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  1. I contacted obsidian support, lets see if it gets through to anyone at Obsidian HQ.
  2. Thats about authorship of the screenshot. If only the maker of the object could upload photo of an object, then there would be not many photos on wikipedia... The guidelines specifically say that screenshots of games are not allowed. From: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Licensing "For example, the following are generally not allowed:...TV/DVD/Videogame screenshots. ..." You might be better off DMing someone from Obsidian and asking them to put some screenshot images into the public domain. Thank you Yonjuro, I honestly did not know this. I previously seen screenshots of games in wikipedia articles but I now learned that they are uploaded on en.wiki locally and not on commons... That could be used here too, but having someone from obsidian to release screens into public domain is a better solution.
  3. Thats about authorship of the screenshot. If only the maker of the object could upload photo of an object, then there would be not many photos on wikipedia...
  4. As of now we dont have any screenshots at all, so I would appreciate any kind... combat, non-combat, inventory look, level-upgrading look, taverns, caves, deserts... anything you can get.
  5. Or you can send me the screenshots by email and I can upload myself if you prefer that. Come on guys, not even one?
  6. Nope, I guess something not obscure/rare, since it should be helping the readers to get a picture of the game and some of them might not be familiar with it... but anything high quality will work since not all the pics that are stored at commons must be used at wikiarticles...
  7. Hi guys, if you have some cool screenshots from your gameplay that you think would fit wikipedia (and other wiki projects) articles, be kind and upload them to wikimedia commons deadfire category. I cant use the existing screenshots from community wikis since they have more restrictive licensing than wikimedia commons has. And I cant use my own screens since I run the game on a laptop on low settings. If you need help with the upload process or have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  8. you have a whole new game with 18 levels (as of stretch goal nearly beaten) to reach this giant adras statue level, I dont see a problem there
  9. I wont be investing the money upon one forum thread, but the more information the better. Fig already tried explaining it and I didnt understand well and when i saw another person not understading it I thought a forum thread about it would be appropriate.
  10. Yes I have seen that, but at the same time there are some posts on this forum (just read it in a thread) from people that state the same, that they do not fully understand how it works... so I thought someone would be nice enough explaining it.
  11. Could someone explain in simple English what to expect from investing into the game through fig shares? There is supposedly huge amount of money going to the game through this channel so I am expecting some of you guys went for it. It would be great if you would add an example like if you invest 1000 USD and the game sells this amount of units, you will gain this amount. Thanks.
  12. these are some good ideas, though I seriously doubt there will be any remaking of the original game
  13. I am sorry if it has been already posted here, but it has been confirmed in the campaign forum that we will be starting at lvl 1.
  14. Aaaaand its funded. Next stretch goal is 1.4M - subclasses (2 subclasses per class).
  15. I cant wait for the game already, backed up 20 secs into the trailer I hope they hurry up with the stretch goals since we are going to hit 100% today (or tommorow the latest)
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