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  1. Cool I've read around a little and find that you cannot sell your old ships. Too bad. I wonder if you can get the ship achievement for having each ship if you buy them all and go back to a saved game? Or even buy different ships on subsequent, separate playthroughs? I had already intended to do 4 total playthroughs with one playthrough for each faction. I could take 1 extra ship per playthrough? Voyager Huana, Dhow Principi, Galleon VTC, and Junk for Rautai empire people.
  2. I think I'm going to go for it with a new ship and considering my options. When I buy a new ship can I sell my old one? The Dyrwoodan Sloop? I have about 120 k gold and probably some unique weapons and craftables if I really need to sell if I get low on gold. I have lots of food and drink for crew. I'm thinking to go with Dhow or Galleon? The Dhow wouldn't be as big a jump but maybe I want to jump all the way to Galleon? Also I'm a Priest of Wael and Conjurer going to align with Principi if that matters.
  3. PS4; normal difficulty My party is level 18 I've cleared lots of quests but still to do Ashen Maw meet Eothas. Bounties have lead me to ships to destroy to meet bounties that are much bigger than my ship. I have upgraded my ship I started with buying it new sails etc. My tactic in ship combat is to have far guns on one side (2 with beginner ship) and close up guns on other side (2 with beginner ship). I maneuver to far range then stop (more accuracy) then fire. Then I close range for close guns and jibe or maneuver to other side (close guns), stop, and then fire. Rinse and repeat. With these most recent bounties they had 5 guns on each side so I just boarded them and I was much higher level combatants so I win. But my question is on this my first playthrough would it be fun to buy the biggest, baddest, best ship and explore the game in that way? Is it fun? Any tips on ship combat? Thanks!
  4. Hi yes PS4 has those on main menu also. Thanks, I didn't think of that. Must be that I haven't run into the quest trigger to start S or F quite yet.
  5. PS4 Hi I'm returning to my playthrough I abandoned last April. My character is level 18, and I'm reviewing what quests I've done, need to do, equipment, abilities, game mechanics, etc..... What I need help with is how to tell if I have the DLC or do I need to install? The Beast of Winter is definitely in my install (PS4) because I have a quest notice to travel somewhere. The Seeker, Slayer, Survivor? I'm not so sure of. Do I have to travel somewhere in particular to "trigger" the quest? Same question with The Forgotten Sanctum? Do I need to travel somewhere to trigger? Also what sequence would you do for these DLC? I'm at the part of the main quest where I haven't met with Eothas at Magran's teeth yet. Thanks and it's good to come back to the POE 2 world!
  6. Hi I'm making a quirky play through with a scientist and animancy positive chanter (later to meet Pallegina) who is also very curious about Adra and Eothas. This character is also being designed as a beckoner chanter and I want to experiment with using explosives and arcane consumables. I think the downside of consumables is the action economy but chanters tend to accumulate phrases slowly anyways. I managed to pick up Konstanten in the Wild Mare and making him a skald. So I retrained in the Wild Mare and I was wondering what phrases overlap, from two different chanters, if you have a second chanter also chanting? I suppose ability inspirations don't stack but what about other types of phrases? Any exceptions? I'm not asking if having two chanters is a great tactical decision as I'm only playing with a lite difficulty though scaling encounters up. That's a good question though too and don't mind a derail as long as not too much a derail. Thanks, I am really enjoying the lore I hope I get to continue and thanks!
