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  1. I'm working. In fact, i've done all technical work, but need to do more tests - it will take some time. List of fixed weapons/abilities: Sun and Moon (not sure if it has any problems, need to test) Grave Calling Sabre Frostseeker Frostfall (BoW) Shattering Head AOE Dragon's Dowry Sunlance Summoned Fire Stag melee attack Firebrand Essence Interrupter Thundercrack Pistol Conductive Blast Attack Storm Rune Shot Lord Darynn's Voulge Hel Beckoning Tell me if i missed something.
  2. Yes, of course. Overall, i think rangers are fine with ranged weapons, but melee rangers need some tweaks.
  3. He-heh. Without it Arena fights can be pain in the ass. +30 Deflection (even it decreases on hit) can't be useless. Also, you can pick Quarterstaff profficiency modal which gives +20 Deflection against Melee attacks, but +50% Recovery only for Quarterstaff attacks - so you have +20 melee deflection and no penalty for spells recovery (don't stacks with Mirrored Image, but don't decreases on hit).
  4. Also i agreed with Boeroer: there's two options 1. VV as upgrade of FoD with 1 Zeal cost and FoD REPLACEMENT 2. VV as upgrade of FoD with 2 Zeal cost and KEEP FoD as separate 1st level ability. I prefer option 2, because of greater versatility. Still, it takes about 1 week before i'll fix other small bugs, so i'm free for suggestions. But i don't want to mess with entire progression table for this. VV is a small favor bonus to Pallegina (sort of restored consistency with PoE 1), nothing more.
  5. As i said, it's very depends of playstile. Striker rogue usually doesn't attacked too much, and almost never surrounded by enemies so it's a very situative passive for ME (i mean vanilla Riposte version). Most of time attacked enemies is busy with other things (or even totally disabled) than attack my Rogue in melee.
  6. It's pretty tall order. Though it depends of playstyle, but with Deflection = attacker's Acc (which is pretty high on PotD) you have only 8.3% Riposte chance. Riposte was tweaked in CP for a good reason.
  7. I don't use any strike abilities exept Finishing/Devastating blow. Nope. It's practically useless (especially for this build).
  8. Yes. Trough Trickster spells a fully identical to Mage spells and both shares the same Attack ID's and status effects, Trickster spells doesn't blocked during spiritshift only because "UsageType": "ClassPowerPool" instead of "UsageType": "Spell". So technically they treated as generic abilities.
  9. Yes, you can cast Trickster spells in shifted form. MIG 15 CON 8 DEX 15 PER 18 INT 15 RES 7
  10. I'm playing with shifter/trickter and it's totally fine, fun, end effective. Trickster spells is very useful for defense (Mirrorred Image, LLiengath) + solid single target damage and fast movement across the battlefield trough Rogue "teleport" + druid spells. No need for most Rogue active abilities because Afllictions can be applied via druid spells or by other team members. All and all, my favorite multiclass so far. I only miss a Crush damage in shifter form.
  11. cl.frermas.vielo_vidorio_2020.zip Here's a test. You can put it into whatever mod to other files (Community Patch for example). Open it with any text redactor: { "$type": "Game.GameData.AttackAOEComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "BlastSize": "Override", "BlastRadiusOverride": 5, Here you can change AoE radious "DamageAngle": 360, "ExcludePrimaryTarget": "false", "IgnoreParentTarget": "false", "ExcludeSelf": "true", "BlastPhysicsForce": 500, "PushFromCaster": "false" }, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ { "$type": "Game.GameData.WeaponAttackAbilityGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Vielo_Vidorio", "ID": "72864613-52e4-40d9-b871-3e057b09d739", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.GenericAbilityComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "KeywordsIDs": [ "f0dbb330-1b06-4175-8ce4-efe790b99213" ], "DisplayName": 2071, "Description": 320, "DescriptionTactical": -1, "UpgradeDescriptions": [ { "String": 2072, "StringTactical": -1 } ], "UpgradedFromID": "02e11c52-6ca1-4817-835d-e130fdb5b104", "Vocalization": "AbilityCast", "Icon": "gui/icons/abilities/paladin/vielo_vidorio.png", "UsageType": "ClassPowerPool", "UsageValue": 2, Here you can change Zeal cost -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under "Vielo_Vidorio_SE_RecoveryMult" and "Vielo_Vidorio_SE_BurnDamage" in "BaseValue" sections you can change Burning lash additional damage (0.5 means +50%) and Recovery time bonus (0.8 means -20% Recovery Time). Test it in your game, to figure out how it works on practice. You need Pallegina to do this for obvious reason.
  12. And if it will be 1 Zeal, then yes? It's only 2.5 m. which is kinda small, based on my playtests. No. It's in a row with Eternal Flame and Shared Flames and mutually exclusive.
  13. Actually, they can stack, but... I agreed. Write your suggestions: 1. Remove or not original FoD. 2. Lash damage. 3. Recovery time bonus. 4. AoE radius. 5. Ability cost. Resources pool or per encounter.
  14. TO ALL: write your suggestions. 1. Remove or not original FoD. 2. Lash damage. 3. Recovery time bonus. 4. AoE radius. 5. Ability cost. Resources pool or per encounter.
  15. I mean, you can spam it if you have endless resource pool via Brilliant inspiration and constantly speed up party members. I don't want to add cheat-like ability.
  16. Only thing i'm afraid: it can be used with Brilliant to constant speed up party members. So i prefer to avoid this. With one Zeal it can be OPW even without Brilliant. So the questions is: 1. Remove or not original FoD. 2. Lash damage. Originally it was +30% Fire damage. 3. Recovery time bonus. Originally it was -20% Recovery time. -15% if fine too. 4. Use Zeal or per Encounter. If we use Zeal, effects should be less powerful and 2 Zeal cost to prevent spam. 5. AoE radius. Originally it was about 3 m, but i think it's too low and 5 m (like all paladin Auras) will be fine. About highlight: i'll try another trick, but for now adding fake AoE attack doesn't working with abilities with GameData.WeaponAttackAbilityComponent, where you forced to pick one target for attack.
  17. UPD. Oh, it's not Resolve. Community Patch Lasting Empower currently bugged and applies +20% duration bonus even for incoming non-Empowered effects. Crap... I've tested it only for outcoming effects and never imagine it have that kind of side effects. I suggest to delete "gn.lasting_empower" file , until i fix it (if i fix it).
  18. My idea is to make Vidorio more powerful (+50% Burn damage, maybe longer duration and return original -20% Recovery Time etc.), but 2-3 per encounter to avoid Brilliant exploit. We still have base FoD for spam attacks. Something like this: 5m. AoE radius. And seems Resolve affect duration (Divine Immolation too). That's bad. Need to avoid it somehow.
  19. Some good news for Pallegina (and my child dream since game release). Need to tweak to avoid too much exploits, but still... nice! Ability was in game since release, but not used (maybe due to possible exploits, maybe because "Balance"). Waiting for suggestions for fine tuning.
  20. It's not that easy, as you imagine. @Elric Galad says everything right. If i find some workaround, i'll consider to give all upgrades to Frermas. If not...
  21. I wanted to do this from start but this is... technically complicated. I'll keep in mind, but don't want to make any promises.
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