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Found 9 results

  1. I'm experiencing a repeat conversation between Aloth/Iselmyr and Eder every time we rest..the one where she talks to Eder and tries to get him to kiss Aloth as a prank. Every time we rest, no matter where it is, this conversation gets triggered. I don't know what is making it repeat upon every rest. I believe when it first happened was at the Engwithian ruins with the giant construct and the missing Vailian expedition party. (I forget the name) This has been going on, even after a reload. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  2. So I was in Dryford Crossing and tried to camp, for some reason none of my party members healed or regenerated their spells. I did use a camping supplies and 8 hours did pass. I was sort of confused so I tried to go back to town and rest at an inn and the same thing happened. My party is not healing with resting, no matter how I rest or where I rest! I also, went back to my past three saves (I save often), but they were also affected by this. I have an older save where resting is working normally, but it was several in-game days ago and I would lose a lot of progress if I had to restart from there. Does anyone know a fix for this? Obviously I can't get much farther in the game until resting is fixed, I've been struggling along as best as I can but Durance and Aloth literally have no spells left and everyone is about one hit from the grave. Haha. Thanks!
  3. UPDATE, April 29 I couldnt' resist the temptation of starting from a fresh slate. There are npc's that let you rest conveniently. I couldn't help it and rested after each fight. I WAS WEAK (Raedric's hold) UPDATE: SOLUTION: I've decided to incorporate a variation of scrotiemcb's idea. Once you enter an area, you can't leave until it's cleared and you've used all your camping supplies. I've defined an area as a place you transition to and from. Example #1: Outside of Readric's hold is an area, once the outside area is clear, you can go rest at an inn, but only when you've used all your camping supplies first. Example #2: Inside of Raedric's hold is an area, once the inside is clear, you can go rest at an inn, but only when you've used all your camping supplies first. Example #3: Radedric's dungeon is technically it's own area, once the area is clear, you can only go back to the inn and rest once you've used all your camping supplies first. Example #4: Magran's fork is an area. You can only go back to the inn to rest when the entire area is clear and you've used all your camping supplies. This seems to be a good starting point. Keep in mind I'm on POTD and TOI settings. OLD ORIGINAL POST: I'm trying to understand why a lot of spells are per rest instead of per encounter. Per rest means after each fight I have to run all the way back to rest at an inn or use camping supplies which is a time sink, this isn't really a penalty and more of an annoyance. Keep in mind I play on POTD, TOI, blind playthrough, so I usually don't hold back when fighting. I approach each fight with overwhelming force to ensure victory. The problem is having to constantly use all the camping supplies or having to constantly go back to the inn and rest. Would it really change anything if all spells were switched to per combat encounter instead of per rest? OLD UPDATE: I've come to this conclusion - Since there is no penalty or resource drain for resting, then it leaves the current resting and per rest ability system in a flawed and exploitable state. (Resting for free is exploitable). Btw, I love this game even in the current state so it's not that big of a deal.
  4. Up until today everything has been fine, today while attempting the quest with the dragon spark (can't really recall the name right now), iv'e noticed that resting in or outside the cave does not remove fatigue, nor does it heal my party members. i tried loading the game again, moving to a different map and back and it still doesn't work dxdiag and savefile attached here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2b4quvg9ufnvjzu/AABABZlGvhKdfSLlG8pjy0q1a?dl=0
  5. Sorry but it's really really really terrible! You have to rest everytime you have been in combat just to regenerate your spells. So basically, you need to run around with 8000 campfire kits in your stash? You even run out of spells DURING combat!!! What kind of amateur wizard has to take a nap after casting 4 spells? Wtf, man? Why couldn't you just make the spell system work like Neverwinter Nights or something like that? What's the point of this? I did one hour of playing wizard and got so annoyed and tired of it that I rage-quit the game. Lame, lame, lame.
  6. It seems to me that, at present, there's no really clear distinction between what sorts of things you can accomplish with per-encounter powers and per-rest powers. For instance, a paladin's Lay Hands ability can heal a bunch of stamina - great! And by contrast, a cleric's healing spells can ... heal a bunch of stamina. A rogue's finishing move deals some extra damage, just like various per-encounter abilities. There's a difference in scale, sure, but not in type. The reason this bothers me is that per-rest abilities function in an essentially different space. Like Health, these are the abilities that pace your whole adventure. It feels as though they shouldn't just be bigger, but different. Not that I necessarily know what that would mean: if a per-encounter ability can restore stamina, should a per-rest ability be able to restore health? I dunno. Among other things, this makes spellcasters kind of frustrating to me at the moment - they have this large and complex selection of abilities, but in order to pace themselves, they have to spend a lot of their time not casting spells. That would be okay, I guess, except that those spells feel, intuitively, as though they could be per-encounter abilities without issue. I'm aware that this is kind of rambling, but ... thoughts.
