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Found 24 results

  1. I'm experiencing a repeat conversation between Aloth/Iselmyr and Eder every time we rest..the one where she talks to Eder and tries to get him to kiss Aloth as a prank. Every time we rest, no matter where it is, this conversation gets triggered. I don't know what is making it repeat upon every rest. I believe when it first happened was at the Engwithian ruins with the giant construct and the missing Vailian expedition party. (I forget the name) This has been going on, even after a reload. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  2. I am relatively confident in Pallegina's build, and there are many guides as to which spells are good for priest/wizard/druid/chanter/cipher. But Edér... man, I have no idea how to set him up effectively (without either changing his class or his stats). I originally thought just to copy one of the Lady of Pain builds, but they don't seem to work that well for some reason. I would think that a build around Defender would work well with a not-so-tanky party. Taking Defender, Rapid Recovery, Confident Aim, and... that is where I stop having any ideas... Currently, I switch around his weapon setup like they are socks. twohanded, dualwield, SnS-style. The latter seems a bit obsolete, as I already have both Kana and Pallegina with SnS, and of course my whole backline as a backup weapon set. Also for disengagement attacks, I think 2handed stuff would work best?
  3. Link to Edér Black Jacket Subclass Mod on Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/302/ Link to Pistol Modal Mod on Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/309 Link to Edér Black Jacket Subclass + Pistol Modal Mod on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662064117 (old, bundled version) New version 1.1 updated 13th March 2019, changelog in new post below and at Nexus Mod page First mod I have published, should work with Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire version 4.1.2. If you have problems or find bugs with this, please let me know. The mod should work if you enable it and start a new game and choose Edér as Swashbuckler for your party. Compatibility with other mods is not tested. Mod files are separated by function if you are interested in customizing further or sneaking a peek. This mod is made with Turn Based mode in mind, and includes along with the Black Jacket subclass added for Edér a change to the Pistol Weapon Proficiency Modal, now called Fast Draw. The Pistol modal is next to useless in Turn Based Mode, which is why the change is included. Read below for descriptions. Created to be played with the Turn Based Mode (Version 4.1.2. at time of Mod Creation, February 21st 2019). Should work with fresh new start games. Please report bugs and errors and give comments and suggestions! Thank you. Edér as Swashbuckler gains Black Jacket Fighter subclass. Pistol Weapon Proficiency Modal Modified; Fast Draw (-50% Reload Initiative, +10 Acc vs Targets < 3 meters Range, -10 Acc vs Targets > 5 meters Range.) Starting with Escape as Level 1 Rogue ability instead of Crippling Strike. Sabre and Pistol Weapon Proficiencies (Fast Draw), instead Medium Shield Proficiency. Starting gear Sabre and Pistol, ditching War Bow and Medium Round Shield. - Edér gains Black Jacket subclass for his Swashbuckler (Fighter + Rogue) - Black Jacket is a Fighter sub class, that gets +1 Weapon Sets and can swap between Weapon Sets freely but has weaker Constant Recovery passive healing skill - Edér gets a Sabre and Pistol after you recruit him into your party - Edér has Escape as his Rogue Level 1 skill instead of Crippling Strike - Edér has Sabre and Pistol Weapon Proficiencies and no longer Medium Shield proficiency - Pistol Proficiency has been tweaked to be more interesting for Turn Based Mode as of 4.1.2. - Changed Pistol Proficiency Rushed Reload, -50% Reload Initiative, -15 Accuracy to Fast Draw Fast Draw [Pistol Weapon Modal] -10 Ranged Accuracy against targets farther than 5 meters with Pistols. +10 Ranged Accuracy against targets closer than 3 meters with Pistols. -50% Weapon Reload Initiative with Pistols. Drawing the pistol with haste, gain close range Accuracy at the cost of long range Accuracy. Reload Initiative is halved.
