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  1. Yeah that might be a problem, because Fort and Will are defenses means you have low defenses . You should consider getting all the buffs for a no rest run (Hyela's Bounty, the + stat buffs), the healing buff, everything else, too. That should help. If you can sustain the attacks, use the healing chants, and damage shield, maybe it can work. Build your gear so you are able to survive the attacks; then, find a way to take the the mobs. Penetrating strikes does nice damage, but I think maelstrom might be the way for this fight.
  2. What are your stats and gear? I think if you use that Gift bearers cloak, along with heavy +fort gear, you can overcome those spells for the most part. Also, use potions of reflect spells. I haven't played the class combo you have, but I imagine it will require using Scrolls of Malstorm. The other option is that you send in your summons to distract, then focus on each caster killing them as quickly as possible. You can use Revu's cloak to absorb fire dmg, but then you lose out on the +fort defense. What I did in POTD solo runs was always look at the gear I have, and try combinations that fit each encounter the best. I know that sounds really cookie-cutter, but it was a fun intellectual exercise LOL.
  3. @freddfranca I have done 2 solos runs, and they are fun. The first is a swashbuckler (Devoted /Streetfighter), it is fun, but you have to do some metagaming to make sure your streetfighter passive are up; if i did it again, I would focus on a trickster/devoted for higher deflection. The build really relies on Riposte, and Full Attacks from Mob Stance. It gets into a 'sweet zone' where you are killing mobs as they surround you; at the same time, use a pet that gives +20 healing per kill. The build,however, does rely on consumables. Then I did a SC Bloodmage based on the build Bleeding Arcanist 2.0 by @NotSoCleverHound . It is really fun and versatile. Check it out!
  4. That is a nice idea. I think he really excels at the role of healing, especially before he gets to PL 9. I never thought about using watery double to duplicate a spiritshifted Tekehu. Brilliant idea!
  5. Hello Everyone, I'd like your thoughts about the best way to use Tekehu as an SC Watershaper, before he gets Greater Maelstrom (1 button win!) . The way I see it, his excels at being more of a offensive caster, and healer as well. As a druid, lacking the beast spells really makes it hard. Form of the delegman is on one of the best defensive spells , for the +6 AR for pierce and other ARs.... but he lacks it. Likewise, the insect plague spells are so strong, but he cannot use most of them. On another note, a chanter/druid can use the invocation for + AR slash/fire AND the + AR pierce, shock etc. from Delegman.. enough to handle almost any encounter. While Moonwell is good, I feel like it is better to have stronger AR to begin with. What he excels at is of course the foe only chillfog, stacked on with other spells that are foe only. The healing is good but honestly on POTD upscaled I prefer having higher AR , to avoid being in a bad position healthwise in the first place. 2. I am still not sure it is worth giving him Lord Darroyns Volgue (my favorite melee weapon). This run, I am focusing on disengagement builds via party that uses terrify and crowd control. I think my SC fearmonger could use it quite well, or even Eder as an disengagement focused tank. Basically, for +PL Storm spell, the difference is .8 PEN , 2 damage, and .4 longer stun. Convince me otherwise, but I think it isn't worth giving up such a valuable weapon that has shock only melee dmg! Besides, Crusted Swordfish can already boost the PEN into such a high range. Let me know your thoughts! with + PL for storm Without +3 PL
  6. Thank you so much @thelee. This really makes sense. I think I’ll pass ok painted plate in that case; it simply too much of a slowdown, especially with the additional plus 20 percent; in reality, ranger attacks are what can reallly tear you up, not only melee.
  7. This is great information. I had related question: how bad is the +20% action speed Malus on painted plate armor, if I use a streetfighters -50% action speed passive? If I add in two handed recovery skill? one path would be using a dagger for her (pukestabber or Marux amanth souldbound dagger). It would help overcome the pen issue. On a related note, is the plus action speed of 20 percent worth it over an incredible quality food such as hot razed skewers? I am trying to build Mirke as a heavy armor melee streetfighter, but honestly I think it would be easier to just give her blunderbasses to proc her passive (Heating Up)
  8. Ah you are right. For some reason I thought it was + 1 PEN. Yeah in that case it makes a huge difference for sure.
  9. Thanks! I will check that one out. I wanna try to do BoW DLC mid game; I always leave it for late game, after I finished all the base content, and it always feels like an afterthought.
  10. That's true, having +1 pen makes it even easier to open up you resource pool to other skills. However, I find that having a fighter/rogue, or 2 martial classes, usually means I have two rather large resource pools, which is more than enough for almost all fights in the game, even along with self buffing (discipline strikes, refreshing defense, escape, etc. etc.) . Likewise, there are a lot of nice items that add + discipline for fighter (DoC breastpalte, those +2 fighter resource gloves, to name a few. Still, the +1 pen is really nice, but I think if you are using hot razor skewers + pen. striking (or debilitating strikes) you go beyond the threshold of most enemies AR. The other option is using elementral weaponry (Firebrand, Lord Darryons Volgue (sp), which is really great because a lot of enemies have lower shock resistance.