  7. These are some brainstormed ideas in reply to another thread, I understand that Eternity is well underway production. See this more as inspiration for future IP's or future Eternity's. I touch a lot of subjects in a single thread here, the idea is consistent and as a whole simply different puzzle pieces to a larger picture. I call it Diamondman Mode (previously known as "HellMetal Mode" or "Strongman Mode", and reluctantly "Old-Meets-New Mode"), which I find appropriate. This is an idea to get the game as difficult, but manageable, as possible. Rogue-like-ish, and in my opinion an interesting system~formula. - Permadeath (With limited ressurrection in-game side-stories, choices or whatnot, until "Ressurrection Spell" mod or "Temple Mod" etc. etc.) - Diamondman Save System. Start Game. Play Game. Can't Save. Save & Quit. Load Save, Save gets Deleted. Play Game. Save & Quit. Etc. etc. Choice: Use Ironman Save System instead if the game is known to crash on your hardware. - Difficult Economy - Difficult-est AI that act in teamwork and AI micro-manage. -- Stand-outs. Your Fighter stands just waiting for the other AI Fighter is waiting for you to make a move, meanwhile the AI Archers or similar move out. Difficult enough for the Player to hit space, scratch their hopeful and potential beard and practically play a Chess turn. Make a move, and the AI reacts. Turn-Based Reactivity but Realtime with Pause. -- Stand-out Example: So I face a group of 3: --- Enemy has 1 Fighter, 1 Ranger, 1 Priest, All Level 5 --- I have 1 Fighter, 1 Rogue, All Level 8 1. Pause. 2. Move Fighter forward. Stealth Rogue. 3. Unpause. 4. Fighter moves forward, Enemy Fighter backs. 5. Ranger moves to the side, in reaction. 6. Priest stays behind Fighter. 7. Pause. Instead, had I chosen to simply stay the initial position, the Enemy Fighter would have (in this case) stood his ground and not advanced until feasible. Chances are that they would advance instantly, as they would only see 1 Fighter (Rogue Stealthed), 3 vs 1. But because you Stealthed when combat was engaged, the AI would know that the Rogue is there (they just wouldn't be able to see it). So the AI Fighter would still stand his ground, and the Ranger might even stick closer to the Fighter. - Everything above about "Stand-Outs": AI Reactivity to the situation, from their perspective. Tactical Statistic Management (Health, Stamina, [Food & Water?]) - Resting limited to once every 16th in-game hour, Sleep less and your Stamina suffers ([stamina Sickness]) -- 1. Wilderness Resting (World Map). Worst Stamina Gain. No Resting Bonus+Potential Random Encounters -- 2. Camp Resting (Locations). Camp Bonus. Costs resources to light a fire. -- 3. Inn Resting (Towns). Inn Bonus. -- 4. Stronghold Resting (Stronghold). Best Stamina Gain. Stronghold Bonus. - Limited Carrying Capacity - Weight Modifying Stats - Time Passes on your Characters (Aging) and can eventually die of old age (Again, Main Character Dies, game goes on. Adventurer's Hall Companions 100% in attempts to beat the game). - Adventurer's Hall Companions cost money, a lot of it. Leaves if not economically maintained. - Option to turn Adventurer's Hall "Off" entirely. Closed for Business. - No Descriptions. Spells or Abilities have no description, the Player would have to do the Spell/Ability, observe it/the effects and then explain it. - No Map/Minimap equivalent (Draw your own in "Paint" software or with physical Pen & Paper) - No "Updated My Journal". Write everything yourself using an In-Game Journal/Notepad. Write down what NPC's talk about, Quests, objects and observations. Whatever. A game diary/experience. Stamina Example: -- Stamina is 100%, as you fights and wander and time passes, you gradually get lower (say, 80%). -- At 80% you are still at full capacity and gains all "bonuses" from Resting. -- At 60% you choose to drink a glass of water or, heck, eat something. Stamina raises to 70%. -- After a while, you hit 25% or less, and you start to see some minor penalties (Been awake too long? Fought too many battles and made bad moves? Remember: If you lose 75% after Resting in an 1 in-game hour, you wouldn't be able to Rest again) -- At 0% in battle, you would obviously pass out and make a better target [Fainted] -- After battle, gain 10% Stamina to survive with for a while. -- "Waiting" or "Meditating" or maybe even "Gathering Energy" could place one of your characters inactive during combat to tick some extra +1% Stamina Points. Let's call it [short Rest]. Basically the character taking a breather. Again, maybe drinks some water. Life Points instead of Health Points: -- Starting with 10/10. -- As you level up, you gain more (13/13 for instance). If you'd lose 1 LP, down at 9/10, gain a level, you'd be at 12/13. -- Life Points can not be healed. A One-Time-Choice Quest