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  1. Graphics are great. Don't care about ultra high end stuff. Silent protagonist is the best thing imho. Nothing I can complain about. Some stuff like "slow" combay etc gonna wait and see more to pass final judgement - like systems and mechanics. This game already looks very good. More juicy stuff soon, please
  2. The dialogue screenshots shows a clock on the upper right of the box. Timed responses a la Alpha Protocol? Who knows!
  3. Well, Fallout as a game is not dead, but Fallout as essence sure is. Fallout 4 was laughable and I didn't lay my hands on 76, but I haven't seen anyone saying anything good about it. Bethesda has just lost it - even Skyrim, as great as an open world playground as it was, lacked as hell in the story/roleplay part. I'm really excited to see what Cain/Boyarski have layed on the table after all these years and the four points in the steam page hint something great. After all, they never let me down when it came to interesting ideas in roleplaying wether it was Fallout, Bloodlines or Arcanum. Now given their time and a high budget, they must have made the game of their lives
  4. What did I say? :D Anyhow, it looks great - can't wait to see some gameplay and mechanics!
  5. You know what will suck? If they reveal an one minute cinematic and then leave the meaty stuff to be revealed in like 6 months from now I want to know the setting, how it plays and how systems works dammit
  6. @Enoch actually it was a small video (along with a Deadfire update maybe? can't remember for sure) almost made to reassure fans that their game is not a watered down blockbuster action shooter or something. Thanks for the link, though! Nice read.
  7. There was an earlier this year kind-of-interview with the duo (which I'm too lazy to look up and link - feel free to google it ) saying that the game is a AAA rpg - true rpg (they insisted on that) with no microtrasnactions.
  8. Ok... need to calm down a bit... DAYAM! I'm effn' excited! Pretty sure it's the new Cain/Boyarski rpg. The asthetic tells me is a new setting made to "fallout" freely from Bethesd's claws
  9. The game sells it's 756,876th copy as I type. Kidding of course. How do we know what the sells are?
  10. I'm pretty sure they're adding some good dungeon stuff in the combat-oriented dlc, but it's not free.
  11. And those will give you free time? Dayam - I should try too! I have little time for playing so I want my first playthrough to be, you know, good. Yeah I figured out. Was only joking
  12. That's assuming you fight through it and not do anything else. That's the greatness of that dungeon. I did only a medium ammount of combat if not little and I didn't even have a sneaky party. Its ways to be played and resolved were so many and varied and so well executed that, for me, it's a seminarial dungeon. Other designers ahould take notes.
  13. For me the differences are not that big and I don't feel it's mandatory to understand every mechanic in order to play the game effectively, in normal difficulty at least (that's the difficlty I played both games). I play Deadfire exactly as I played Pillars 1. The mechanics are unclear in both games unless you've followed the production up close (by updates and forums) or sit and read every tooltip popup regarding mechanics. That said, my opinion is that both games have very good mechanics and are great overall.
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