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  1. Well, you lucked out if you didn't make the leap. As of yesterday, Fig Shares are less than worthless. After being assured that our investments would remain unchanged after the acquisition by Microsoft, all Fig Shares were abruptly ended and all investors were cut loose for a grand total of 52% return. So I lost $2500 (others likely much, much more). At least I got a Thank You note in a bulk-email. I suppose I can print it out and frame it as an expensive reminder. Edit: Nevermind, I just noticed your Fig badge. Sorry, mate.
  2. I wouldn't mind a Cosmic Cat. Or perhaps an item called Cosmic Catnip that can turn a cat into Cosmic Cat. Game needs a mini-game for collecting cats.
  3. My brother showed me. The shield isn't actually under any of the default categories, even the Armor. I had to click the sort button a second time for all items to be listed. Maybe it is a bug? Shouldn't the Outwarn Buckler be listed under the Armor category at the smithy?
  4. I've looked and looked, and according to the interwebs, the Outwarn Buckler is supposed to be at the Tuatanu's shop in Gilded Vale. It is not available for purchase at all. Is this a bug? Or was the item removed in the latest patch? I do have 3 Paladins in my party, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
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