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  1. Screenshots should also be posted in Private Messages no spoilers in this category
  2. A bit off-topic from me here sorry but, I found one solution and that was to gun straight for the story content straight from the start and not deviate from that path whatsoever. Not a single side-quest picked up until that point. Don't know if spoiler but there is a pretty good bottle-neck which would allow you to still feel that "sense of urgency" yet being able to explore widely as you see fit for a little bit without losing that "sense of urgency". On my first character I ended up in the side-mission hell and was a tad bit exhausted. The typical Fallout 4 exhaustion "I must find my son
  3. Of course it is niche. It's been niche from the beginning. Pillars of Eternity also had 30k at it's peak at the start. Deadfire had 22k at its peak start. The dip is expected. That we knew already from the Fig. Pillars 1: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity 73,986 Backers Deadfire: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire 33,614 Backers We already knew this. Also: Have you looked on GoG lately? It was on number 1 like all last week, and now on number 5. Still getting raving reviews, and will sell more along the lines of time. These are 100% cultural classic g
  4. I agree with this. A) It's pretty cheap. I still don't understand how or why it triggers. It has happened twice out of the blue. Also a couple of times I've avoided it like the plague, obvious dialogue choices that obviously lead down the romance path. Only time I actively went down the path was with "lovesome" although, it was more of a "flirt in the moment". Probably leads to third base if I had gone to her without a party. B) The whole idea about companion reptuations seemed to me was going to be expanded upon and how companions felt about each other, about factions, about you. Not ro
  5. Not exclusive to backers, but might possibly be some copywrite dealio~
  6. @Mods: How much are we allowed to share of the PnP here on the forums...? (Legally) Can I copy+paste texts/paragraphs and share? I'd be interested in doing something like this, but need Players, and I would in that case also want to be a part of their character creation process, so I can give carrots, present challenges, and also know origins, secrets and so on and so on. Be a guiding and helping hand through the character creation. Such stuff could work really well in PM's on some medium (Discord? Skype? Obsidian Forums?). OpenRP? (Although, I don't know it well enough) Somewhat wanti
  7. My Battlemage build with Concelhauts was one of my strongest beta builds I made. That and Crusader w/ Pike weapons (Fighter/Bleakwalker) are tied damagewise/survivability in Beta content IME (in my experience).
  8. https://i.pinimg.com/236x/e3/69/46/e3694603510a3a121d13fd78bcd774e2--funny-****-tolkien.jpg
  9. Osvir

    Yes Theory

    Haha, I can't say it better than the YouTube channel, where the ideology is "Yes" it's your choice to go with the impulses. Just wanted to pass forward some positive, but I suppose maybe it would've been better in the signature as a sort of inspirational or optimistic message ^^
  10. Osvir

    Yes Theory

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvK4bOhULCpmLabd2pDMtnA 'Nuff said.
  11. I did kind of for IWD & BG, but I got help from somw friends. They made one character each, and even wrote the Bio for them. I found IWD & BG thinking it was a local Co-Op game xD but I was wrong. So we were a bit bummed after we started, but I continued on. That's why "kind of" because the characters were my friends creations. I usually make custom parties around a "theme" and in optimazation sequences I imagine their personalities during character creation, but not so much during play.
  12. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_(pen-and-paper_RPG) Inspired by: Jagged Alliance Pillars of Eternity Battle Brothers Soloplay (1-Player) or Multiplayer (15-20 Players Max, Potential 3-4 Parties. Parties not a must) 4X, cRPG, TB Free Palatinate of Dyrwood & Deadfire (+ any more lands that may or may not be included in the official PnP, to be released at some point). Interested? Thinking several groups, wrestling for fame, fortune, kingdom, passion, ambition, tyranny, to be a baker, guard, advisor, hero, King, Lord, Hero, Evildoer, whatever. Travel the world,
  13. What Antivirus do you use and is Pillars of Eternity whitelisted?
  14. - Anything with Fighter is solid, safe, and stable, in my experience. Not necessarily the strongest DPS, just simply solid. Devoted/Bleak Walker or Devoted/Conjurer (Quarterstaves or Pikes) does dish out some serious damage though. Unbroken/Shieldbearer of St Elcga is probably my favorite though, up to 5 Engagement targets, just simply a good deterrent to have on the board. I believe I'll have MC+Eder tank it up, and Aloth and Pallegina focus Damage, and Xoti or Tekehu focus Support. Haven't tried Black Jacket, but I imagine an Island Aumaua Black Jacket/Sharpshooter (with Guns) could be a fu
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