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  1. Oh interesting I always made that wrong connection thinking that Raedric was an ally of Waidwen during the war. I only play on a medium difficulty (forget the name of the one I play on) so by the time I clear White March I and begin White March II there would be no need for the archers anyhow as the fight gets easier as you get access to more abilities.
  2. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Battle_of_Yenwood_Field I know I can win the battle so that's not the issue. But rather I want to gain all the possible forces to aid me just to experience that in the story play of the game. From the link above I discovered that I could recruit Ogres, Knights of Crucible (or other faction), and Archers. The Ogres can kill the enemy Mages, The Knights can kill enemy Berserkers, and Archers are to kill enemy Bleak Walkers. I have found how to receive aid of two of the factions: Ogres and Knights. How should I recruit the archers? I
  3. Thanks so much. I have fought another battle against some kith and looks like the burning lash is now working. And I could understand from your explanation how the DR of Animat could block all of the lash. I'll keep an eye out for that bug with Turning Wheel. I usually use Quicksave (and they overwrite each other) aside from when I either level up or I go to a different area (example go from Defiance Bay to Stronghold or Dyrford etc)... So should I maybe save more often (separate named saves?) in case I don't notice the lash is corrupt and I have to go back to the last level up? Or w
  4. This skill says it adds 5% burning per wound. Does it add a lash to melee/missile attacks? Or does it modify already existing fire attacks from lashes or enchantments? I'm asking in part because I assumed it added a lash but looking at my combat log I just punched (as level 6 monk) either an Animat or a Rain elemental for 16 bludgeon damage (and maybe I missed it) but I didn't see any fire damage even hovering tooltip over the 16 number. Thanks and I appreciate these basic questions. I tried searching a little but not find something so basic easily.
  5. Hi thanks. I think I understood 1) for Wizard disable illusions. And I understood how that affects the situation in 2) With druid I now realize I asked a confused question. I had wrongly presumed that their direct damage spells like fire spells would be called "Evocation".. I probably thought that from games based on Dungeons and Dragons systems like Icewind Dale 2 (just an example) where in that system Druids have similar categories as Wizards. Wizard fireball is evocation and Druid Flamestrike is Evocation. Druid Call Lighting is Transmutation and Wizard spells like Disinte
  6. I'm more interested in understanding a global overlap principle but to help explain it I'll use a specific case. Priest of Wael gets some nice default Illusion spells. 1) so Priest of Wael, Conjurer (wizard) Can you get access to some nice Illusion buffs (from Priest Wael)? Or does the drawback to Conjurer affect your illusions (including from Wael) and make them uncastable? 2) so Priest of Wael, Illusionist (wizard) Can the bonus to Illusion Power Level from Illusionist (wizard) affect the Illusion spells granted by Wael automatically? Ok now a non-Wael example
  7. The restrictions on types I think is unnecessary. I'll give the developers credit that they didn't make 'gimped' characters like in (example) NWN2 but I don't see why if someone starts with an Estoc and brigandine that we should limit our ideas to what they started with. I also don't like starting with iconic named items because they are not Soulbound and so their power does not scale until the end of the game. You can enchant them to superb etc but their base abilities don't scale to what you find (and enchant) later in the game.
  8. I took a rogue who was an Island Aumauna 4 weapon gunner. He had Durance and Mother join him like you did. In front was Eder, Maneha, and Zahua. I made Zahua into a threat eliminator. He had fast speed and disables. If the enemies AI happens to try to prevent him from eliminating their threats by bursting him down then it just gives him more wounds. I never felt like I understood how best to use Maneha. Eder I didn't give him more engagement but just made him a tank who kills things. Can't remember exactly what I did with all of these.
  9. So seems to me that there are 4 competing Major* factions embodied by: Maia Rua faction Royal Deadfire Company Pellagina faction Vailian Trading Company Sarafen faction Principi sen Patrena Tekehu faction Huana My question is it intended to pick from 1 of these 4 for party composition so that when you support one and only one of those factions will the unchosen 3 companions be pissed at you? Or could you pick 2 to 4 of them to go adventuring? For example if I support Huana and adventure with Tekehu what happens if I also have Maia Rua along and we are doing s
  10. You know I actually loaded a save from that play through (started December 2019) and I was wrong that I was with Kana. I did pick him up but didn't adventure with him very much. My party was: Eder, Maneha, Zahua, Grieving Mother, Durance, and main character Rogue. Sorry I didn't start my post with all of the right/accurate information. I guess shows how much you can forget in 6 months. Thanks very much for the answer and I will consider it. Between the replay value of this game in the complexity of various meaningful decisions and my lack of memory I can probably be making playthroug
  11. So I made a full play through of POE1 and imported the character and played a good ways through (POE2 I reached a big island and quested) and that was maybe in January 2020? The POE1 concept of my character is here I'm planning to return to the game in the next month and I'm thinking about my situation in terms of what team members do I like and what factions should I favor? Please read the link to concise info for example that my character is a rogue in POE1 that had interest in science and lost a love interest before POE1 who had gotten him interested in science of animancy. Th
  12. UPDATE (Couldn't figure out how to edit this above post thus need to go to reply to my own post or double post) Chir goes to Leira's Trick when you dismiss her unlike the other companions who go to CR Keep once you have that explored.
  13. I destroyed the mind flayer black market and Chir Darkflame joined my team. I took her back to Sword Coast and was going to try to level up on quests but I had to reload because she starts level 3 and was dying from enemies arrows.My plan after reloading I went to Crossroads keep and wanted to train her at the adventurers guild. I didn't have enough money to do it. So I dropped her from my group and then went adventuring.I return to CR keep and have lots of gold. But whereas all the other cohorts are in the merchant headquarters Chir has disappeared? Anyone know where she goes to or how to spa
  14. I wonder if some enthusiasts bought PoE1 being excited about it but then never got enough free time to play it and so when PoE2 came out why would they buy it before first finishing PoE1? Unless a huge sale. So enthusiasts bought 1 and then realized they have no free time.
  15. On the Pillars of Eternity 1 General Discussion (No Spoiler) section of the forum me and another forum member named Alendra posted backstories of our characters. We each had our own thread. It's on second page of PoE1 General Discussion forum. You could take a look at those and you could make your own thread inviting Pillars people to share backstory ideas??
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