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  1. Cipher isn't a big concern, because he can regenerate resources trough dealing damage. Monk can regenerate resources trough receiving damage. Other classes have a very limited ways of resources regeneration. Exept Blood Mage.
  2. Easy enough. We can add special keyword to Brilliant status effect and then add this KW as exclusion (KeyworLogic: Not) in SoT. Don't sure if i know how to do this...
  3. The problem is (let's say Brilliant grants 4 resources): it will grant 1 or 2 ability uses for martial single-class, 2 or 4 ability uses for martial multy-class, and 4 ability uses (casts) for caster. A huge disproportion.
  4. Indeed. Sooo... We have two suggestions: mine and @ocelotter, both suggestions are relatively easy to implement. Maybe worth to make a poll? Also i want to hear (read) @MaxQuest opinion.
  5. RT itself doesn't grants HP on kill. Can you be more specific about items/abilities you're using with +20HP on kill? About Brilliant: I did some research and figured out that not all suggestions is technically available. I suggest (and this was a long time ago) to divide Brilliant tick duration for casters and non-casters: leave 1 each resource per 5-6 sec. for non-caster classes and adjust tick duration to, say 10-12 sec. for casters. This is an easy and gentle solution. Thoughts?
  6. @Boeroer @MaxQuest I suggest to create a list of tweaks/bugfixes that must be implemented in update. BTW have you tested Defensive Mindweb ability? Because we have report in BUGS section - one user says it doesn't work at all.
  7. Idea was rejected during Polishing poll. More than that, there's no technical way to add flat range bonus. So forget about it.
  8. @Boeroer Can you remind me some stuff we discussed earlier? Something about Fury attack, yes?
  9. Yep. I did some additional requested tweaks and bugfixes to CP, but i can't upload it without @MaxQuest. More than that, i don't know how to create Trinkets (or any items) and add them to vendors. Sure i can learn how to do this, but it will take some time. I suggest to wait and hope that Max is OK.
  10. Yeah, it's a well known (in certain circles) tweak, basically useful for every game. My advice is to not setting shedule every 5 minutes, because when you playing, game also stores cache in your RAM (for fast map loading, for example), and this data will also be cleaned every 5 mins, forcing your game to upload data from hard drive once again and, possibly, cause another stuttering, during the process. Run Cache Cleaner once, before starting the game. It should be enough.
  11. Ah, yes: 0.8 mult. and 8-13 base dmg. Ok, then all we need is setting TreatAsWeapon=True
  12. I haven't tested but it seems so. Agreed. I don't think it will be OP, because of limited duration. Maybe it's worth to tune down damage a bit.
  13. No way. There are only 3 operators for keywords LogicalOperator Value Description Or X keyword or Y keyword And X keyword and Y keyword Not All but X keyword
  14. Well, i've looked into game files and figured out that Fury auto-attack don't treated as weapon. On other hand it seems logical, because it's not a weapon, but a lightning bolt. On the other hand it still a default ranged auto-attack.
  15. I see no relations here. It's a spell, not a ranged attack. By your logic, all ranged spell should benefit from Ranger's Driving Flight. I imagine why? Seems logical. I'll need to investigate this. No, it shouldn't. It will be to powerful, especially with Monk / Druid multiclass. Absolutely no. Though i agree with @Boeroer that SS Frenzy can be buffed. All and all, i see only one reasonable suggestion: Shifter’s ability, healing after Spiritshift ends, should scale with character's Level or PL.
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