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  1. Many thanks ^^ can’t wait to try it out. I think (at least from paper) , this suit my play style very well hehe . :D I just tried it out with an Ancient + Streetfighter and it's pretty great. Drop sporelings as distraction, cast Insect Swarm, Plague and Infestation on the crowd (all foe only), cast a Moonwell and then run into their midst, get flanked and finish off the last ones standing with with Sneak+Deathblows + Boar's raw DoT + Deep Wounds + Greater Wildstrike Corrode. Ring the Bell left and Right - but only attack every enemy once - they will die soon enough from the massive DoTs and y
  2. Many thanks ^^ can’t wait to try it out. I think (at least from paper) , this suit my play style very well hehe . :D
  3. Wow ! Nice idea Boeroer ! Sound fun!! I will start playing right away ! :D For stat, I should max int right ? Thanks a lot ! May be I’ll go int > might > DEx = per then .
  4. I will try it , sound fun to me . I dunno why I like anything that do DOT the most , will stuck with Druid/something build
  5. i am now trying druid(ancient ) /ranger (arcane archer ) . Do you think they are synergistic to each other ? I just want to deal high single damage dps +AOE in one character . But now I dunno which stat should I focus and which companion animal I should use . (I plan to use antelope) I think I will just dump resolve/con and max dex> might > perception > int What do you guys think ? Thanks for suggestion anyway :D Will tell you the result
  6. Thanks , all of you. I am now able to play it after download steam for Mac . It cannot run it on high setting or medium with full resolution (Retina display) but reduce the resolution then it was fine . :D
  7. Return after stop playing it for a while. Found out that there a a lot more subclasses to select But almost every builds here use the old subclasses from patch 2.0 Are the new subclasses suck ? I just wanna play with the new subclasses , please help !
  8. I have MacBook Pro 2018 with integrated graphic . I wonder if I can play this game I already own a copy of this game on my window pc Can I share the license or I have to purchase this game again from Mac App Store Anyone try this game on Mac ? Thanks Sorry for bad English,
  9. I think the archer was at second floor of the house nearby foot print . I tried to enter the house but i couldn’t Due to combat mode . May be it is not bug but real naga ? Will try to sneak in the house.
  10. Hi I just clear the Hasongo area and when me and my party (Soto , Eder, serafen Aloth )walk near the giant foot print (Eothas footprint) the game spontaneously enter combat mode ! I couldn't see any Coral Naga nearby but in the combat window (left bottom ) there were showing “Coral Naga archer Hit .....for ...damage” Any one have this problem , is it a bug or I just cannot find one , but I really try to find the naga and not a single one can be found near the giant foot print ! It occur every time I walk near the giant footprint
  11. Thanks Boeroer Now using hand mortar but will definitely get fire in the hole ASAP. Blunderbuss is really fun to use I love it. !! ^^ And its modal ability is very suitable for street fighter . Will try street fighter/bleakerwalker next playthrough
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