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  1. Without giving spoilers as to the plot of the story and so forth what is the difference? I am guessing there is more dialogue and story to the companions. If that's the case then what is purpose of companion (edit what is purpose of side kick)?
  2. That picture is of the spire of the soul seekers and not the temple of gun
  3. Not directly answering your question but I found blunderbuss great to use with rogues blinding strike. I figure it would be good with any class that has an ability that debuffs on an attack. Blindness gives -20 accuracy if I recall to that opponent which is quite good. The reason blunderbuss is good with a debuff on attack is that (I believe according to combat log) that each of the six bullets rolls an independent chance to critical hit. I would often see in the combat log graze 2, hit 2, critical 2 or the like. I did have dirty/viscious fighting and often priests buffs so not sure if that independent attack roll is due to dirty/viscious/priestbuffs? But the end result was that (with good accuracy net from gear/stats/etc) most any tough enemy at least one of the 6 rolls would crit them and they would be debuffed for a LONG time. I remember this the most with Dragons getting debuffed 20 seconds with blindness which was SO helpful to defeat them.
  4. Yes I meant Priest. That makes sense and I was thinking about single class because so far I'm taking the games advice to not use multi class on my companions until I've played the game more. Making a first playthrough and hopefully I won't restart like I usually do ha!
  5. Generally for Cleric (Edit: Priest) and Druid how do you choose between having more spell options (at a given level) versus having fewer spell options but more passives? At one extreme you could have a very small number of spells to cast but yet have lots of passive abilities and on the other extreme you could have no passive abilities but tons of spell options. I'm playing a first playthrough of PoE2 after having played PoE1 with automatic access to all spells for Druid and Cleric (Edit: Priest)
  6. Haven't looked at the video quite yet but how do I tell where my ship is in relation to the other?
  7. Looking for spoiler lite knowledge. 1) I have bought lots of provisions but I get occasional notification minus morale for hard tack and water. I have other provisions like fruits and grog and things but I don't know how to give it to my crew to make them happier 2) I had a ship fight and I couldn't understand the interface. I won the ship fight because I had bought some canons and muddled through it enough random commands and still won the day Anyone have answers to these or links to spoiler lite basic information? Thanks!
  8. Thanks yet that worked for me. I expected it to be in the 'game' sub menu rather than the 'difficulty' submenu so couldn't find it. I like choosing build design options so that's a feature I wouldn't want to miss out on.
  9. I recently finished up a play through of PoE 1 and enjoyed it very much! Now I met my first companion at level 2 and I cannot level her choices going from level 1 to level 2. In PoE1 I found a setting that for example if I met Kana at level 5 then I could not change attributes or level 1 abilities/choices but I could choose his leveling path from 1 to 5. The esc Options - Game didn't give me a choice on that and I can't find a setting.
  10. Ok I found that Inns have already cooked food and Narmer in Copperlane market has produce to make your own food. But shopping at every Inn yielded plenty of food.
  11. I've experienced a difficulty spike in the Adra Dragon and part of my strategy that worked was to pre-buff with food. Killed the Adra and now gunning for the Alpine. But my question is if there are particularly good places to buy ingredients for food items? I know I suppose towns and defiance bay etc but anyone know particularly good place?
  12. It says the effects of feign death last 10 seconds. Does this mean the rogue casting it is invisible and unassailable for 10 seconds BUT they also are prone and unable to act? Or can they act at any time? I might take it as I already have backstab talent but if it generally incapacitates him for 10 seconds that would be a huge loss of tempo and probably better off not having?