  4. Hey guys, this is my first time playing Pillars, I have XP with RPG's (Baldur's, NWN, Fallout's + I'm an D&D Master, so I'm playing on Hard). I created a Meadow Folk Aedyr Dissident Wizard, and since I wanted to roleplay I tried to not min/max attributes (I was also very lucky to discover that Might wasn't STR otherwise my wizard might have gotten that attribute below 10). I have Mig: 12, Con: 9, Dex: 13, Per: 14, Int: 15, Res: 12 I only got a 15 in Intelligence, because it was only used for AoE and Duration of Spells, which didn't sound very appealing.. Also I didn't want to get low Resolve, since a Watcher and a Leader needs to have this atribute above average. Well, my first mate was Aloth, which wasn't great (2 wizard seemed really squishy), luckily I then grabbed Eder, later Durance and after that Kana. I'm lvl 5 atm and going down to Endless Paths of Od Nua 6 after killing the drake, though I should probably go to Defiance Bay (haven't been there yet). Now, I would like to know two thinkgs: 1) Is it possible to use my mage as a Spellsword? I want to differentiate it from Aloth (which I want to do the CC) since now both mages look very similar (both have Arcane Assault and Scepter, and a Rapier as a 2nd weapon. I got talents in Blast & One Handing Style and Aloth in Blast and Weapon Focus: Noble. If it's possible, can you link a spellsword build? Also, Aloth is using his Armor which has like 30% recovery and I'm using Rundl's FInery (15% recovery but +2 Int). But If I want him to do CC and me to do some rapier work, I should change those items, right? If Spellsword isn't recommended with those stats, what is? 2) I like my party, having Durance is a little like having Edwin in BG1. He restores endurance and does some dmg (I'm still using his staff and robe and the talents I took were Brilliant Radiance and Inspiring Radiance). Eder tanks everything (Weapon & Shield + Hold the Line with Ilfan Byrngar's Solace and Resolution or Gaun's Share & Larder Door. Me and Aloth do some dmg. And Kana chants, summoning stuff (Ancient Memory + Beloved Spirits, and he either gets the 3 skeletons, the white worms and has some cc on The Thunder Rolled..) with Justice as his double handed sword. But I noticed their stats are somehow polarized, so I was trying to get best builds for them. Is there any guide for their best talents and abilities? Thanks!!!
  5. Eder as a Rogue or Swashbuckler receives a skill bonus from the Berath's Blessings Skill Bonus for Insight instead of Sleight of Hands.
  6. So I have the magistrate's cudgel equipped on Eder, and the initial ability on it is "Judge: Marked for 30.0 sec on scoring Hit, +10 Accuracy against targets affected by Judged effects." this works the first hit after equipping it or switching weapon sets in combat, after that the debuff no longer gets applied to enemies, I've had Eder enter combat by himself to try this. You can earn the first level still by switching his weapon sets around until it unlocks but after that it still doesn't apply the effect. I'm unsure if there is an ability overwriting it or anything or if its unique to only Eder, I wouldn't know since I haven't bound it to anyone else. I should note that this is my second play through and I've only experienced this bug running the Beta Patch 73. My original game didn't have this problem in the regular release client. I'll upload my latest save. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvp78kvfbv2o95j/Bug%20Report%20Magistrates%20Cudgel.zip?dl=0
  7. First and foremost. Vela spawns now with the beta patch, so do the swords, and Eder has the correct history, (yay!!!). But, its unstable. (surprising). Vela disappeared when the ship was repaired. Basically removed from the game. Playing this save a bit longer brings you to a crash when Serafen is suppose to join. (I have the crash log saved if you would like them). Loaded a save right before that, no crash, but instead he just walks away instead of joining. I loaded an even earlier save (this time before the ship repair. Vela is now on board. However after speaking to her once all her dialogue is generic sailor ones, such as "I sailed worse seas" which seems really weird for your 5 year old daughter to say.... ​ Playing that save version further reveals some interesting issues. ​Serafen's recruitment bug seems tied to which dialogue you use to accept him. ​The first option "Welcome Aboard, Serafen" works, while the "I'm sold." I'm sold line after further questioning does not. Adding further: ​Went straight to Port Maje after recruiting Sera, did a few quests "Drunk sailor", "Better Man", "Restoring order", "Burning Bridges", and hired crew mates. After returning to ship (I quick saved right before going back on) and Vela disappeared again, it wasn't until the third reload, that she showed back up, with a lovely conversation about crabs in Eder's boats. Still using generic crew responses though, "the mariner salutes". ​Also hotkeys for things like journals randomly stop being responsive and sometimes start being again, but its more not than do." ​On the way to Neketaka for the first time, after the chimes and godly round robin, Vela disappears again, loaded the auto save created several times and it doesnt seem to fix it like save scrumming earlier did (or maybe I'm just throwing bad rolls). ​Alright ​I checked my earlier save right before to make sure she is there, she is. ​Replayed the chime scene 4 times, and each time reloaded the autosave after 3 times, I check both inside and outside, and I switched up my dialogue choices during the god chat. No Vela. Something about that scene unspawns her it seems. ​Another interesting quirk. ​I went ahead and did the sunk Giftbearer vessel script event and Vela unspawned after that as well. It might be that scripted events unspawn her for some reason. ​Version [ (1153)] ​Somehow Vela got retroactively deleted from all my saves, even one where i was right next to her. She's in the picture for it and everything, but wont reappear regardless of save scrumming.
