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  1. I see some aesthetic similarities with this game. Which is not bad. https://store.steampowered.com/app/826600/I_am_not_a_Monster/
  2. No sleep, no social life next 2-3 weeks. Thank you
  3. Steam says something about Bitdefender~ if you look at one of the links I posted in one of my previous posts in this thread. They got all the info. But it is odd that is only PoE and nothing else is affected. Probably some unknown new asset file in Pillars of Eternity that Bitdefender is all "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS IT MUST BE DANGEROUS!?!?!? QUARANTIIIIIIINE!!" *squueeeel* (for some reason, that's how Bitdefender has come to sound to me xD). I had to delete everything Pillars of Eternity (remove local content and delete all left over files manually) and re-download it when v333 released, it works fine now - If you have any trouble with Pillars of Eternity (can't run), try "Remove Local Content" and Delete files manually in SteamApps/Downloaded and in SteamApps/Common - Re-download/Re-install - In Bitdefender, "Show" it and click "Quarantined files" (IIRC) and click "Exclude" on pillarsofeternity.exe Thank you
  4. This is also happening to me. Bitdefender - PoE = Virus and Trojan. Why?
  5. Yes, you can kill all monsters, peoples, etc. in the game, but why play in such way? Don't you have even a little bit of mercy and feelings of the npc's in the game? I, for example have never played in such way and I have been through the game without problems.
  6. "Stealth mode / hide in shadows" was not so bad
  7. But then I do not see any reason why there is the experience at all in the game. I get through the game like a point 'n click adventure. The only difference is that I will at certain points in the game I get a few points that I can use to help improve my character.
  8. I do not see why I get experience if I found some dungeon or cave? Can someone explain this to me? I don't see the satisfaction in that. Is it not much more logical, as in real life, if you practice or fight with a sword than you become more experienced fencing and for that you get an experience. Have you ever unlock or fix a machine. If you did it once, you're a little experienced in this, but if you did it 10 times, then you're pretty experienced with that and you will easily fix the eleventh. See a place I certainly do not experienced in anything. This is stupid. P.S. Perhaps only in sex there is one place that makes you more experienced if you see him more ;)
  9. Major things we are working on right now: * Restructuring class advancement to allow more options, both within the selection of core class Abilities and through the (many) Talents that we implemented based on backer feedback. * Modifying some class features to be more transparent or just fundamentally work better. Monk wounds (and many of their abilities) were very confusing previously. We've revised them to make what's happening much clearer and easier to use. * Save/load and other persistence issues. This has been more troublesome than we initially expected and it has caused problems over a much longer period of time than we expected. Save/load issues can be infuriating, so we really need to spend the necessary time on it. * Memory overhead. Dan Spitzley has already made good progress on this by looking at audio memory issues and inefficient texture use/atlasing. * Adding in minor bestiary, exploration, lock, and trap XP rewards to increase the regularity of XP rewards across the game. * Revising how time/turns in the Stronghold work. The turn system (which elapses based on quest progress) solved some problems with time-based stronghold systems in other games (including ones we've made) but it causes some confusion. We're separating "turn"-based resource generation from the random event system, which will be based on the passage of world time. * Pathfinding. If we could have simply salvaged our previous system, we would have, but that did not appear possible, so we had to fundamentally rebuild it. There are still problems with log-jams between characters attempting to move through the same space. * Writing/narrative review. On most projects, it's rare to never that we get time to actually review our own writing and consider how major plot moments and information are conveyed in the story. This is also includes Karma Police reviews, where we ensure that the various choices players make have consistent feedback throughout the game. * Animation feedback and general aesthetics. We just added blended flinches for all hits (ones that don't Interrupt, that is -- Interrupts already have their own animation), which was something we weren't able to do at the beginning of the project. They can be played while a character is in the middle of a reload, attack, spellcast, or even while prone, which helps a lot with feedback. * Character model/texture quality. It's difficult to balance the needs of a distant camera with the camera views you have in character creation, level up, and inventory, but Dimitri is making his way through the more glaring issues. Thanks for your reply Josh. It is now much clearer why the game is postponed and I'm happy for all these corrections and adjustments. Perhaps just one more little thing..... fight xp rewarding..... maybe? :)
  10. I really don't want to. =) I don't think we are going down that route. I don't make the final decision on it, but I don't think it is in the cards for us. OK, I hope Paradox's new percentage isn't too harsh (assumptions.jpg ). You guys did seem to be very very eager to release the game this year and very sure that you would, and I have to wonder why. We were really pushing for a release this year because we felt it was possible. I still think we could have done it if we needed to, but it would have been a death march for the team, it would have lacked polish, and it likely would have been a buggy experience. We want Eternity to be good. We all have a lot of pride in what we do. Plus, we want to give the backers a game that they can be proud to have backed. Can we hear from developers, with what Obsidian is not satisfied and what will be changed within the game? But no answer like this: "we want to be a better game". If you can give us concrete examples.
  11. Nice armor, but for me it's a little too much gold and too shines and clean. I know this is a 3D model in contrast to this that I'm showing. But still they could add a little dirtier style. Caves, mud, woods, fight, and the models look like they are from the fashion shows just left. The face model too. It looks like a thirteen year old innocent girl. I would prefer that they went with only illustration to showing our characters.
  12. Disagree with this. I love when each player has his own invertory because it is so neater and clearer. And what is such a big deal to click once more with a mouse?!? People are becoming too lazy.
  13. This game could have been made by the wishes (create similar IE game // mechanic, visual etc.) of investors, and it is us. Not even a little bit risking the success of the game. And now it's all a bit shaky. Can someone explain to me from supporting this new xp system, what was wrong with the old system?
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