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  1. Pro-Tip: The VFX can prevent the ability from loading if you put Event": "OnHit" for a SE that itself doesn't check for an event
  2. I was talking about the very first post pinned on this forum. The very first post you see on this forum. It's labeled tutorial.
  3. 1. Install visual studio code 2. Configure the settings to recognize .gamedatabundle files as json format as shown on the tutorial 3. Copy an existing mod - atlas folder is for icons, design folder is for code, localized folder is for names and descriptions for your code 4. Make the ability in Visual Studio. The game data sequence is Ability or Item --> Attacks --> StatusEffects. Those link from one to the other 5. Before you start, you'll want to open up a browser with one tab for the random guid generator website, one tab for the Obsidian enumeration documentation
  4. I couldn't figure out how to copy a spell effect from the vfx bundle and create a new record, or even alter an existing one. Has anyone discovered anything? It would be killer to be able to change vfx so they can scale, loop, or create copies with a different color.
  5. Pro-Tip: +OnMovementEnd sometimes "doesn't work" because it triggers automatically an extra time, immediately when you don't want it to! - So if you have it cancel on the 2nd time, via MaxTriggerCount: 2, RemoveEffectAtMax: True, then it works as intended - I can't tell when exactly it triggers, but apparently at the end of casting, and at rest. Maybe the beginning of the current action.
  6. Pro-Tip: Multiple StatusEffects that do the same thing but for different reasons? --> "StackingRuleOverride": "Always" in the ability section • or only the highest DamageMultiple bonus will take effect, for example
  7. the characters.gamedatabundle links to the PT_Serafen table 4d20749f-17b8-4ddf-9517-e5396172c99a But he has more tables in the progressiontables.gamedatabundle, so you'd have to see how each of these might interact. Does all of his PT_Serafen abilities exist with other abilities if you choose a multiclass? I don't know. Are his tables special or do they only have the same abilities as everyone else? PT_Serafen certainly has different abilities but I'm not sure about the rest of them. It looks like you'd just have to replace the PT_Serafen_Barbarian table but t
  8. If you want to preserve the length of the stacks then you add a Trigger to increase the duration by 10 on kill, and each stack's duration will increase by 10 each kill.
  9. Doesn't my Fervor effect on Barbarian do this? Whenever I attack, +5% attack speed for 30 secs, stacks each time, each stack dies in 30 second layers, but X stacks = +5x% attack speed. Instead you do it based on kill, no?
  10. There are a few simple reasons these issues may be happening, but you probably didn't code them wrong so I don't know if they would be applicable. If you chose to hide it from the gui or if it's an effect from multiple layers of linked effects, then it won't show up. If the effect isn't applied directly from a hit, but from linked effects connected to it, then it might not show in the combat log.
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