  7. https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/The_Eye_of_Wael PS4 platform (if matters) Priest of Wael slash Conjurer found a weapon of his namesake and quite thrilled by such an event! I'm going to try to decide how to enchant it. Dilema #1 Lidless Gaze or Shrouded Strike Lidless Gaze gives a 1/rest strong ability (see link) whereas Shrouded Strike Gives a random affliction when critical hitting with the scepter. I take Lidless Gaze because I'll not use the scepter often over a summoned weapon. And Terrifying and Petrifying gives two types of strong hard Crowd Control Dilema #2 Form Phantasmic or The Hundred Visions Form Phantasmic gives a random defensive illusion spell when bloodied. My assumption is that it only triggers when it is in my hand and not just in a quick slot?? So that wouldn't be useful when not equipped and also I am often prebuffed with Llengrath's Displacement and/or Mirrored Images. The Hundred Visions gives +2 to Illusion Power levels. Assumption is it has to be in my hand to affect power levels of Illusion. Assumption #2 the Wael priest illusions are coded as Illusion so this should affect them right?? Displacement, Mirror Image, Gaze of Adragan, Confusion, and Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment I would probably take the second because I can weapon switch to get the buff when I choose to cast an illusion spell, whereas I won't hold scepter in my hand often for Form Phantasmic. I'll usually have a Wizard weapon summoned. Note: as a conjurer I can't cast (as a) Wizard illusions
  8. Thanks everyone! Second question on Mirke. I have a shield Tuotilo's Palm that has the property "brawling" that makes it count as an off hand weapon. What happens if she has two weapon fighting talent? Would that apply to Tuotilo's Palm? If so I might give her that talent and have fist/shield in one weapon swap and pukestabber + ? in the other weapon swap. Just out of curiosity what about: What happens if she has weapon and shield talent? Would that also apply to Tuotilo's Palm? What happens if she has both of those talents (two weapon and weapon and shield)? Would they both apply? Thanks
  9. PS4 (interface etc) Hi I'm doing a pirate run through of Deadfire with a Conjurer slash Priest of Wael. Mirke is one of my crew members and I found a dagger that suits her because she is a drunk monk street fighter. The dagger gives bonuses when drunk, but also has a hangover that makes you vomit and other weird stuff perhaps. I have just found the dagger so haven't seen that. The dagger also gives large bonuses while drunk. I have lots of: ale, rum, beer, etc but whenever I try to put in quick slots to drink in battle it says food is only for resting. So how does that work? Anyone played a drunk character before?
  10. I really like using consumables in crpgs, but my current play through my main character and companions generally have better things to do with their actions than use consumables. Is there a build type (or general pieces of information to consider) that can use consumables but can also rapidly blow through their class resources? I've noticed that Barbarian (Sarafen as witch) can use up his Barb resources pretty fast using his rage and mighty blows. For consumables could be: drugs, potions, scrolls (arcana), explosives
  11. I think you might need a slashing or piercing damage in weapon switch for enemies with strong armor against bludgeoning? So maybe have a sword in other slot which deals best of slashing/pierce? Not certain because also just starting out in Deadfire.
  12. On my previous play through I made sure to complete every possible quest (excluding WM2 and depths of the Od Nua) before I advanced to Act 3. This current play through I have done much the same, but I have curiosity for whether this is necessary? Is there a better time to go to Act 3 than the way I've been doing? This play through I haven't opened the Battery but I have the cantec and tile. But mainly I am just curious what the impact of advancing to Act 3 sooner would be?? Thanks
  13. It has been called "cheese" since I remember on Gamebanshee forum in the early 2000s. Then it was Baldur's Gate "cheese"
  14. It seems true from what I read that if you get an affliction you can cure it with an inspiration. For example if staggered by an enemy cure it with Barbarian Frenzy or another might inspiration eg priest Holy Power. So can you stack up positive effects? Like Use Holy Power on a Barb Frenzy to get Tenacious? Or use Holy Power on a Barbarian Berserker who already has Tenacious to grant Energized? Or stack negative effects. So Stagger after Daze to give Stunned?
  15. You could become a Blacsonn user: + 3 Perception + 25 Defense against Groundattack - 2 Dexterity https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Pillars_of_Eternity_drugs The bonus to ground effects might allow a scroll strategy to help like Tanglefoot on top of yourself. Hobbled from tanglefoot: -2 Dexterity -20 Reflex -3 Move Speed Allows a rogue's Sneak Attack Maybe there's an even better ground effect to make them easier to hit. Example - deflection or whatever defense the Dragon Threshed or whatever the important Damage per Second is...