  11. Thank you for your response. Yeah it feels like most aoe spells need to be microed, unless they are foe only such as combusting wounds. You are right how the battlefield is always shifting, so it is really hard to make an AI script which can account for all of that.
  12. Is there a way to AI script wizards so that they cast dangerous spells (such as fireball, chillfog) only onto enemy mobs, without hitting allies?
  13. NIce! I will try it By the way, which battle axe would you recommend for an SC Furyshaper?
  14. I have found that Devoted is not truly necessary, because using a fighter + penetrating strikes, you have a cheap way to get +3 pen. If you eat Hot Razer Skewers, then you pen goes up even more! Also, slash attacks are usually easier to land in deadfire since most mobs will have higher pierce or crush armor (but there are exceptions!) If you want to try something different , unbroken could be fun. I am trying a 'terrify' focused party that stacks on engagements now.
  15. What a wonderful idea with Aloth. I know you are a fan of Miasama (as am I) it is such a strong debuff. And it targets will I think, which is usually a lower defense compared to reflex or fortitude. So he ends up having draining touch in the mainhand, and Kapana in the offhand? I think a cipher sounds great. Maybe even a Psion/chanter, or a druid, or priest. Lot of great options to debuff. For action economy, I bet a chanter would fill the role nicely. Thank you!
  16. Ah I get you! Yes that is what I understood as well. That is really useful to know. I finally decided on Mountain Dwarf haha. Now I am in tutorial island
  17. Thank you for your insights. So, that means that a mountain dwarf, who also has a constitution affliction chant, will have in reduced as follows? ->enfeebled -> weakened-sickened? It would indeed really suck to lose robust, and suffer from -5 con. Deflection is already so low, so CON is real 'defense' stat. I also really on the fence about pumping towards max might; losing out on DEX and PER is a tough trade off. In fact, being able to actually kill mobs, and more quickly ,is a better defense LOL! Amra looks cool, but you are right that the fortitude debuff is just so good, not only for barbarian skills, but for the whole party. That is a good point. I have never played Mageslayer, but I will. Deadfire is so fun, because there are so many class combinations. It is endless!
  18. Thanks. Yes. It feels like those stats are always good! Good to know that Amra works well with barbarians.... It have never used it , so it is high time I think. Willbreaker is so good, but Xoti (contemplative) could use it to ensure she lands her Harvest spell by debuffing fortitude. That synergy has always worked well. She could use fists alone, but then you miss out on this one. Otherwise Serafen (Witch) can do the trick I was thinking about Mountain Dwarf, but I could metagame around any constitution afflictions by using a chanter nearby. (not mention frenzy has that first line of defense with Fit Inspiration). +fire +frost AR can be gained through a druid, but that comes later. There is something so nice about having it right off the bat. (lot of fire mobs in tutorial island, nagas elsewhere, xaruip, drakes, etc. etc.) elsewhere. LDV you are right it is not legendary. However, the shock DMG type is really strong , so most of the time you can still get away with using it. That being said, a fighter with penetrating strikes benefits more I think, because that +3 pen really pays off to achieve overpen.
  19. Hello Everyone I am currently suffering from restartitis! I rerolled my SC Furyshaper, and I cannot decide on which stats. This is my best understand of each stat. I would really welcome your feedback as to if I have a good understanding. This is will be from the context of stats in general, but also for a Barbarian Might: This can be 10. Might +dmg is very small, because weapon damage comes from so many other sources (weapon quality, critical attack, flanked, certain skills, overpen).In fact, MIG could even be lowered. *is the 2h Arma battle axe worth it? I am not sure I wanna pump the might up to 20 Constitution: CON is good for tanks, but you do not need to max it. Deflection (Resolve) is better. However, Barbarians have -5 deflection to begin with, and frenzy is another -10. Therefore, we should max this. (Streetfighters or humans enjoy having a larger 'bloodied' health range, so they benefit from this as well' Dexterity: +3 action speed is good, but this is pretty small. Action speed can be boosted from spells and equipment/pets, (such as wards, DOC breastplate, miscreant's leather, nalvi), so DEX is only worth it if you max it to really feel the returns. Stacking -action speed is ???. I need to study up on inversions. Barbarians already have some skills that negate recovery , so I dont think I need very high dex alone Perception; +accuracy is ALWAYS good. I always try to have high perception. I know this can come from other buffs, but it is so strong having high accuracy on POTD upscaled. Intellect: I really like having buffs that last longer, and larger AOEs; this is always good. But for an SC furyshaper, not sure I need higher than 10. Resolve: Resolve is only worth it if you max it out for the Deflection. If Deflection is not your main defense, such as for tank or frontliner, it can be dumped. Besides SC furyshaper has horrible will and deflection anyways, so there is not a real need to 'balance' it would. 2. What race would you choose for an SC furyshaper? I really like pale elf, because +4 AR for cold/fire is ALWAYS good. This will really increase survivability. Humans have a nice bonus for being bloodied, but in order to stay bloodied, I need party members to buff me and provide certain heals. I also need equipment that triggers at bloodied ,or near death. (most of this is per-rest, and I prefer no-rest runs nowadays!). Besides, most of these buffs for being bloodied are not enough to stop you from dying. (I think the AR buffs only last 10-15 seconds) Godlike would have some nice skills here, but I don't know if I want to give up the head item slot...Death Godlike or Fire godlike could be good, but again it is hard to stay at that health range. Nature godlike is always good. Costal Aumana looks good, but I can't recall how often might afflictions hurt me. DEX afflictions are the real pain for a front liner, for sure. 3. Lastly, what weapon(s) do you recommend for an SC furyshaper? 1. LDV - always good, with +engagements and terrify, I can wreck mobs when the disengagement triggers) 2. Pike (I like pikes modal, but it is better for a boss or stronger mob alone) 3. Arma - does its 'carnage' also stack with Barbarian carnage? I should try this at least once 4. Willbreaker: Always good but Serafen might use this one as it really goes well with this ability pool. Many thanks in advance!
