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  1. Why all your images stretched vertical or horisontal? Why you can't preserve original aspect ratio? As for "convos" itself - very nice, i like it!
  2. Week ago, i've tried to find Steel Garrote status effects to add damage into description, but couldn't find it((
  3. Small update! Arcane Archer Imbues penetration module was reworked: Penetration bonus now affects only spells, not physical attacks.
  4. @dunehunter Considering Backstab. We discussed this question with Max and decided to leave it in Basic, for now. The reason is simple - without this mod, Backstab ability is totally broken for many players since 4.1.0 update and it was not fixed with 5.0. It's works unstable for some players, or doesn't work at all from Invincibility (for me). To fix this bug i have changed ability activation mechanics via additional scripts. If vanilla Backstab works fine for you, you can simply delete file "cl.rogue.backstab" from ...override\CommunityPatchBasic\design\gamedata folder.
  5. It seems logical - if you know how to handle with your favorite weapons, your hits will be more accurate. In other words +5 Accuracy = +5% Miss to Graze, Graze to Hit and Hit to Crit conversion.
  6. But "multiple options" regarding Backstab was totally different. Acting like this, we can move all poll suggestion to Basic, because all suggestions has >66% votes "to change". So i prefer leave Backstab to Extras. I think it will be more accurate interpretation of pole.
  7. I wouldn't change +5% Damage Weapon Mastery (too blunt approach), but i look forward to add some additional passive buff - Graze to Hit conversion or Acc bonus with proficient weapon or something else. Thoughts?
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