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  1. I was a dope and didn't think to try that. That worked and I've got the ability now. I also unchecked the 'disable achievements' thing that comes up in the little menu, so hopefully I can still get them now. Thanks for your help!
  2. I've been bashing my head against a wall trying to figure out how to respec my level 1 abilities. I want to change Whisper of Treason to Eyestrike. I'll list what I've tried so far, but everything comes up with "the command or script 'addability' is not available at this time'. I get this error message when opening up the little menu that hangs out in the upper right corner. I don't know how to set the object reference. If I press ~ to open the dialogue box, the menu goes away. Console command template appears to be Addability objectGuid abilityGuid. I have been using the player instanceID b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 from the Obsidian game data formats documentation and the abilityGuid cd3127ab-e8b0-4a97-a4d4-b706945289b3 from the fandom wikia. I've tried: addability b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 cd3127ab-e8b0-4a97-a4d4-b706945289b3 addability playerb1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 eyestrikecd3127ab-e8b0-4a97-a4d4-b706945289b3 addability player_b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 eyestrike_cd3127ab-e8b0-4a97-a4d4-b706945289b3 addability player_sabine b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 eyestrike_cd3127ab-e8b0-4a97-a4d4-b706945289b3 et cetera, ad nauseum. I've tried changing case which seems to make no difference. I still get that error message: I'm not a code-savvy person so I have no idea how any of this works. It's a real possibility I've missed out on somethings obvious, but I'd really appreciate some help in figuring this out.
  3. I've been playing around with gear loadouts for the companions to try out all the weird and wonderful things we pick up on our travels and to try out new playstyles. However, I often find myself gravitating towards certain bits or types of gear for each companion. For example, I'm trying out running Pallegina as a dual-wielding Herald but I think she looks way cooler swinging around a greatsword (and it suits her better, imo). I have a hard time separating Xoti from her starting sickle and lantern, even though I want to see the havoc she can wreak once I get my hands on the Twin Eels greatsword that heals allies on kill and scales with religion. Maia is an absolute beast with The Red Hand, it seems almost silly to give her something else (though I do want to pick up Dragon's Dowry when I can afford it and give that a whirl). Even with my MC, I think dual-wielding is heaps more fun and suits the character better than using a two-hander, even if it's 'less optimal'. I was curious if you guys also had any bits of gear that you associate really strongly with associate with certain characters!
  4. My usual party is very melee-heavy so things can get a bit crowded when fighting indoors. I want to even things out a bit, as at most I have two backline characters but usually only one. It also seems like I have quite a bit of overlap in roles. Party composition/their equipment (currently) is like this: Eder as Swashbuckler tank/defender -- sword/sabre and shield Xoti as Contemplative support/striker -- default hatchet and lantern Pallegina as Herald tank/striker -- greatsword, esp. WotEP Tekehu as Theurge ranged support/striker -- Watershaper's Rod Maia as Scout ranged striker -- Red Hand Aloth as SC Wizard ranged striker -- default scepter and small shield Serafen as SC Barbarian ranged striker -- dual blunderbusses MC as Mindstalker (Soulblade/Trickster) striker -- dual wield melee My party mainstays are Eder and Xoti (though sometimes I swap her for Tekehu). When I'm doing non-faction stuff, I usually take Pallegina/Maia/Aloth, depending on my needs. Respective faction companions come along when I'm doing related quests. I haven't gotten to the DLCs yet so haven't taken the sidekicks for a whirl, but there is the fact that my MC is the same class as Ydwin which is less than ideal. As I've gotten a little further into the game, I've seen that there's a heap of cool weapons available. I haven't really done a bunch with ranged weapons and I'd like to try them out, but then again there's so many neat melee weapons as well! I'm feeling a little stuck in the mud with my companions' and MC's weapon loadouts. So, I'm thinking of maybe trying out a ranged MC but I'm not sure what to look at in terms of classes. Maybe also changing up some companion builds as well, but their roles are more predefined and thus harder to move around. Does anyone have some suggestions as to balancing my party? Maybe a ranged DPS class combo or something that can switch between ranged and melee when needed?
  5. Gotcha Boeroer. You're full of great advice! Re: weapons, would it be prudent to stick primarily to greatswords/two handers for the majority of the game? I'm pretty fond of dual wielding personally, so I'm wondering if that will have an overly negative impact. Also, if it isn't too much trouble, do you think you could maybe look over this build for me and seeing if it still holds up/if there are any parts to it you'd change?
  6. Thanks a bunch. What kind of weapon setup you recommend for early game? You mentioned those particular pieces of armour, is recovery time not a concern? It seems like heavy armour + greatsword would make recovery time pretty hefty. My stat spread right now is 10/10/12/16/14/16 (w/o Blessing, just race and background bonus), would you say that's decent or should I rejig it a bit more?
  7. Thank you for such a detailed response! I think I might try out Soulblade/Trickster since I really do love the idea of Mindstalker as a class. What should I go for in terms of stats and abilities? My current Beguiler/Trickster (using this build as a guide for what abilities to pick) has a spread of 14/12/17/20/17/10 (including Berath's Blessing, race bonus and background bonus). I really like the idea of using Whispers of the Endless Paths -- IIRC, Soul Annihilation is a primary attack so a two-hander seems like the best way to go. Prior to reforging the sword, would it be worth picking up Riposte just to have as a 'just in case'?
