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  1. yep ahhh, thanks! I did notice that same effect in the fight I had afterwards and so assumed it wasn't a creature I killed.. but this post didn't get published until hours later for some reason.
  2. One of the bandits I fought in Dyrford Crossing left behind a glowing star underneath it. What is this? It's cool.. did I kill an angel??
  3. Thank you for all the great replies. The things that are going to stick most are: - Eder's shield is great! - DR has categories I didn't quite realise before. - Accuracy and might are particularly important for damage.
  4. Hi All, I am struggling to interpret what the game is telling me here in combat. I have attached a screenshot that shows details of Eder, the Outlaw Barbarian he is fighting and the weapon he is wielding. Eder is wielding Guan's Share, which should do 12-18. In the screenshot I have attached, the Outlaw Barbarian has a damage reduction of 7. Eder crits the Outlaw Barbarian for 5 crush damage. Why is saying his weapon is ineffective? Why does a crit do so little damage? Thanks! This is a brilliant game and I am really enjoying spending time on it. Rob
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