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  1. You could try Boolean HasSubClass(Guid, Guid) I think there's a GUID for current character (7d150000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) but I'm not sure.
  2. Pro-Tip: If your ability is giving you a hard time and it's not even reacting to the ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent effects you made, well if you just need to clear the effect, then you can simply use the Trigger section. Make it TriggerOnEvent for the event you want, then give it a max trigger of 1 and clear the effect when the trigger occurs. "TriggerOnEvent": "OnPostAttackRollCalculated" ... "ValidateWithAttackFilter": "true", ... "MaxTriggerCount": 1, ... "RemoveEffectAtMax": "true", The above is the only way I know to get my ranged attack bonus to remove after putting on a OneHitUse status effect. The problem started when I couldn't use OneHitUse in combination with a FullAttack ability component. Why? Because I needed to slow the attack itself, which should work but does not. I know, I know that there are many FullAttack abilities that use OneHitUse status effects without any issue. I made a bow attack with a slow attack speed and let me tell you that there were problems in every possible way you could imagine. Maybe it's because it's ranged, who knows.
  3. GravitonGamer I think "AddPhrases" does this. Humble Requests -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Any kind of enabling for variables in status effects would be monumental (I'm sure you guys have thought of this). I'm not sure if it's a system limitation but being unable to compare or transfer or multiply a variable value is surprising given that assembly code is so simple with it. Thankfully this is already available in some specific instances for damage values, etc. As an example, Perception vs Perception would be cool to compare in a status effect. It would be baller to be able to attenuate the damage of attacks with multiple hits. Bounce data can do this but a lot of attacks can't bounce, like MultiHits. I'd also love a status effect to override bounce data for attacks fired. Maybe it's tricky since this is already specifically added via the ExtraStraightBounces. Anything that opens up WeaponAttackAbilityComponent for more FullAttack modifications would be killer. Attack speed or animation length for each phase was my big need. I would die for a status effect that applies another status effect to all allies or companions, but I'm guessing I'm being lazy here and haven't thought of a quick 1000 range AOE or something. A lot of desired effects could have "workaround" solutions if it was possible to apply a status effect before an attack is considered. I don't know if this is OnLaunchesAttack or not because deep in my heart I'm still noob.
  4. I don't know much about this but I know that you have two applications trying to do work for you, that would be better done yourself. You have steam which determines its own pathways for everything and then the nexus mod downloader as well. Do you know where those files are put? Having ownership over the process is why you should buy on GoG, mate.
  5. There's also a difficulty option in the global gamedata file that increases HP by a straight %. All you have to do is change that number to the % you want.
  6. Like many of you, I too once suffered from Obsidiano-Interneta-Tutorialiosis. Peardox and Bmac were creating the beginner's tutorials, and I was saving them desperately. Fhav6x was breaking through barriers, and I couldn't wait to store this information until the day I get a russian mail-order bride smart enough to understand and teach me what it means. But when you save the HTML in chrome....it just keeps spinning. And when you save the complete webpage in Chrome.....there's a huge frickin' black box taking up half the screen the entire time! Perhaps Obsidian is constantly making heroic tales because the real villain is haunting its own backyard....right in the heart of its saved HTML files. Open up that mother truckin' HTML file in an editor like NotePad++ and search for <div id="overlay" style="display: none;"> And delete it. ***************YOU WIN ****************
  7. Has anyone figured out some principles for creating visual effects? Everytime I try to edit the visual effects I go down some rabbit hole of trial and error. I've had problems before but now it's a very difficult situation. I'm trying to make a shackle shot that hits an enemy then shoots towards another enemy (which may or may not hit). I want to make the visual effect a beam, hopefully looping when both enemies are hit and stunned, but even just one beam effect somewhere would be fine. I used Wounding Shot as the initial attack base and then an AttackOnEvent for the stun hit. I'm only getting some default Ranger attack of green smoke even though I've replaced all the visual effects! Super lame. My ability is structured like this: WeaponAttackAbilityGameData >>>WeaponAttackAbilityComponent ---FullAttack ---AttackVisualEffects ---AttackStatusEffectsIDs (linked attack stuns) >>>>>>>AttackTargetOnEvent -------OnApply >>>>>>>>AttackMeleeGameData --------"VisualEffects" --------"AttackOnImpactID" (linked attack shoots out) >>>>>>>>>>>>>AttackRangedGameData -------------"VisualEffects" -------------AttackRangedComponent ----------------"ProjectilePrefab"
  8. It's looking impossible to have any ability that requires targeting twice. For instance, leaping to a location and applying beam damage from beginning of the leap towards the leap location. You can't make a leap attack and link it to a beam attack. Edit: Instead, you have to use an attack type of BeamTeleportAttackGameData, like the Fighter's Charge attack. This means that AOE pulse attacks can follow a targetable ability, because it doesn't require extra targeting.
  9. I just had to use notepad++ to manually add in all the notes for the ranger class code from v2.1 to v3.0 I'm working on. I couldn't find a way to merge the file. Lame! Peardox, if you want a copy of the file to add to the website let me know. The notes show the name of the abilities so you actually have an idea of what you're working on. For some reason they were removed in the 3.0 version. I didn't make labels for the new abilities added by 3.0 yet. Ex: "Note": "PL 8 Unlock - Vengeful Grief",
  10. What's up with the lack of "Note" sections in the progressiontables file? These were actually removed, I can't beeeleeeve it. Is there some other easy way to know which ability is which now?
  11. The effect should happen on you when you miss an enemy? That could be via ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent but I wouldn't know how to make it apply to an enemy
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