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  1. "BaseCrossbow_SEHitToCritChance" status-effect have no restrictions in attack filter so Bonus Hit to Crit applies on any source (spells, poisons, bombs) when crossbow is equipped. In my opinion, it looks like oversight and must be restricted to crossbows only, because with other weapons, which have any special effects (e.g. Sabre Bonus damage) these effects applies only for those weapons attacks. So crossbow bonus for all sources are inconsistent with rules for other weapons. Just need to add CrossbowKeyword in attack filter - simple. P.S. I'm workin' hard last weeks so i can't spent much time for modding right now, but i makin' notes of every adjustment we need to do.
  2. i've confirmed a vanilla bug: Boar's DOT do not limited by base time of 6 sec. It's still even after spiritshift is gone.
  3. It's strange, because Shifter and other subclasses uses the same status-effect for Boar DOT dmg...
  4. For now, i can presume that we can rearrange this status-effect trough adding transfer AttackOnEvent instead ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent (and then attack applies DOT). Maybe it can help. Question: is this bug appears for other subclasses or for Shifter only?
  5. OK, tested and i get it. Somehow DOT is still active beyond time limit. So the base 6 sec. limit is not working. Need to think. Give me some time (about 1 week).
  6. Emm... Let's see: Boar's DOT is 10% of dmg dealt as RAW for 6 sec. base. It's applied by 3 sec. tick so we have 3 ticks within 6 sec. - total 30% dmg as RAW. DOT can be scaled by int so with 20 INT you'll receive 4 ticks - total 40% dmg. And yes, it's stackable (same story for Battle Axe DOT). "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Spiritshift_Boar_SE_ApplyOnEvent", "ID": "f2d641f0-bf73-4a54-86e3-78a14042adf8", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "StatusEffectType": "ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyByDamageDealt", "OverrideDescriptionString": -1, "OverrideDescriptionStringTactical": -1, "UseStatusEffectValueAs": "None", "BaseValue": 0.1, = 10% of dmg dealt "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Spiritshift_Boar_SE_RawDamage", "ID": "33b22e2d-a4b2-4da9-92d8-e1f525817541", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "StatusEffectType": "Damage", "OverrideDescriptionString": -1, "OverrideDescriptionStringTactical": -1, "UseStatusEffectValueAs": "None", "BaseValue": 0, "DynamicValue": { "Stat": "None", "SkillDataID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "ClassID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "MultiplyBy": 1, "Operator": "Add" }, "KeywordsIDs": [], "DurationType": "UseDurationTime", "Duration": 6, "MaxStackQuantity": 0, "ApplicationBehavior": "StackIfAlreadyApplied", "ApplicationType": "ApplyOnTick", "IntervalRateID": "25acc41f-26a4-4ef7-9b7d-0f1bf0ddfe9f", We can turn off stacking. Simple. Though i've played Shifter/Trickster (my favorite build) a lot (hell of a time) and i believe that Cat's form with Fast Attack ability is still be better in therms of DPS, and i use Boar form mostly for regeneration. So i, personally, don't see any OP here. If Boar DOT feels OP, then Cat Form paired with high DEX and DW passive is SUPER OP.
  7. Yes, it obvious lazy fix)) The problem is: familiar lifetime is scales with caster INT, but duration of familiar's buffs don't (more than than that, all familiars have 10 in all stats).
  8. Yep. Personally, i'm glad to see Tactician Brill is limited, because it's too easy to trigger. Tactician/Bloodmage with infinite Brill receive infinite resources - that's not what we all wanted, i think. Combined with "Potion of Brilliant" it will be a tremendous resource generator, especially in boss fights. Think about it. P.S. And to say, i didn't tested yet Tactician Brill + AM. Maybe they can stack due to individual ticks as status-effects (but it will be another quest to resolve).
  9. Interesting. I've checked familiar buffs and: 1. Familiar are origin of this effects – these abilities belongs to familiar according to progressiontables.gamedata 2. If these effects tend to stick to character, this is some kind of program bug, because effects itself are OK, contain no mistakes and should be disappear with origin (familiar) death. 3. So "ClearOnDeath": "true" can make it work (or don't). Otherwise i see no workarounds.
  10. I know, but i dont want infinite Brilliant)) More than that, it will be useless for all exluding Tactician - with modified SoT you hardly can prolong cipher Brill even for a minute. So Tactician Brill source will be better than others. No, i want to build a kommunism - same Brill for all. And with non-modified SoT we get nearly the same infinite resources as in vanilla. Bad idea.
  11. Here are the code example: In this construction, initial tick should be delayed for 30 sec. timer, then usual OnTick effect will be applied. Can be used to delay anything.
