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Please explain the Fig Game Shares

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Could someone explain in simple English what to expect from investing into the game through fig shares?


There is supposedly huge amount of money going to the game through this channel so I am expecting some of you guys went for it.


It would be great if you would add an example like if you invest 1000 USD and the game sells this amount of units, you will gain this amount. Thanks.

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I wont be investing the money upon one forum thread, but the more information the better. Fig already tried explaining it and I didnt understand well and when i saw another person not understading it I thought a forum thread about it would be appropriate.

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Well, you lucked out if you didn't make the leap.  As of yesterday, Fig Shares are less than worthless.  After being assured that our investments would remain unchanged after the acquisition by Microsoft, all Fig Shares were abruptly ended and all investors were cut loose for a grand total of 52% return.

So I lost $2500 (others likely much, much more).  At least I got a Thank You note in a  bulk-email.  I suppose I can print it out and frame it as an expensive reminder.

Edit:  Nevermind, I just noticed your Fig badge.  Sorry, mate. :(

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Noticed Fig badge.
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