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  1. @Boeroer Let's think about Priest's subclasses "uniquness" from the start. What we have now, what staff we can learn from PoE 1, what staff we can add/alter by ourselves. For now. 1. Unique spells on each PL. 2. Some minor variance in standart spells, which is negligible. That's all. ------------------------------------------------------- I miss the Holy Radiance upgrades - that's for sure. I want unique HR upgrade for every subclass via standart progression mechanism or via trinkets. Then, number of spells. How many bonus spells you'd like to see?
  2. I know about this bug. But the other two needs investigating. Could you share your gamebundle files?
  3. Ok, let's think again. I'm interested with this and we can discuss it here to make some "to do" list, and i can start doing something on weekend. I should also check my own notes... And maybe try to contact with Max and ask his permission, in case if he don't want to be involved in modding. In any case, we can do some nice little things.
  4. As for Priests spells, i remember that you wanted to do a second Wizards from Priests with identical grimoure mechanic, i've stand opposed and Max... well, he was somewhere in the middle.
  5. @Boeroer Nonono, i mean only this section - unique abilities for each Priest subclass: Priests: All Priest subclasses now have a unique passive bonus. These also apply to enemy Priests. If you are loading an existing save, you will have to respec your character to gain the bonuses for Berath, Eothas, Woedica and Gaun. The rest should apply to existing characters. Berath: When scoring a Hit with a Decay attack, or when an ally or enemy falls in combat, gain increased Power Level on the next Restoration or Rejuvenation ability used. Eothas: When under an Inspiration effect, nearby allies gain Resistance to Resolve Afflictions. When under a Protection effect, nearby allies receive increased healing. Magran: On scoring a hit with a weapon, gain bonus Armor Rating and Concentration for 15 seconds, and bonus Accuracy on the next Fire or Punishment attack. On scoring a hit with a Fire or Punishment attack, the Priest and all allies gain bonus Accuracy and Penetration on their next weapon attack. Skaen: Condemnation and Punishment attacks gain bonus Accuracy from stealth, invisibility, or against Sneak Attack targets. From stealth, invisibility or against Sneak Attack targets, Punishment attacks deal additional Raw damage over time. Wael: Deception, Mind and Illusion attacks Interrupt against Sneak Attack targets. When missed by an attack, the Priest has a chance to gain duration on beneficial effects. Woedica: Targets hit by Condemnation or Punishment attacks suffer increased damage and Interrupt the next time they take damage. Allies near targets hit by Condemnation or Punishment attacks have Intellect Afflictions cleared. Harvester of Gaun: When scoring a Hit with a Plant attack, or when an ally or enemy falls in combat, gain increased Power Level and Action Speed on the next Inspiration or Protection ability used. Rymrgand: Targets hit with Decay, Frost or Poison attacks suffer increased duration of hostile effects. Targets Crit by Decay, Frost or Poison attacks additionally suffer penalties to Armor Rating and Action Speed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other tweaks in this mod (Keywords etc.) quite unbalanced.
  6. I agreed, but damage part is very minor, only 10-14 - you can't do any serious damage with this ability, then is unnecessary to change it. But with Discipline cost=1 you can spam pulling. Anyway, what's the problem with vanilla "Into the Fray"? No, every opinion is appreciated. P.S. @Boeroer I like the idea of Priest subclasses bonuses from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/363 What do you say? Basically it's what we wanted to do via trinkets.
  7. @Boeroer Ha-ha, u miss me. That's sweet. I was busy IRL + some troubles, so i almost forgot about computer games. As for Deadfire... game has some fundamental problems, which no one can resolve. I stopped work on my own translation mod, because i was tired of this game for a moment. As for some changes... Let me explain: 1) Into the Fray (and upgrades) : - Cost reduced 2->1 Discipline First, you want to lower resource consumption, ok. - Damages reduced : 10-14 -> 5-10 (to prevent spamming it as an instant damage ability) Second, your previous change opening a way to abuse, and you forced to patch it. In other words: you create a problem, and then you solving your own problem. It's an autism (yes, my favorite word) of some kind. That's not how the things works. From a wide perspective, your changes should not create a problems, but only resolve ones. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a while since CP release and i bet you have some feedback, which can be used to create patch/addon for CP. In this case i need a list. @Boeroer have you tried to contact with Max?
  8. Just my 5 cents: somehow i've started another (4rd or 5th, don't remember exactly) playtrough of PoE 1, instead Deadfire, which i've completed only 1 time and i don't want to return on these islands. It's some kind of weird magic - technically, almost every thing and aspect in Deadfire is better or comparable to PoE 1, but sadly, game couldn't touch my heart.
  9. Oh, another one: Please, consider to adjust Anisotropic filtering from x8 to x16 on Ultra textures quality setting on PC. It cost literally nothing in therms of performance, and if player choosing Ultra textures quality, he wants the best possible quality (yeah, it's a logical conclusion). For now, i forced to adjust AF via config file – seems like a non-friendly approach. Cheers and thank you for interesting game. Keep up the good work!
  10. Em... didn't seen "moving skybox" in this list. This causing motion sicknes and looks very strange by design. Also , about FOV: In ALL (i mean literally 100% of first-person games for last 20 years), when you toggle sprint/run FOV is INCREASES to give more "feeling of speed". In TOW, when you toggle sprint FOV is DESCREASES... i don't know what for. To me it's a mistake or, at least, a very strange desicion, maded by man of women, who never ever played in first-person games. Consider to fix this by INCREASING FOV when sprinting by 5-7% (e.g. selected FOV is 75 and sprint FOV is 80, and so on).
  11. Also banned names in singleplayer game is radiciolusly stupid. Fortunately they don't give a **** about russians, so only english/europe languages in banlist... It's strange – your politic leaders always bla-blaying about freedom of speech and democracy, but it's a one big lie. Enjoy, my dead friends.
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