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  1. If there are settings that say per rest you could change them to per encounter. Or you could go into the abilities gamedatabundle and do a "replace all" for all Per Rest and replace with Per Encounter. I forget what the actual terms used are but it's very clear.
  2. I believe this was the first tutorial vid ever shown, which changed per encounter to per rest so just do the reverse?
  3. You have to use quotes. It's super lame but necessary. AttributeScore "Companion_P_Donald Trump" Intellect 0 Whenever it's telling you that more parameters were entered than the amount you actually entered, you have to quote something to group it together and prevent it from being counted as a separated parameter.
  4. Yep there's a music text file and I tried to replace one of the songs referenced in that text file, and the music stopped working. There are multiple types of references though so maybe I replaced the wrong file. I think with maybe 20 hours of tinkering around it could be learned pretty easily but the conversion and copying take quite a long time. So the actual testing of ideas is time consuming.
  5. There is already something that does something similar to that. I'd look it up and copy it down. Frenzy has a minor, special characteristic to it because it's part of a group of abilities that is only Frenzy, and only that one ability, but it's grouped like that for some reason and sometimes there's extra code attached to the abilities. No worries about the questions dude.
  6. I just learned how to enchant, but I've been doing ItemMods forever. Any example items that other people have made would answer all of your questions but feel free to ask me. Notice that the reason we couldn't solve your problem is because you didn't take an example and compare it line-by-line to yours--which is exhausting but better it's better than exhausting all the other efforts.
  7. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <StringTableFile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <Name>game\items</Name> <Entries> <Entry> <ID>1665000</ID> <DefaultText>Helm of Sux</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> <Entry> <ID>17651000</ID> <DefaultText>This helm really sux.</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> </Entries> </StringTableFile>
  8. Yeah you probably need to change the debug name because it has a different guid so two items with the same debug name are loading into the game. If they were the same guid, it would overwrite the original. { "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "helm_sux", "ID": "2d65bad9-fb0a-45e6-b27e-081c75ebd065", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.ItemComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "DisplayName": 1665000, "DescriptionText": 17651000, "FilterType": "Clothing", "InventoryAudioEventListID": "3b0b476e-883e-4a9e-9a61-956eabf30b6d", "IsQuestItem": "false", "IsIngredient": "false", "IsCurrency": "false", "IsAdventuringItem": "false", "IsJunk": "false", "CanSellForFullValue": "false", "MaxStackSize": 1, "NeverDropAsLoot": "false", "CanBePickpocketed": "true", "IsUnique": "true", "Value": 300, "IconTextureSmall": "gui/icons/items/head/crimson_plate_helm_s.png", "IconTextureLarge": "gui/icons/items/head/crimson_plate_helm_l.png", "PencilSketchTexture": "", "InspectOnUseButton": [], "IsPlaceholder": "false" }, { "$type": "Game.GameData.EquippableComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "EquipmentType": "None", "EquipmentSlot": "Head", "AppearancePiece": { "ModelVisualDataPath": "prefabs/lax03/appearance/helm/a_lax03_helm302_v01.asset" }, "ItemModsIDs": [ "f87bfccf-53ad-41f1-8c8a-70a9593b5074" ], "OnEquipVisualEffects": [], "RestrictedToClassIDs": [], "RestrictedToPlayer": "false", "EquipConditionals": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [] }, "ProficientAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "CannotUnequip": "false", "ItemRendererPrefab": "", "ItemModel": "", "AnimationController": "", "PaperdollOverrideRenderer": "", "AttackSummonID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "CannotSheathe": "false", "PropVisualEffects": [] } ] } ] }
  9. you gotta have the initial code at the top that you used to have in your ItemMods file. { "GameDataObjects":[{ Edit: Then add ] } To close it out at the very end. Edit2: To be clear, this code has to be in all gamedatabundle files. Items and ItemMods, everything in that filetype.
  10. It looks like you already gave it a different guid. Did you check the output log? Maybe try giving it a new debug name and then add it via console with the new debug name. Also, I don't recognize that item mod id. 05a417b4-a671-425a-a209-766f00ffa3cd Doesn't show anything on my items.gamedatabundle. Where'd you get it? Try f87bfccf-53ad-41f1-8c8a-70a9593b5074
  11. Cool, dude, thanks for the pics. Try adding an item mod that already exists to it and then if it works, replace it with yours?
  12. Did you do this? Also remove this: <NextEntryID>1</NextEntryID> <EntryCount>3</EntryCount> Why is this here? Bmac did a tutorial on how to make icons for a weapon. He added that mod for download on the Nexus. In that mod, it has a stringtable file, and it doesn't include this text. I'd use that as a reference point for making new items, because he's a dev. And did you check the output log? It will tell you if your mod didn't load. Sometimes it even has a nice reason why.
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