  8. I played as a wizard and accidentally kill eder in the first fight with fire spell ! When the ship wrecked and i regain consciousness at the beach ,eder is gone !! Is it a bug ? Because after fight he should be resurrected ?No?
  9. At the start I told him "I will do this myself" - did he take it so harshly he left Deadfire completely? PS: Also an option for them to join the party but wait on the ship would be convenient!
  10. In my first stab at the game, Eder's quest triggered right after Xoti joined my group. I restarted from the beginning, changing my start game choices and now his quest has not triggered. Does anyone know what the actual trigger for the quest is? Could it be you don't get the quest under certain start game conditions? Thanks
  11. In the Kraken Tavern no one has dialogue except the barkeep (guards/cook etc say or do nothing when clicked.) Also choices from PoE1 don't seem to be taken into account (Eder joined Night Market? Didn't become Mayor like in my PoE ending?) Anyone else having these issues? Couldn't see them on here. Thanks!
  12. I'm not too excited about the whole ships and ship combat lark, I mean i'm glad it's there just for variety but I really want a story that is much more intense than the first game, some good drama parts like with Yoshimo in BG2. I want to see some really hard fights as well. Even in Veteran/Hard or whatever it is called, I want some difficult fights. I remember the early days of BG1 the fights with... Mulahey and Davaeorn were really tough, I want some bosses like that. 'Normal' guys but really tough. I know it's probably because i just sucked at the game they were hard because now i understand it they are a joke, but i want that feeling again. Going into the unknown and getting my arse handed to me. On a side note, one of the funniest lines in the game is Davaeorns apprentice when he says something like 'Yes sir, that's right i'm reasonably sure i'm not going to be getting involved in anything like this again!'. Have we got to a point now where we're not allowed to say we want something like BG1/2 because people get too annoyed?
  13. Hi All, I am struggling to interpret what the game is telling me here in combat. I have attached a screenshot that shows details of Eder, the Outlaw Barbarian he is fighting and the weapon he is wielding. Eder is wielding Guan's Share, which should do 12-18. In the screenshot I have attached, the Outlaw Barbarian has a damage reduction of 7. Eder crits the Outlaw Barbarian for 5 crush damage. Why is saying his weapon is ineffective? Why does a crit do so little damage? Thanks! This is a brilliant game and I am really enjoying spending time on it. Rob
  14. Hey, Can't find info on what's in Edér's pipe! As a farm guy he should be fond of Goldrot Chew, but I don't know for sure if it's possible to smoke that one... Word "сhew" indicates that it's being chewed, on the other hand there is non smokable chewing tobacco, still may it be Edér's preference? My guess it's whiteleaf - he is so calm and it's common in Dyrwood... I guess he should be more relaxed if it's swef, but who knows?! Carow Golan - could it be something to smoke? We should know more about ripple sponge, maybe some aumaua will share their wisdom... most certain it's for chewing as well, still most of thing could be smoked. Snowcap is another category / story, and we already have Zahua. Will we know more about this in Deadfire? What do you think?
