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  1. I was thinking a chanter or rogue, but I am open to any class. Just interested in what people come up with. Really just a thought exercise. Any talents/spells/etc, you see a sailor having?
  2. Thanks! Never knew about novice's suffering, Is it viable early game? I was thinking of running sword and board (spear) for some extra durability early on, but if it is useful in the early levels then maybe i'll skip the sword and shield style Again, Thank you.
  3. Hey Boeroer, Mind giving some more details on that regen. boar build. Sounds like just what I'm looking for. Starting stats, important talents? I would appreciate it. Thanks! -Nw/oM
  4. Hey everyone, Wondering what class and build you like for a front-liner MC? On another note: So far Chanter has been great, but my restart problem kicked back in. Basically I was just standing there soaking up damage, which is great, but i couldnt influence the battlefield as much as I wanted. Was thinking of a front-liner Druid? Batsh!t by Boeroer still viable?Or a front-line wizard that doesn't need to rest every fight? Anyway wondering what you all liked for a front-liner, tank or damage-dealer, etc?
  5. Thanks everyone, So sounds like I'll just finish Kana's storyline and drop him. Livegood and Boeroer thanks for the advice with builds, and Blades I will definitely consider Sagani. Do chants count as spells and so do not stack? If i use expose vulnerabilities and Hel-Hyraf would it stack? I guess I thought that I could tank with a shield throughout most of the fight and then drop Hel-Hyraf and switch to the blunderbuss to hit an enemy really hard. I guess I'll stick to an aquebus or arbalest then. I have trouble pulling off the white worms invocation, so I was looking for something a littl
  6. So I have decided on a MC for my canon run that I will port over to Deadfire. I am going to play a tank chanter with high might to melt foes with Dragon Thrashed, and was wondering about a few things. 1) I want to take Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, and Kana since they are likely to play a big role in the next game. Any suggestions as to builds for them? I was thinking Eder as Lady of pain, and Aloth as a blaster, but Pallegina and Kana both throw me off. Maybe Kana as more of a ranged support/buffer, as I won't be using many of the buffs? 2) If Kana comes with, do chants stack, or should I dive
  7. And what about if you chose an option such as "I piloted cargo ships" etc. Would be cool to have single interactive scenes for each background....even if it is only you don't get sea sick during a storm while some members of your party do. Not asking for a whole new encounter, just add an option that will recognize your background and your dialogue choice that further specified said background. Add them in where they make sense, or make one encounter take care of them all. For example if there is an encounter where you get thrown from your boat and you climb aboard a raft of debris, your cre
  8. Just curious what your favorite class and disposition is for your Watcher? I tend to run all my characters as benevolent yet clever (aka smart-a**). Most recent class is monk
  9. I know that your class doesn't import over, just asking which class you played on the save file you will use. I guess the question is what class did you use when you completed the game in your "favorite/RP/most complete" playthrough?
  10. So with the Deadfire fig campaign coming to an end, what class and build are you using for your save file to be imported over? I don't think your class will be locked in, due to changes in Deadfire, but think it would be interesting to hear what everyone has settled on as "their class".
  11. Hey ya'll, As I look more at the party members for Deadfire, I can't help but think my MC will be a midrange striker. Elder, Palegina, maybe even Xoti can all be in the frontlines. Aloth in the back. With party comp set at 5, I'll probably end up playing a striker, or "commander". Someone who can sit in the middle of the party and either hop in and dish out some serious damage, or buff/heal the group (or preferably both) What classes do you guys play in the midrange or as strikers? As "commanders"? I'm thinking either a Barb, or druid for DPS, or chanter, paladin to provide some mi
  12. Thanks, trying to decide on a party for 1st potd playthrough. So I want to tank and still do damage
  13. Hey everyone, what are some of your favorite talents and abilities? From an effectiveness standpoint if you wish, but really, what have you had the most fun with?
  14. Is it possible to have a high DPS and weild a shield? What class, talents, and weapons?
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