  12. Yes, exactly what i mean. And... i have another idea for pen. imbue icon. I'll draw it later. Take your time, don't worry)
  13. Yep, but BS, and Brilliant too, have no priority - total random. If you have full all tier 7-9 spells pool, the tick will be wasted. If you have full 8-9 spells pool but used 1 tier 7 spell, you'll receive tier 7, and so on. Absolutely no. Maybe. We'll see how it goes... +1 of all class resources starting from 3rd second and every 6.0s thereafter. Basically, same as vanilla.
  14. @Boeroer I see a problem with centering, because initial Arcan Archer icon "weight distibution" is not centered and Imbue icon appears totally centered. Maybe you can change Arcane Archer's icon – make flame more symmetrical? Any other suggestions?
  15. Yes, this should be better! Because on small icons rays looks too thin. I'll post preview tomorrow.
  16. I understand. Need a closer look, but maybe you're right. P.S. Yep, it'a long shot, but i can change INS_Brillant_SE_AddResources status-effect type from "AddResources" to "ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent", then set duration on "Instant" and "EventValue": "OnApply", and add all bunch of ticks SE's into "StatusEffectsValueIDs" section. This should apply all new effects automatically, without adjusting every Brilliant SE. So we can use original INS_Brillant_SE_AddResources as transfer. In theory. Need to test. P.P.S. I've "married" your Carnage indicator with CP)) Need to test as always, but it should work. So your mod can be as standalone, and for CP users you can add some note like "If you're using CP, you don't need this mod, because it included in Basic pack". Something like that. It's ok for you?
  17. You can prolong duration, but beyond 57 seconds you'll receive 0 recources. Yep. For sure, you can prolong AM by INT and PL buffs up to 57 sec. Any more? I doubt. Of course you can on paper, but you still receive 0 resources. That's the question: for now we have 3 full cycles 3-6-9 + 3 within 57 sec. Maybe it's worth to add 2 ticks to prolong maximum possible duration for 4 cycles or 69 sec. And i want to run more test to figure how a new Brilliant interact with various SoT approaches – BPM and CP. Still have some dark places – that's why i want more people involved in tests. We have a working mechanics and theory, but we don't know how adjustments will work in real game, in various real situations.
  18. @Boeroer can u give me an alternative version with few rays? Now i see 19 rays, can you decrease rays count to 12-13 and make it more thick in base?
  19. Hello. Hm... About for Brilliant itself. The was a lot of suggestions, and a lot more brainstorms between me, Max and Elric – then i've tried to make various adjustments and test. It was hell of a time – basically i've tried everything, every aaproach. And for now CP stops at this variant: 1. Spell tiers were divided according 3/6/9 tier scheme 2. Every tick now acting as separate status-effect with fixed duration in seconds (3, 9, 15 etc.) and can be programmed individually. 3. Characters receives 1 resource at the end of each effect timer, according this scheme BRILLIANT INDIVIDUAL TICKS MANAGEMENT Tick time (sec.) Spell tier (up to) Alt. version 3 3 9 6 15 9 21 3 27 6 33 9 39 3 45 6 51 9 57 3 4. No "initial" tick. 5. Brilliant maximum duration is limited by 57 sec. and cannot be prolonged by any spell (even non modified): +N% Beneficial Effect Duration and +N seconds Beneficial Effect Duration (SoT) have no effect. 6. Reactivating Brilliant with Tactician practically makes no sense: you'll receive 1 up to T3 resource on second 3 >>> then reengage cooldown ~2 sec >>> then you receive another 1 up to T3 resource on second 3 = 2 up to T3 resources in 8 sec. While if you keeping Brilliant active all the time, you'll receive 1 up to T3 and one up to T6 resources in 9 sec. 7. Ancestor's Memory base duration has been adjusted from 12 to 15 sec to cover one full cycle of Tier 3-6-9 spells. I post link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTjd-0-GFmf5BqgKBW0CmaVYU4ObWVOH/view?usp=sharing You can put this file in CP Basic/Extra or whatever mod folder to make it work. When effect is working you'll see a combat tooltip on character icon's right side, with each every next tick countdown (this is for info and test purposes). This is not final version anyway – as i said, each tick duration and Spell Tier can be adjusted (we can simulate even a random distribution). We just want to get your feedback, based on this version, based on real usage in various game situations. We also working on DBB, Unbending and WoD exploites and, in the end, want to check how all system, all adjustments, will work in complex. And last: this adjustment not belongs only to me – @MaxQuest@Elric Galad and @Boeroer (sorry for me being so rude sometimes), and others – all gives a big part (especially Max with his mathematics). We all must find the solution to implement this Brilliant Goddamned effect properly. Cheers!
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