  20. Yes exactly! I just finished the solo run of Bloodmage (Thanks @NotSoCleverHound) I have been researching the forums, and I might reroll and do an SC Furyshaper. I am trying to do thing differently. It would be fun to get the Fear ward earlier, and I will try to create a 'terrify' theme party that focused on using terrify to maximize disengagement chances for a melee heavy party: this is what I am thinking. I would welcome all your thoughts and feedback! 1. MC (SC furyshaper) to CC, frontline, or flank. Will use 2h morning star for the fortitude debuff, and 2h pike for the accuracy debuff. I have considered Arma (2h axe) but it doesn't seem worth pumping MIG for. In fact, I think MIG is a stat I would leave at 10. Thoughts? 2. Eder (Swashbuckler) : so hard to pass up the benefits of having 2 resource pools. Will probably give him LDV for 2h attacks, and the sweet shock attacks (so few shock resistant enemies in deadfire, it is like the 'fire' of Skyrim!). Any real reason to go SC fighter? 3. Aloth (SC Wizard, or Battlemage, or Spellblade?!?) If an SC wizard, will also focus on using terrify spellls, and turn him into a combat wizard who uses a shield and maybe Sun and Moon to debuff reflex. Would having two sources of Terrify be overkill? Otherwise, he would focus on using bows, and eventually the terrify blackbow. I am just trying to build him a different ways since I ALWAYS go SC wizard. 4. ?? Someone to heal, CC, buff. Lots of choices (Tekehu fills his nicely) 5. Offensive AOE caster (druid, wizard, ?)
  21. @kaylon @Boeroer @Porkchopsandwiches247 @Carys This is a great thread! I am trying out a Furyshaper/Skald, so far so good. I am still thinking about trying Furyshaper to get Fear Ward even earlier. Hard to decide!
  22. Thank you. I see what you mean. I really like Ray of Fire, too. I also thought about switching away from using the immunity to interrupt helm, but I just love having not to worry about being interrupted whilst casting a spell. Also, Vaporous Weaponry is such a good grimore for having that extra spell, even if Ningraths (sp) has spells I love more, or Akemry's (sp) for that matter.
  23. I really enjoy this build. I just got to level 20, and I can melt everything! I never really appreciated meteor shower before, but with all the self buffs, as well as the ring of focused flame, it is a force to be reckoned with! I just had some questions: 1. In a thread somewhere, you mentioned Duskfall is a good late game weapon, too. What enchantments would you use? Does the +10 action speed apply to casting times and recovery times, or just melee? How about Magrans Chain - Which enchantments would you favor? 2. For Power Level 2. Would you consider leaving out Arcane Veil, and using Merciless Gaze? I know late game favors survivability, esp., the DLC, but I wonder if the axiom "a great defense is a good offense" might favor it. I always run out of PL 2 spells quickly, as there are so many good ones here. 3. Would you add Pull of Eora or Arcane Dampener, or is it not really needed? 4. Are there any other late game pets or items you like which you did not mention? Thank you!
  24. You could try a solo class fighter for your first run, so you can really experience all the different abilities for one class. Then you will have a strong understanding of the class itself. That being said, you can also try out a multiclass; as you are playing with a party , you have a lot of room for experimentation. It depends on your personal style. I think the recommendations above are great ways for a first run, especially Black Jacket fighter. If you want to experiment, as mentioned, swashbuckler (fighter/rogue) is a great tank that also can dish out dmg, killing enemies faster results in being a better 'tank' because the mobs are dead! Pure Fighters are better and holding the line, but not necessarily at dmg. However, adding in a combat focused multiclass will enhance the damage dealing role. Otherwise, you can even become a super tanky character as a paladin/fighter. The other benefit is you can try out multiclasses for your companions, many of which are unique , and they are very strong. Have fun!
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