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  1. I guess it's something like that. I can confirm that some active abilities does trigger a full melee/ranged attack, like Barbarian's Heart of Fury and Monk's Flagellant's Path. I haven't checked the game-files for how they work though. I guess a lazy solution is to avoid abilities which does not trigger both attacks, like Barbaric Blow. I really wish Obsidian had made Full Attacks consistent across all abilities.
  2. It's unfortunate that in a heavily pirate themed game, the Swashbuckler fantasy of melee/ranged is inferior to melee/melee, ranged/ranged. This is because Full Attack abilities, which will hit with both weapons, only hit with the primary weapon if you mix weapon types, an effective -50% damage. Disappointing, considering the clearly intended way to use Scordeo's Saber/Pistol. However, there actually does exist a way to Full Attack with both a melee and ranged weapon. It's the Fighter cleaving/mob stances. If you wear a melee and ranged weapon and kill a target in melee range, both weapons with fire on a nearby enemy. Seeing this, I immediately thought to mod this so Full Attacks finally works. However, in reality it isn't that simple. Here's how Cleaving stance work: 1. Cleaving stance apply a status effect on you. 2. The status effect check if you kill something in melee range. 3. An AoE pulse attack is triggered, applying a status effect on a target in melee. 4. The target receive a Full Attack. Why does the Full Attack from cleaving/mob stance trigger attacks with both melee/ranged weapons, while normal Full Attacks from abilities only trigger the primary weapon? I have no idea. Here are the problems: theoretically it should be possible to add a targeted pulse to trigger a secondary attack on Full Attack abilities to simulate a Full Attack with melee/ranged. However, this would trigger regardless of weapons so melee/melee would hit thrice. Another way could be to replace the attacks on abilities with a Full Attack pulse. This would however change the abilities because they would be instant with no attack animation/casting time. It would probably also break Ranged Full Attacks. Basically, I haven't managed to make it work, so I'm documenting it here for posterity.
  3. Works great. Awesome! Just for curiosity, could you explain a bit how you do the String Table Query search? I'm looking at the code but I'm struggling a lot through all the abstractions of dics. Even so, if I understand it correctly, isn't the search ultimately done in Matches()/Contains() by parsing through all the text entries in all the files and searching for the query? So a "sequential" search. If so, I don't understand how it is so fast; I would've thought it would take a bit to parse everything.
  4. Is it possible to search the contents of multiple (all?) text files? I can only seem to search for the actual file name, not the contents. Many times now I've come across some dialogue in-game, or some ability description which I want to edit, but I spend so long just finding were it is. I was finally forced to use grep when I just couldn't locate what I needed, it would be great for this functionality to be in-editor.
  5. Is Apotheosis using locale or something? E.g. of changing value: 3 -> "+" -> 4,0000000 -> 40000000.
  6. Ok, so I figured it out. I found a reference to a glossary entry ID for might in nature godlike description and brute forced searched all files. The entries are in gui.gamedatabundles, GlossaryEntryGameData. The debug is "GlossaryEntry_Inspirations_Might" *facepalm*. The mod has been updated to 1.1 with all the changes.
  7. Thanks a lot! I probably should've read the string tutorial a bit more closely :). I've added links to the earlier parts, but the only problem I can see is that it's impossible to accurately represent the upgrade matrix. Unless you know the current version of Death's Herald and somehow have the text link reflect that it may be more confusing to show an ability which you would not receive. Because of that, I'm currently testing for the second and third choices to just link to the glossary. But I have another problem: how do you reference a glossary entry with spaces? I've tried "GlossaryEntry_Might_Inspirations", "GlossaryEntry_MightInspirations", "GlossaryEntry_Might Inspirations" with no luck...
  8. I recently made a mod to help with dialogue choices for the Watcher exclusive abilities: Easy Watcher Ability Choices. But I think it can be improved. You know how you can mouse over words, or when clicking on an item in conversation and you get the description? I was wondering if it is possible to link the six "... the Lost" abilities in the conversation with Eothas. My mod currently have a short text description, but ideally I want: 1. mouse over ability text in conversation: short description. 2. Clicking on ability in text: pop-up with ability description. I won't bother if it's too complicated, but since this functionality already exist for any ability normally I was wondering of the possibility.
  9. Yeah, It may be more trouble than it's worth. I had the idea when I was making lots of small changes, but all the included "junk" made it hard to identify my own changes at a glance. It's unfortunate that Deadfire doesn't default to the unmodded value instead of a default value when missing an entry. If that were the case, you would be able to just save only what you changed. I think an option to save your mod without formatting by removing all whitespace would be a good idea. That could save a lot of space without anything functionally different, it's how .gamedatabundles-files are after all.
  10. Have you ever thought to save only partial components to save mod size? E.g (default): "Trigger": {"A": 0, "B": 1, "C", 0}. You want to change "A" -> "Trigger": {"A": 1, "B": 1, "C", 0}, but your mod only needed to save "Trigger": {"A": 1, "B": 1}, because the game would default C. I doesn't seem like much in this example, but suppose you're modding lots of components were most of the values are 0/false/none. It would save a lot of space, plus make the mod more readable.
  11. @NoqnI thought it was strange that the duration trigger were on the attack speed effect. Now I understand why. It's because it's not just on the attack speed, but all Blood Storm effects have that trigger. Which meant my mod were buggy and didn't work. Rather than editing the TriggerAdjustment for 13 different Frenzy effects, I changed my mod to use the Blood path and swapped the Blood Storm attack -> Spirit Tornado AOE attack instead. Just to make it a little bit more polished, I also changed the names and used custom icons for the abilities.
  12. Here's the mod if anyone else wants to run it: Super Frenzy. Now that I think about it, it would've been much easier to just give Blood Storm the Spirit Tornado attack instead... oh well.
  13. Wow, I never considered that the trigger would be hidden under attack speed. Thanks a lot. Just look at this monstrosity:
  14. Problem: I can't for the life of me identify where "extend duration on kill" is located. "Bleed on crit" is easy, I just add the corresponding status effect ID to Spirit Tornado. The closest I've gotten is the blood_storm_self attack, but that does nothing(?). Besides, that attack type is already occupied by "spirit_tornado_AOE", which can't be replaced.
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