  13. Victory! Ok after studying abilities etc shuffling gear etc I got to near the dragon with all consumable slots organized and lots of food (chicken, beef, jerky, and pie) x6 eat up. Put a priest level 2 spell of sealing and a trap from my rogue. At dialogue with Adra Dragon everyone ate a Bulwark potion and retreated behind traps. Nobody injured/prone by wing buffet except Eder and Zahua and they have passive healing. The Dragon and Adragans advanced on them. The retreated people summoned some allies Adra Beetle to distract from finishing off Eder and Zahua. Durance granted a Crown of Faithful and Aspiring Aggrandizing Radiance. Meanwhile Maneha was wielding the Blade of the Endless paths (marking) and she cast two buffs while durance was buffing. One for the whole team from scroll to enhance defenses. My MC Rogue cast protection from fear and he was wielding a wand (that not usually use) because it had marking. He also cast his spell that buffs up all his stats as being a main character to go to Act 3. The Grieving Mother also made use of the 2 rounds not sure maybe a scroll of valor? Then we readvanced with Maneha and my Rogue MC using marking weapons soon the Grieving Mother hit with Whispers of Treason and got over 20 seconds of Charm. While the Adra Dragon killed Adragans and other enemies our crew healed, buffed, helped kill Xaurips and Adragans. So at this point we are a highly buffed team facing a lone Adra Dragon. My MC shot with his unqique blunderbuss leadspitter and scored a Blindness critical hit which gave 20 seconds blindness. Then critical hit with a withering attack his other uqique gun forgiveness (sneak/deathblow) for more massive damage. He then spammed One handed melee attacks with Resoultion (durganned and cold lash). He was the MVP in terms of dealing damage. Everyone else made use of their time (example Durance resurrected the Grieving Mother) and by this point the battle was already decided. Victory and DING level up to level 14!
  14. I still haven't attempted again. Just considering the above advice first which was appreciated. I am planning on using this tough difficulty spike to study my spell lists and abilities. A couple of questions. When you say 'buff devotions' does that mean the priest spell "Devotions for the faithful"? I don't have all of the abilities mentioned. Missing on Zahua Force of Anguish, Long pain, and Dichotomous Summons. Not sure of I have tactical Meld which is I think a Cipher ability that I haven't needed thus far because usually can just out accelerate the 'boss fights" with buffing ie no dragon breath and tail/wing etc. Good idea to use Maneha to a purpose of controlling Dragons friends and I can give her level 3 scrolls. I am thinking to switch Zahua's boots of speed to her giving her +3 speed and Zahua will have +3 instead of +6 (boots +3, +1 talent, +2 ability).. Then those two can run to where needed. If the dragon comes after them then maybe can distract it by running away and potioning could give the others some time. I'm going to examine weapons again. Thusfar I haven't had a challenge like this dragon so I'll have to notice which properties will be important like raising ACC (marking) for Whispers and Knockdown. I thrashed the sky dragon with what I consider my conventional tactics. Looks like Adra is Burn and Shock immune. High Fortitude defense. Immune: stuck, frighten, terrify, petrify. Ok going to identify strategies on each team member. See what can be cast before combat. Maybe use some of the dozens and dozens of traps I have saved up.
  15. I tried a few times with level 13 party: Eder, Maneha, Zahua (front row) and Durance, the Grieving Mother, and Rogue Main Character who uses 4 weapon slots for 2 guns and 2 one handed melee cleanup. I'm playing on Normal difficulty setting. I was surprised how much huge amount of damage not to mention status the Adra dragon did to me. The first plan was to have Durance and others try to accelerate buffing but I never even got off a first round Crowns of the Faithful and very soon had 2 dead and 4 almost dead and wasn't able to recover. So it appeared the strategy of staying all packed in a small radius and out buffing (then start debuff) did not work too well. So I tried again with more spreading out and also died. I lasted longer but didn't quite look promising to just reload and wait for RNG. I'm going to think about it more today and tomorrow. I went back to a save before climbing down to where the Adra dragon is and I looked at my inventory and stash and crafting options. I made 6 Bulwarks versus Elements and looked at everyones Lore level and choose potions, summoning items, and food that they can eat. I crafted some more scrolls like against fear and more defenses and moon well, Maybe try Maelstrom and Paralyze for the Grieving Mother when she doesn't have Focus. I still need to finish up that process and make sure people have enough healing potions options and other ideas. I figure if it is still out of reach I will try to do more quests in Act 3 to level up or start WM2. Maybe try the Alpine Dragon (haven't fought yet)?
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