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  1. That's surprising to me with respect to ranged attacks. Also good information all around. With ranged attacks I guess I am conditioned from DnD crpgs that face tanking with a bow is going to be -4 (out of d20) to attack and also generates attacks of opportunity.
  2. I was wondering if there is knowledge about situational things that affect accuracy? I'm guessing at these from knowledge of other games (DnD) mechanics. Does attacking flanking (this one's probably on tooltip about flanking)? Out of stealth? Attacking with a ranged weapon (bow or gun) when you are in someones face? (ie point blank with ranged). Any other situational modifiers to accuracy??
  3. I've been playing with monk my whole time at this game usually using two fists and both of these these: Swift Strikes and Two Weapon Style. But I never thought to confirm that attack speed modifiers stack. Do these? And how do they stack with other talents that raise or lower attack speed? Can anyone confirm these things so that I can visit an Inn and relevel if need be?
  4. Any suggestions about what part of the game to start adding enchantments to weapons or armor? Like what level or guidelines on what weapons to wait for? I don't require to be optimal but then I also don't want to waste materials... Thanks!
  5. Does it hurt anything if you skip some areas and go to Caed Nua first in order to unlock areas? I wanted to pick up my eventual favorite companions sooner? Afterwards I am traveling back to clear those areas with all my crew that I want to have for the playthrough. Remember not to spoiler anything (for the OP) I was just wondering if it "spawns" enemies in an area at your level like Kingdoms of Amalur and some other games do.? So if I run through maps in stealth I might mess up my game (if I was playing Amalur) by setting enemies to whatever level I first arrived on the map.
  6. It probably helps more (aside from the 4x gun) when you know the meta game of what weapons are available. Even just knowing or paying attention to DR of enemies I suppose it might help more than the feat that gives you reduced attack speed with DR reduction?
  7. Is the benefit just to swap to a different weapon that have different specialties or damage types or does this have a hidden benefit? Does a weapon you have in a slot but not equipped possibly add any benefits? Or no? To illustrate does a weapon that gives +2 to CON only give that when equipped or does it grant anything when not equipped but in a weapon slot? Thanks
  8. I'm curious if the wounding shot of ranger can be active at same time of another party member who is NOT a ranger but has the Runner's Wounding Shot talent? I don't know why I ask but I was skeptical if you can apply both at same time?
  9. Blades of Vanatar I didn't see an inn with a mechanics rest bonus for the Whitemarch area. And I didn't check if I had a bonus with scroll. Good suggestions though. I think even with a workaround from one of those call me obsessive but it just ate away at me that there was a mistake in the build plan for Aloth as a mechanic. I found myself wanting to relevel to fix that building error I made putting points in the wrong spot. And in any case I find myself enjoying starting over from the beginning to be honest. I know more of the lore starting on a second play through so that it's like watching a movie a second time and noticing more to the story. I will be on the lookout for mechanics scrolls though this playthrough; good suggestions.
  10. Cool! I am actually having fun rebuilding from level 1. Revisiting lore to repeat hearing and revisiting a chance use the tactics I have learned on a partial playthrough to become stronger in tactics early in the game. But if I get tired with that I can always go and use your technique on my last save when I realized I had borked the mechanics of Aloth. Thanks!
  11. I just realized that my designated Mechanic who is Aloth I accidentally allocated enough points to raise his athletics 3. So 3 in the base. That I tracked down in my save games files to level 9 and now I'm level 12! And it's catching up with me in that in Durgan's Battery he can't open the door. I hit the problem that to relevel him I lose all of his wizard spellbook!! I don't mind restarting just to "do it all again with my improved knowledge" but I thought to post to see if there is a better way to relevel wizards so they don't lose their spell picks or have to pay for them again if they saved the Grimoir'es they picked up? Thanks!
  12. Strictly speaking hit points is a terrible simulation. A weapon would deal a very specific injury. I remember an old console game Bushido Blade (not an rpg) worked like that and most any hit on you might injure your arms or legs or more likely it was fight over and game over.
  13. It is also nice for debuffs and all the scenarios would be hard to calculate mathematically. Because if a debuff critical hits (or hits instead of graze etc) then that debuff is up longer. Usually debuffs reduce various defenses and thus make it easier that another debuff hits hard and so on and so on. So say chill fog hits several enemies. It's going to make a big difference if you critical hit with blindness versus hit or graze. Blindness is a strong effect. And then you have 6 party members and many have debuff abilities.
  14. One thing to consider is that Pearlwood Chicken is long lasting and very cheap. Dragon Egg and Dragon Meat are a bit more potent but much more expensive.
  15. Thanks. Any advice on how to identify an item that is worth upgrading (versus not using or selling)? I figure you have to look at each of your party members and what they bring to the group. I suppose you look for items with properties that you can't enchant and then add your basic enchants available as according to their capacity of enchantment points available.
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