perhaps, "Do I want to Heal all LP or do I want to ressurect a fallen companion?" kind of thing. -- A Life Point is something you can lose in a simple mistake in battle. -- A Life Point would also be lost due to [Aging] -- A game could be played without losing a single Life Point if playing through the game fast enough, but it'd be a challenge to do so for sure. ... and a side-dish option - Game does not end when Main Character dies (Only when the full party dies. In a way, like X-COM missions, you can lose 3 guys but still win with 1 guy. I envision a game (not necessarily PE, but maybe inspiration~). The same goes for Icewind Dale, if one of your characters dies (and you are playing without ressurect) you can still beat the game. Why? Because I believe my [Diamondman] concept is so difficult that your main character could and 70%-80% chance of going down (unless playing really slow, resourceful and thoughtful). And World Map Traveling: - Costs Stamina - Realms of Arcania/Fallout/Ultima+Baldur's Gate Traveling System. -- Be a small (scaled to size of the world, or Fallout Incognito wise) "Ultima"-esque figure/icon on a large beautiful canvas. -- Get a horse, add an appropriate icon. Travels faster, in case there are "Events" in the world that you can intercept. -- Xenonauts Radar Concept, but mobile as the party moves. See a Caravan Icon nearby? Intercept or ignore it, potentially even see some Bandit Icons take over the Caravan. Gives the Player Choice "Do I want to engage in this Random Event now or do I want to observe what happens?". -- Can Rest in the Wilds (or "Wait") - Adventure Game Obstacles: "You need the Monocle of Mirrors to open the 'Gate'" And of course, the most important aspect: - Random Hellfire and Reign of Chaos meteors with demons. TL;DR: Braaaaiiinsssstorm
  8. As a follow up to the discussion on Resting, I was thinking about the kind of useful/optional activities a wilderness campfire might provide for your party. These ideas are based on class skills and/or "Background Professions", which have been discussed in a few threads already. Campfire activities take place outside of cities, and are an abstract way of taking time to achieve a desired result. They also involve an element of pseudo-crafting that should save you money, compared to higher costs in a city. Examples: If you're a Ranger or have the Hunting Profession: - Previously killed wild game = Raw meat + Campfire = Cooked meat = 10 hp Ration Pack - Uncured Winter Wolf Pelt + Campfire + Successful Hunting check = Cured Winter Wolf Pelt = Increased resale value If you're a Druid or have the Herbalist Profession: - Misc. Forest Ingredients + Campfire + Successful Herbalist check = Antidotes / Herbal Remedies If you're a Fighter or have the Bladesmith Profession: - Dull/blunt weapon + Whetstone/Honing stone = Normal (sharp) weapon = Increased resale value If you have the Historian Profession: - Examine and identify certain special items combining the Lore skill. You may discover the actual (increased) resale value If you have the Jeweller Profession: - (Example only) 50gp gem + 10gp silver chain (or ring) + Campfire + Successful Jewellery check = 100gp silver necklace (or ring) = Increased resale value - A Jewellers' Toolkit might contain a basic soldering iron, crimping pliers/pincers, tweezers etc. If you have the Armourer Profession: - Minor armour repairs at campfire, providing there was a mechanism for them to be damaged in the first place. - Even plate armours have leather straps, buckles, and harnesses that can be repaired without a forge - An Armourers' Toolkit might contain a small dishing hammer, riveting tool, leather punch etc. - But you could only repair "poor" armour so it became "average" armour at campfires. You must go to a city to fully repair armour, via a forge or professional blacksmith, with an implied additional cost. - Maybe allow different "states" of armour repair, which also relates to resale value. - 75% - Good - 50% - Average - 25% - Poor The long-term benefit of any profession is to make you money if you intend to create/repair and on-sell mundane items. The suggestions above are only one side to having Professions (the economical side). We need to consider other useful aspects that may affect quest outcomes too. Would anyone use these options around a campfire if they wanted to rest in wilderness areas anyway?
  9. I'm neutral because I adapted fine to all the magic mechanics I've come across. Instead of bemoaning Obsidian's basic decision on spell/ability cooldowns, let's have some constructive discussion on what can be done right with them. From Kickstarter comments Q&A (linked from Known Information sticky): Josh comments: (Geez, it's a fair bit of work to quote things when a thread is locked. )
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