  15. Okay so apparently Eders writer resigned or was resigned. From what i gathered its because on reddit subreddit Gamerghazi identified him as man who wrote those posts http://i.imgur.com/n8Moni6.jpg (there is suspicion that someone on RPG codex snitched on him) Now i normally i wouldnt be one questioning employee resigning over controversy but in current societal atmosphere and Obsidians mishandling of the Limerick Incident it think its reasonable to ask if Similar case happened again. Especially considering this is not stupid Limerick that isnt going to impact the game But Writer Departing due to this incident Whetever Voluntarily or by the way of being Volunteered, Is going to impact the game. And with People such as Chris Avelonne Leaving Obsidian. It makes me think if Obsidian is changing into something more Mainstream, And With Sawyer being The one of the only Senior members at Obsidian it makes me bit wary, Considering in GameDev business you need someone to tell you. No that is bad idea. Look at Molyneaux. I dont want Molyneaux type situation to happen with Sawyer.
  16. Romances in video games. Interesting topic it is. Sometimes spark some heated discussions like 1st time Bioware showed some blured blue buttcheaks in ME1 (the horror), or Overwatch Tracer showed off her glutes, not to mention PoE tombstone with joke about transsex in world full of general prejudice. Players seems to be more exited about making war not love, at least in virtual fiction. So what do You think about romances in video games, more specific crpg? As for memorable examples: Mario and Zelda (or is it Link?) the first example of using sex drive to motivate players to smash head against the walls or abuse maschrooms. Witcher 2 or Deus EX HR, we was on quest to rescue our princess. There was probably some world domination plot also, not sure. Witcher 3, rescue the world yadda yadda, also some father-daughter relationship, this game is mosty about spending time with your daughters before great white cold gets us all. Also this game sometimes punish player if he playes to much with women hearts. Thumbs up for hilarious dialogues and love interest being own being not just token. Baldurs Gate 2, numerous instances, like party members fighting for MC affecion, or Hydralisc Scoundrel wooing Aerie out of party, or being able to turn Dark Drow a bit less dark. Dragon Age Origins: we could perform demonic abortion which changes ending and future of the world. ME123 FF7 (and more) as soon as we know each other she will die in most horrible way. Dragon Age Inqusition, Dorian and Iron Bull are romance interest, gay, and complex characters. KOTOR1 with a power of love we could cure dark side. Persona jRPG... that is some different way to play, but some people like it. Mass Effect 123 if we romance Liara it makes much more sense why she spends so much resources on saving commandor Shepard. On the other hand there are examples of showing sex in the very casual way like Witcher 1. Probably not that bad (it is not like you are forced to do it). However need to decide if we show romance as serious plot element or joke (sex jokes always good). Some thoughts: Spending all time together in enviroment full of threat and adventure leads to bonding and affection. Ignoring that is another game simplification (nothing bad). Romances could lead to greater immersion into story or be just other field of roleplay. Is my character romantic or more casual or prude? We could use romance interest for something, drive the main plot or start sidequest. Could allow advanced interaction with CNPC, like manipulate to dark side or something Allow more emotional exposition (most characters will not open too much even to their trusty leader) which some people enjoy. Dont need to be consumed before boss battle. Could carry on for whole game never having final declaration. Romances are interactive, which is abit better than lore stream of usual companion conversation. How to do good: Unless main quest drive should be optional. Needs more dialogue options about love interest being our favorite companion since Garrus or dreaming about future. Love interest will probably be jealious for our "side quests" Possibility of screwing our romance over if we hooing too much, or make other major mistakes. Love interest dont need to approve all our action. Having moody but extreme loyal companion... that is something. Love interest needs to be interesting as character on its own, even as bro Not all lovers need to be punchy, cute, soft and have dramatic trauma from the past. Need option to end at any given time, magic is gone and i feel nothing. Had PoE1 romance potencial? Well, Eder was already very dedicated almost worshiping watcher, also he is a simple man who probably couldnt resist magic girl who can literally touch his soul. But that would require more dialogue text, probably some sidequest to show us affection, and some scene under the stars talking about future in the stronghold with mini zoo full of soft creatures. Pallegina, that would be another story, probably not consumed in any way, since she is bond by her duty and order. Diplomatic immunity does not protect against charm. That would be interesting if we tried, and she even wanted, but cant since duty. Real knighty story. Aloth, it will be Aloth in the streets, Iselmyr in the sheets. Romances generally increase production cost, since more text, and also it probably be better if we have companion quest to interact with choosen one, and we need skilled copywritter which is resource on its own. Not easy stuff. Some ideas?
