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  1. Conversation begin: Aloth: "I conne yer look, Eder. Something's champing at ye." Iselmyer watches through Aloth's eyes, looking at Eder in concern." Rather late, but saw that my files didn't attached. Sorry about that...so here is the beginning of that conversation.
  2. Here’s a “screenshot” of the beginning of the Conversation that triggers when I rest Working on the save file
  3. I'm experiencing a repeat conversation between Aloth/Iselmyr and Eder every time we rest..the one where she talks to Eder and tries to get him to kiss Aloth as a prank. Every time we rest, no matter where it is, this conversation gets triggered. I don't know what is making it repeat upon every rest. I believe when it first happened was at the Engwithian ruins with the giant construct and the missing Vailian expedition party. (I forget the name) This has been going on, even after a reload. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
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