  8. I'm having a heap of trouble deciding on a class. So far I've rolled three Mindstalkers (Soul Blade/Assassin, Beguiler/Assassin, Beguiler/Trickster) and the furthest I've gotten is Neketaka with any of them (I could probably do Maje Island blindfolded). I enjoy aspects of both classes but I'm not gelling with this particular combination it seems. Wall of text ahead (sorry!). What I enjoyed about Cipher: Charming/dominating enemies, it's very useful early on and is also lots of fun Setting up sneak attack situations with spells like Eyestrike and Phantom Foes Soul Blade's raw damage ability What I enjoyed about Rogue: Heaps of sneak attack damage and being able to disappear in a cloud of smoke, especially with Assassin Putting points into stealth for my MC and it being useful both inside and outside combat (I like stealing everything that isn't nailed down) Trickster's handful of spells But for some reason, I don't find myself having a whole heap of fun with Mindstalker. Combat gets a bit formulaic and stale since I'm basically cycling between casting foe AOE spells that proc sneak attack damage, Whisper of Treason-ing problematic enemies in the group, re-entering stealth and repeating this ad nauseam. I've done some thinking and have come up with some things I'd like my MC to have in terms of roles/abilities/skills, etc.: Striker/DPS or CC role Multiclass (though I could be convinced of single class), most likely magic (or chanting/summoning)/martial since I enjoy being able to sling spells and stab things One-handed, two-handed or dual wielding weapons (was leaning towards greatswords because they seem to have the most unique options?) Points in stealth (though I don't know how many points are "enough") and ideally mechanics as well, since I'm somewhat of a klepto in video games/having both of these on one character is a nice quality of life thing Somewhat unique in my party, as I don't like to have too much crossover with companions Fitting with my MC's alignment/disposition, so no outwardly "evil"/cruel Bleak Walkers, priests of Woedica/Skaen, etc. For the sake of the second-last point, I'll list what classes I chose for each of the companions: Eder, Swashbuckler Xoti, SC Priest (thinking about making her a Contemplative in this playthrough) Aloth, SC Wizard Serafen, SC Barbarian Pallegina, Herald Maia, Scout Tekehu, Theurge There's also the sidekicks, but seeing as I don't really have them in my party a whole heap, I'm not so concerned with overlap. My apologies for the essay, thank you if you read until the end. I welcome any and all suggestions that can break me out of this analysis paralysis!
  9. I find AI scripts to be super daunting. The options and combinations seem endless! I'm not a huge fan of micromanaging each and every party member so I'd like to automate the process a bit. I've done some reading and fiddling around with the scripts but I'm not grasping it fully yet. Eder, Maia, Tekehu, and Xoti are following Lost Sinner's guides on Steam which (thankfully) come with AI scripts. Pallegina and Aloth are following Ascaloth's Tuono e Fulmine and The Weyc Engferth, respectfully. Serafen is kind of a mess, he's a straight barbarian that shoots stuff. Probably don't need to get super in depth with him. How can I tease out AI scripts based on the (admittedly, very detailed) builds for Pallegina and Aloth? For example, Pallegina's build suggests that she start combat by firing two blunderbusses and casting some spells/chants before heading into melee. I can't seem to find an option that will let me essentially input something like combat start > weapon set 2 w/ blunderbuss modal > spells/chant/paladin ability > weapon set 1 > melee. I'd be very grateful if anyone could give me some pointers on how to build an AI script for Pallegina and Aloth, either in general or specific to what's written in the guides. Thanks!
  10. I figured that out a little while ago and now I feel a bit silly! I'll give the Unity Console a go and see if I can noodle around with classes in there. Thank you for responding
  11. Eternity Keeper was working fine on my PoE one saves but can't seem to find my PoE2 save. Game itself is on Steam. I did some cursory googling which told me that the save files should be at C:\Users\%UserProfile%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II (which I have entered with and without spaces) but the only thing there is a file called steam_autocloud.vdf. I also checked C:\Users\%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity II but that doesn't exist, only one for PoE1 that contains a zip file of my saves for that game. I just tried revalidating on Steam but that didn't do anything. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to actually get my save files?
  12. I've rolled up a Mindstalker (Soulblade/Assassin) for this playthrough but I'm not too sure on it. I'm only a couple hours in, just cleared the Engwithan Digsite. I enjoy all the separate components, like the crits, sneak attacks, and using stuff like Whisper of Treason to charm enemies, but overall it feels kinda meh. I've been dual wielding swords/daggers. Obviously my MC is pretty squishy with the additional damage taken by Assassin. Would a better choice be the Beguiler subclass? Maybe a different rogue subclass as well? Ranged instead of melee? I'm not really concerned with minmaxing as I'm only playing on classic difficulty, so many of the builds online are a bit extreme for my tastes. I've been using the Corvo build on here as a guideline thus far. It's worth noting that I'm playing with the Berath's Blessings of bonus attributes and bonus skills. Does anyone have any pointers about how I can make a Mindstalker that is solid in combat and also perform as a decent 'face' of the party? What should I be looking at in terms of skill point distribution (and what should I put on my companions rather than taking myself?) and choices of weapons? Thanks!
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