  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I made it to Gilded Vale and spoke with Eder (one of the 'known' companions). I just followed the natural flow of the conversation...don't recall telling him to "pi** off" or anything...and he basically ended the conversation saying "Welcome to our fair town" or something. Now, whenever I speak to him he just says that and ends dialogue. Have I somehow missed the opportunity to recruit him? I don't recall offending him or anything (ie. some reason he wouldn't offer to join up). Thanks in advance for any feedback! In the meantime, I've had to recruit an adventurer from the inn, but I'd rather have the scripted companions in my party!
  18. HI, I seem to have a, mostly cosmetic, issue. When I try to talk to Eder about Eothas, the [Eothas] option is bugging out. (I am an Eothas priest). In the list of conversation options, the special [Eothas] option says: *Missing companion_cv_eder_hub2 87* The option still seems to function correctly. If I click on it, everything continues as normal. Its just the conversation option description itself that seems buggy. Pic and output.txt attached. Save game was too big. output_log_txt.zip
  19. I got 4 BUGS/PROBLEMS: 1.- Can start the White March missions, cause I can't talk with the steward Like: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81328-cannot-speak-to-the-steward-to-begin-durgans-batter/?hl=steward 2.- Eder keeps wait for talking, but already chosed all options in our conversation 3.- If I respec my character, Savage Attack, keeps available without any need to pick it. And if i choose it during lvl up, i got 2 savage attack available. 4.- The loads time are hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrible.... Here are the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/275k5smif9tnpxc/AADj1vH1AErQUMLlozRIlTSJa?dl=0
  20. I've started a few games on 2.0 to try things out, and one thing I noticed is that if I struck out immediately and nabbed Eder before I got enough experience to hit level 3 before reaching him, he wouldn't get his bonus Weapon Type: Ruffian talent. (So, recruit at level 2, no bonus talent. Level 3, bonus talent.)
  21. I cleared Cliaban Rilag and during the clear I came across a campsite and grabbed the Readceran Standard in a tent. Now, that I've come back with Eder in an attempt to progress in his quest, I cannot. The two looters did spawn and they had the discussion, but afterwards the tent was still empty. It seems the game expected you to loot the standard with Eder in the party, and by getting it early the proper flag cannot trigger. The standard is in my stash under quest items as well. Am I missing a way of interacting with it? I've also looked ahead and it seems I need a cipher to examine the standard, but I've been to Dunyrd Row, and talked to the Grieving Mother and neither presents an option to investigate it (presumably because the quest flag hasn't been triggered) Any suggestions? It was looted after the transition to 1.05 so putting that out there as well. Savegame file: http://www.filedropper.com/db861402c72246f3b05144c61ce3c1ca18466493clabanrilag (I don't have dropbox) LinkOnFire_Specs.txt output_log.txt
  22. Lorsque j'enchante l'"Armure de la Guerre du Saint", celle dont le personnage Edér est pourvu lorsqu'il rejoint notre groupe, en lui ajoutant "De Qualité", elle perd sa réduction des dégâts contre la perforation. Avant : Entaille 9, Perforation 8, Gel 9 Après : Entaille 11, Gel 11 pourquoi ? J'ai rechargé ma sauvegarde de façon à garder l'armure telle qu'elle est avant l'enchantement, mais je m'attends à pouvoir lui ajouter l'enchantement "De Qualité" sans perdre la RD contre la perforation à la suite d'un éventuel Hotfix. Merci d'avance p.s. Ce jeu est une merveille. Merci de lui avoir donné vie.
  23. Songsmith Roska is a bounty that should appear on the map Cliaban Rilag. But she appears only after finishing the quest Fragments of Scattered Faith from Eder and reentering Cliaban Rilag. Sadly the thread about it is not in the Bugs area. Please merge or relocate http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73358-bounty-songsmith-roska/
  24. My main character is an Eothasian priest, I only just recruited Eder. In my conversation with him we talk about his faith in detail, yet I am given no option to tell him that I not only share his faith, but that I am in fact a priest of his church. That felt... weird.
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