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  1. Thank you. I think you should add that link to 1st post with some change log to avoid requests like my post
  2. Do you know if that mod will require new game or it will be save game compatible?
  3. I have request. Can anyone make mod that enable again retargetting of spells for turn based mode??
  4. Will you post this Community Patch on Nexus or steam workshop? And do you have any ETA for this? ( I want to start new game finally)
  5. What is eothas timeline? Do we have any time limits in PoE2?
  6. Is it compatible with latest version of the game? (v4.1.2.0047)
  7. Is there any mod that enable you to progress for multiclass character to last 2lev of abilities?
  8. I hope for some confirmation from devs , from turn based beta they were quiet on this.
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