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  1. It still happens and in fact, load times have gotten longer! Please fix this, it's been this way since launch.
  2. I gave it a negative Steam review due to bugs. I will update that review when the game is fixed. Pretty simple really. As someone said in another thread, it feels right now like a $50 beta test with all this bugs they launched with (after a month delay don't forget.)
  3. Are you using level scalling? If so, even if you only scale up it disables the indicator. They call it a feature but i call it bull****. I really hope they fix this ASAP I'm scaling up but only crit path so yeah, guess it's BS indeed.
  4. Anyone else got this? None of my quests are showing skulls whatsoever?
  5. Putting something up for sale, then removing it again deletes the item it seems? Also doesn't count the items. I have 2 pistols, click to put one up for sale, still have 2 but one is now in the trade window. Click again and now both are in the trade window, I have none. Change my mind, want them back, click them, they disappear. I don't receive them back. Cancel the entire trade, check inventory, no items. Still deleted.
  6. Very disappointed to be honest. Delayed a month and save import is totally bugged. Patch next week??? Love PoE, been dying for this so yeah, really disappointed.
  7. In the Kraken Tavern no one has dialogue except the barkeep (guards/cook etc say or do nothing when clicked.) Also choices from PoE1 don't seem to be taken into account (Eder joined Night Market? Didn't become Mayor like in my PoE ending?) Anyone else having these issues? Couldn't see them on here. Thanks!
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