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  1. Item VFX are more fickle than ability vfx, but it's trial-and-error either way until you figure out the format. Find the VFX for the cloak and then put it in the same place for the armor you want. Sometimes the VFX is in the statusEffect, sometimes it's on the item itself.
  2. Some of this may be do-able but it would be harder than making abilities and items, and people don't even do that. I would try simple mods then working up to this.
  3. Just take a passive ability like Fast Runner or something, remove the class code to all 0's, then make an Append gamedata file and make an entry as a level 0 auto grant skill, one for each class. The pt_ ability tables will have examples of auto grants, and I already made a walkthrough on how to do the Append (I think it's on the pinned post at the top of the forums). The passive ability could have a large aura size and effect all so that every enemy is affected, but make sure you look at passive abilities that affect enemies, because maybe you have to make one passive for you and one for the AOE effecting enemies, I'm not sure.
  4. You'd probably have to create your own passive ability that only activates with the conditional that the player has a weapon in slot 1 and slot 2. I say this because I think the recovery penalty is not a normal status effect and is in the "base" code that isn't exported into the gamedatabundles, but I'm not sure.
  5. If anyone knows how to remove the initial screens when you start the program, that would save hours of my life and make a lot of people happy
  6. in the data folder, find the output log txt and look for the name of your mod. it will have an error description that basically just says it didn't load.
  7. Be sure to let me know what you don't like or would want to change! Even if I disagree, you never know.
  8. Yes, there are at least two ways the code does this. One via the triggers section in the statuseffect, and I forget the other way. Check the code for abilities where people turn invisible, or avatar, etc.
  9. That looks right. Are you sure you added to the override correctly as a mod? Did you check the output log for errors?
  10. This means the icons didn't load. Probably the Atlases folder is not there or the references in the code could be incorrect. There should be an image in the atlases folder named SpellAbilityIcons, with a text file that shows the file path for those images that are loaded into the game. The ability code has to reference those file paths.
  11. If there are settings that say per rest you could change them to per encounter. Or you could go into the abilities gamedatabundle and do a "replace all" for all Per Rest and replace with Per Encounter. I forget what the actual terms used are but it's very clear.
  12. I believe this was the first tutorial vid ever shown, which changed per encounter to per rest so just do the reverse?
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