used that spell much, nor the snakeskin grimore. More experimentation to come!
  3. Hello Everyone, How do you usually build Aloth and Eder? First of all, I always choose Aloth as a pure wizard. I just love the wizard spells, especially AOE, which feels like a game changer throughout the Game. Fassina is no good. I have always loved magic users, so maybe I am biased. As for Eder, I choose swashbuckler. I don't see any real advantages to pure fighter; in fact, I think the rogue passives, escape ability, and damage skills make him a better tank because he can kill mobs faster. For variety, I might try Aloth as a battlemage, and eder as a pure rogue or DPS s
  4. That is great to know about the BLOB megaboss. First time I fought it i used 1 herald and a howler to win it. Long fight! I am rolling a monk now so I think I will change from FF to a diff class to ensure I can stack WotW. thanks for the info
  5. I installed the community patch. I followed the instructions on the website, but I cannot tell if it is working yet. As for monks, I am trying out FF, but I might go for something more generic on my first monk playthrough. I think a good party could buff a Helwalker to mitigate the +dmg penalty. otherwise, Nalzpaca is looking good. So many choices! I could also just go vanilla monk..
  6. Great advice. Honestly, however, I tend to burn out by the time I finish the mega bosses and 1 of the DLCs. Maybe that is because ive played this game so many times. I think I am in the minority with this feeling. I feel like base game is long enough with great variety and challenging encounters. Maybe I will try to power through the DLCs again with a monk!
  7. What do you guys suggest for race? It seems that Nature godlike means I always have +1 PL with inspirations, which means huge gains for acc, dmg, and Pen. Wood elf seems to be a popular choice for the dex resistnace, but I figure i can easily get that from equipment. Aumuna seems fun for the +2 might and the might resistance (getting stunned sucks), but it falls into the same category as wood elf
  8. Great to know. Yeah I wish the AI would let you take potions or drugs without having to turn off AI and micro so much.... that makes Nalzpaca seem very unappealing. Lost Sinner (Sin tee), a guy who posts great builds, like the subclass, but I personally dont want to micro that much. Ive read that the community patch for deadfire changes the Shattered Pillars's penalty of max wounds from 5 to 10. If anyone has a link to the thread with the community patch, I'd greatly appreciate it! I think the challenge with FF subclass will be finding a quick, efficient way to generate wounds by applying
  9. Great tips! Yeah I think I overanalyze too much before I start character builds. Recently, I had a goldpact/wizard and I just couldnt decide how to play it. Was it a tanky caster? Was a it a paladin? The Helwalker sounds better suited for mortar/range or a multiclass. Battles can be punishing on POTD, so I am not sure I want to be more of a class cannon. It sounds like all the monk choices are solid. For Nalzpaca, I wonder if you can set up an AI command to auto take drugs; if not, I would grow weary of the constant microing.
  10. Thank you! Yeah I like the concept behind FF, and I appreciate the examples on how to generate wounds and overcome the penalty. Now I have to decide between a FF or a Helwalker! What do you think of the other subclasses?
  11. Hi, I've been searching to find some good monk builds, and I would appreciate if you can tell me what you think is good for a single class monk build. I play with a party in POTD upscaled. I feel like I spend so much time thinking about what stats to choose, which subclass, and it would be great to bounce ideas around! I wanna use Whispers of the Wind , so I don't wanna multiclass. Thanks in advance. So far, I am thinking wood elf, hellwaker I would focus on dex, resolve heavily, to mitigate damage. I would keep priestbot Xoti buffing me in party if I go th
  12. Thanks for your response. You bring up a lot of good points. I must admit that I skip through often speed through dialogue more than I should. I will give it a fresh start tomorrow!
  13. Hello everyone, I was wondering how many of you (I imagine the majority) play all the DLCs for each play through. I feel like the DLCs are an entirely different game, and don't have real synergy well into the main content of the game. I feel like Deadfire is already large enough for each play through, offering a wide variety of unique encounters, roleplaying opportunities, and so it. It is like each island is a different sampler plate for a tapas bar, each short, sweet, and offering a unique reward. DLC just feels like a grind. It is awkward to try to 'choose' a time to do them,
  14. That is good to hear that you also don't like using potions. am also not a big fan of the micro. I have an AI setup with the consumables, but I don't like to use it for every encounter. II also never use explosives for the same reasons.
  15. As mentioned before, Essence Interrupter is one of the best bows in the game. Make sure to buy it ASAP in the first town. It has shock/pierce dmg type, which allows you to bypass high armor ratings for many enemies across Deadfire. The only downside is you will need to remove to enemy summon effect as soon as possible.
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