  16. I think that with dual wield the knockdown attacks (and a talent for an extra knockdown per encounter) are full attacks so can be good with dual wielding. I don't know about the best set up though as I just play normal difficulty.
  17. Or they could be actually having problems staying sane. They could even be turning to Animancers to try to find help with that. Or turning to a deity. Or even turning to some of the substances like snow cap for peering through to higher planes or white leaf for a calming effect. Or save the idea for a future play through.
  18. Is there an advantage to scoring an interrupt at the same time as a status effect that prevents their action? For example fighter using knockdown and knocking them 'prone' while at the same time scoring an interrupt?
  19. PS4, Normal difficulty, no AI used, RTWP understand that higher concentration prevents interruption. But in my experience I am busy micromanaging. I have auto-pause after any character uses an ability or kills an enemy so I have plenty of pauses to reassign actions. Sometimes I manually pause when I see a melee guy who is not using many abilities has no target. But with being focused on each characters next action I don't really have a sense of when I am interrupting enemies or conversely not much sense of getting interrupted. It does say it in the combat log, but I don't notice much. My Main Character is a priest and I selected Holy Meditation as a level 1 Mastered Spell so that starts my team off with a dose of Concentration. But does anyone have anything to add to the importance of the dynamic of Concentration/Interruption?
  20. Hi thanks everyone for their comments. I'm still slowly playing/leveling when I get a chance. I hit level 8 *ding* and thinking which talents for my priest (starting stats in first post here). Talents so far: Interdiction, Painful Interdiction, Inspring radiance.. In a previous play through I used Durance and he started fights with Holy Radiance (Inspring and Agrandizing) buffing the party. This time I'm using the Main Character Priest a little different and I'm opening with different abilities and using Holy Radiance to turn the tides of battle. I'm only on Normal difficulty so it's a case of just a different experience of the ability rather than saying an opinion of when to use Holy Radiance.. I mean opening 1/encounter is pretty efficient use to raise accuracy.. Anyhow at first I was thinking of trying out Brilliant Radiance, but it seems it is a small damage and I've even read older threads saying it only adds small damage to vessels and the small damage that's supposed to be to all enemies doesn't work. Or is it that the displayed damage doesn't show to non-vessels? And I don't know if it should or does add the frightened effect to all enemies? So I was thinking of taking Sanctifier instead just to give the feel of a home run against Vessels with Holy Radiance and then see what forum members think about Brilliant Radiance and the other many options?? Thanks
  21. You could also count the foe talents like: beast slayer etc.. + 25% damage to a type of enemy and I guess you could assume that only 1/5 of opponents are susceptible. So I guess on average +5% damage (+25% *1/5)
  22. Difficulty setting: Normal I have the game on PS4 now which means I can be upstairs where I can watch the dog while playing. So I'm trying a play through with a priest of Wael. The initial idea to try to make a front row Priest, but based on performance even at level 1 the low endurance of a priest and small damage output it seems like a bad idea. So I decided to take a different eventual party composition and have my Priest of Wael as a back row character. I've picked up Eder and Aloth and now level 3. But I was just curious if my idea was not terrible and did I just not implement right? Here's the level 1 build plan: Wild Orlan Might 14, Consitution 9, Dexterity 12, Perception 12, Intelligence 15, Resolve 16 Iximatl Plains, Philosopher Lore, Athletics, Survival (small), Stealth (small), Mechanics (none) Level 2 talent Interdiction
  23. Does anyone know (on PS4) the commands to rearrange portraits in order to get "front line" characters in front and "back row" characters in back?
  24. Oh interesting I always made that wrong connection thinking that Raedric was an ally of Waidwen during the war. I only play on a medium difficulty (forget the name of the one I play on) so by the time I clear White March I and begin White March II there would be no need for the archers anyhow as the fight gets easier as you get access to more abilities.
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